Driver charged with DUI after shearing off utility pole in Norwalk

Man, 21, and woman, 20, taken to hospital after 2 a.m. crash.
Cary Ashby
May 2, 2014


A reportedly intoxicated driver faces two charges in connection with shearing off the middle of a utility pole in Norwalk.

Tyler A. Wells, 21, of Sandusky, was charged with driving under the influence and failure to control. The charges are in connection with an accident just after 2 a.m. Sunday on East Seminary Street.

Wells was eastbound when he is accused of losing control of his vehicle and hit a pole on the north side of the road, according to the report by Norwalk Police Officer Paul Gardner. The officer estimated Wells was going 35 mph in the 25-mph zone.

The driver refused to submit a blood test and wasn't distracted by anything, Gardner wrote in his report.

North Central EMS transported Wells and one of his passengers, Amanda Palmer, 20, of 35 Abbott St., Wakeman, to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Police reported both occupants had non-incapacitating injuries.

Norwalk firefighters responded to the scene at 2:12 a.m. Firefighters said the car hit the pole and sheared it off in the middle. The crew provided basic life support and established a safe area until Ohio Edison arrived. Firefighters were on the scene one hour and eight minutes.

Whites Automotive Service towed the 2010 Dodge Dart from the scene with disabling damage to its front.

Wells has his initial hearing Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court.



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