Man convicted of selling Vicodin to wired informant

Suspect, who was released recently from prison for a drug-trafficking conviction in West Virginia before the Norwalk drug buy, could go to Teen Challenge program.
Cary Ashby
May 2, 2014


A man was convicted Tuesday of meeting a confidential informant at a local hospital before a controlled drug buy.

Former Norwalk resident Albert W. Figley II, 33, of Sandusky, will be sentenced June 12. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to trafficking in hydrocodone.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said even though Figley has an out-of-state felony conviction, the state doesn't object to the defendant going to the Teen Challenge program. Teen Challenge is an intense, Christian-based, year-long residential program for people of all ages with life-controlling addictions.

Figley hadn't finished completing his application as of Tuesday. Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the defendant has been discussing the matter with his pastor.

He had been released recently from prison for a drug-trafficking conviction in West Virginia before the local drug buy.

Kasper said the Norwalk Police Department received an anonymous tip that Figley was selling Vicodin and then set up a controlled purchase with an informant that detectives had wired.

On Dec. 13, the informant and Figley met at Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Kasper said the pair went to a Norwalk drug store, where the defendant had a prescription filled and later sold 20 Vicodin tablets for $140.

"He (Figley) had a prescription bottle on him. When interviewed, he admitted to selling the Vicodin," Kasper said.

The defendant earlier posted a $5,000 bond with a 10-percent provision.


J Cooper

2ND time he has been convicted of SELLING drugs and he is being considered for Teen Challenge, time for a change in the prosecutors office and common pleas judge, no wonder we have a drug problem in this county.

Yall Make Me Sick

I agree J Cooper. Something is really wrong with this picture. Geez goes to prison for doing this the first time then the 2nd time & he can go to teen challenge? He just out of PRISON for doing this he obviously didn't learn his lesson, send his drug selling butt back but for many years. Geez no wonder Huron County has so many repeat offenders!!!!!! What a JOKE JUDGE!!!


dammit figley!!


I agree with all.


Maybe he has found God