Heroin dealer convicted, to be sentenced in June

Local woman with prior felony conviction currently serving jail term in Sandusky County.
Cary Ashby
Apr 30, 2014


A Bellevue woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to selling one-tenth of a gram of heroin to a confidential informant.

Sarah M. David, 29, of 1016 Northwest St., was convicted of an amended count of trafficking in heroin. Prosecutors lowered the charge from a fourth-degree felony to a fifth-degree felony, which is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars. Her sentencing date is June 11.

David said she has a prior felony conviction, but it happened after the April 16, 2013 controlled drug buy in Huron County.

Currently, she is serving a 75-day sentence at the Sandusky County Jail on misdemeanor charges through Bellevue Municipal Court.

David earlier signed a personal recognizance bond in the local heroin case, which means she signed a court document in which she promised to appear for future hearings and didn't have to pay any money.

She will be screened for possible acceptance into a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told attorneys he wasn't promising that a CBCF would be the resolution of David's case, but said having her screened now would speed up the process.



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When they get caught they need to inject a heroic dose of heroin into them. If they live they go to jail.


this dumb broad been snitchin her whole life. shes killed more people selling them heroin and passin on that crusty crotch than the bellevue pd has arrested. seriously people like her should be shot, hanged in public. its just pathetic when people like David Daniels (the confidential informant) are able to get off trouble free when he was a bigger fish than she. they should all be gone but im just saying. FYI David Daniels is the informant for every drug bust in bellevue for the past year lol. good job bellevue pd you succeeded at supporting ones habit while the other makes you money, ahhh the sweet smell of justice

concerned citiz...

Spoken Truth is so far from speaking the truth it's not even funny. This girl has never "snitched" on someone a day in her life, she has a good heart and would never turn on anyone for any reason. She has a drug problem and needs help. if you actually look at the amounts that she has sold it's enough to support her own habbit. i don't condone what she has done but everyone is so quick to say lets kill them or lets send them away for life well that's part of the problem with the epidemic of drug abuse goin on right now. They are still people, have families that they care about and who care about them but we forget that and only see the drug...not the person. I bet everyone who has posted on here probably has a family member or friend that is using drugs whether they know about it or not.


this woman was a major source of heroin for Bellevue. that's according to the Bellevue PD and just common knowledge. she was selling drugs while out on bond and gatherd more charges from Erie an Lorain Countys. She Was let out on bond from those. charges. when Bellevue PD tried to arrest her in December, it was for felo-8ny drug possession out of Erie Co. she was out doing a diversion program out of Sandusky County,3 jumping through their hoops so as to not have a felony conviction all the while selling drugs. she sat in Lucas County jail for drug related charges. from Toledo to Cleveland. nothing but drugs and drug related charges. The way the Huron Co. court is treating her is like this is a one time. thing. the court has to be aware of all the other charges in the other counties, don't you think? they have to be adjudicated or have been. but it seems this case is tried in a vacuum, not taking into consideration of the other counties in their charges. just maybe, that over half ounce of heroin bust was because she snitched. the paper did say some of that heroin was for Bellevue. that might explain why she was treated like a first time offender and what was going on in other counties didn't matter. Snitch, probably, to be treated this well?

concerned citiz...

where are you guys getting that she snitched...i can tell you that she has never, hence why she has been sitting in jail since Dec. 26 and has not been out a single day since then. I know for a fact that she never has however some of her so called friends have which is why she has gotten busted. she has never sat on drug related charges from toledo to cleveland. She was in lorain for having drug paraphanlia which were misdemeanors only, judge stated she should have only sat for 3 days max for that but she was there for 28 days because court couldn't get her in. Huron is aware of other charges in other counties but everyone is in agreement all judges that have been involved that this girl needs help plain and simple. was she bringing drugs in yes was it wrong yes..but you people act like she was the only one who was doing it. There are at least five other people who bring it into this town if not more and have been doing it for a lot longer.

concerned citiz...

when i said lorain county that she was in i meant lucas


I agree, she needs help. she was in Lorain County and Erie County and Sandusky County and Lucas County. I agree she's not the only one bringing drugs to this town. Let's not gloss over and that its a one time thing. it's kind of fishy that the judge would offer her what he did considering all the other charges inl the other counties. remember she was out on community control through Sandusky County, jumping through hoops and going thru the motions so she could have her criminal charge expunged. and manage to get drug charges through other counties. being out on bond from 3 different agencies. . I'll be the first to say, I don't believe in sending people away to prison for drugs, unless they're real. serious drug dealers and Big

Fish. someone bigger than her in the drug dealing. world.let's not gloss over what she has done now. I do hope she does get help