Pipeline work under way in southern Huron County

Petroleum products will be transported through line.
Scott Seitz2
May 10, 2014


The pipeline project, stretching through several areas of Huron County, is well under way.

Delafon Luna, deputy engineer at the Huron County Engineer's Office, has been tracking the progress. "There has been a lot of activity," Luna said.

Sunoco Logistics has hired STV Energy, from Willamsport, Pa., to manage the project and design the plans.

The new pipeline, which will transport refined petroleum products, runs through Richmond, New Haven, Ripley and Greenwich townships, along with the city of Willard and village of Greenwich.

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That has been going on for well over a month, where you been..lol


They started getting in the area back in december


I'm not real clear on what's going to be flowing thru this pipe....
What exactly will be flowing thru Willard Hospital's front yard? And right beside the airport runway? And literally thru people's back yards on the west side of Willard? Is it a natural gas pipeline? Crude oil? Gasoline? lol I want to know what it is cause " refined petroleum products" could mean just about anything.....
Also --would these "refined petroleum products" be explosive? Flammable?
Kinda important to report these "details" when pipe is being laid in people's yards....


Presto you'd be surprised as to how many natural gas transmission lines pass through people's front/back yards already. If it is natural gas (I have a hunch it will be) it's no new thing. I work in the industry and see lines ranging from 200 psi to 1200 psi every day ran through yards and hca's (high consequence areas). There's already one that goes through Plymouth, new haven, and into Willard (right next to armitage collision).