Woman accused of embezzling $4,000 from local youth sports teams

Charges against 41-year-old expected to be filed soon.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
May 4, 2014


The investigation into the case of more than $4,000 missing from the South Central Youth League has been completed.

The suspect, a 41-year-old North Fairfield woman, who is expected to be charged in connection with the embezzlement served as an officer of the organization at the time of the suspected theft, according to the Greenwich Police Department and county prosecutor's office.

The theft occurred during 2012 and 2013 and by skimming funds from various automated bank machines and cash withdrawals from Citizen's Bank, gas stations and Kalahari Resorts.

"Obviously that had nothing to do with baseball," said Bob McDowell, investigator for the Huron County Prosecutor's Office.

The amounts from each withdrawal or purchase varied from $42 to $202, based on investigatory records, McDowell said. The total amount that will be presented as the suspect is charged totals $4,686.

The youth sports organization that benefited the supplemental support for the South Central sports' teams, but wasn't officially connected in any way to the school district, McDowell said. The organization runs the concession stands and benefits the sports teams in a variety of ways.

The financial records have been combed through thoroughly by Greenwich police.

"The chief (Steve Dorsey) did a nice job of investigating this. ... He covered all the bases from A to Z," McDowell said.

Dorsey confirmed the investigation but referred further questions to the prosecutor's office because the case is pending with the grand jury which will meet again in about two weeks.

"There's no rush. She (the suspect) is probably on pins and needles more than anyone else," McDowell said.

The suspected embezzlement was brought to light by a company which had done work on the sports uniforms. The company owner reported being owed $1,700 by the organization which "started the whole thing," McDowell said.

The investigation was lengthy and the case file is large due to the amount of financial data Dorsey had to collect and analyze, McDowell also said.



I bet the last name is Laney.


nope...last name is not Laney
I am glad they took their time to do this investigation correctly
I hope this woman will have to make amends for what she has done
She probably won't get any jail time, but hopefully SOMETHING will be done
I feel sorry for her kids...what is this teaching them?

Minnie Mouse



Probably the same way the Laney's show their faces.


The bad part is she is also involved in the South Central athletic boosters. As for her kids one was of the basketball players that was suspended for an illegal activity.

In my opinon

Money really is the root of all evil.


its pretty funny to me that the one stating tellingitlikeitis,can run your mouth but cant post your name! don't talk al the laneys! there was only one coach! don't include sandy and the girls! and when you make a statement don't hide a fake name! you can make the comment stand and post your name! thanks!


Welcome To greenwich where we rip off youth league teams


so sad that all that money was taken from those CHILDREN and from hard working families that payed so their children could be in an activity. And people just call them like they see them.