Norwalk woman jailed

Drug defendant charged with parole violation held without bond
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2014


A Norwalk woman accused of a parole violation who faces pending drug-related charges is being held without bond.

Megan L. Derby, 28, of 7 Adams St., stipulated Monday there is probable cause she violated her probation. She is being held without bond until her next hearing, which is May 19 in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

In late June 2013, Derby was released early from prison. Court officials had said the defendant was "a model prisoner" who did well behind bars.

On Sept. 12, she started serving a two-year prison term at the Northeast Pre-release Center for bringing a prescribed "mood stabilizer" into the local jail.

After Derby was released from prison, she was ordered to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Most recently, Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin stopped a vehicle in connection with having fictitious license plates. The traffic stop happened April 22 on West Seminary Street.

Querin has said Derby, a passenger, appeared to be under the influence of some sort of narcotic. Parole officers Andrea Cooke and Steve Bogner responded to the scene at the detective's request.

"Officer Cooke also believed Megan Derby was under the influence of narcotics," said Querin, who went to Derby's residence with the officers. "We conducted a search at the residence and located numerous syringes used for heroin and a small amount of suspected heroin."

Derby is accused of testing positive for several narcotics April 22.

"She made admissions she was using heroin again," Querin said.


Really are you ...

If pictures could paint a thousand words. Truely a moment of regret.

what the?

"It's not my fault"

Dr. Information

Once again another "I won't do it again" person, doing it again. I think if you vote in Ohio for a few larger prisons, it would pass with flying colors.


Whet the? ...what makes you think that? I'm sure she id totally aware that she is at fault. She was the one that violated and she wad the one that chose to use again. Just because she fell on her face and her addiction got the better of her doesn't mean she cant accept responsibility for her actions. How ever it does show that she made poor choices and she obviously needs help on her addiction and her recovery. I don't understand why people are shocked when a opiate addict slips up in there recovery. It happens to most. It just goes to show you that you need help, and you need a support system, and you need to be around sober influences. Most importantly, you have to want to stay clean above everything else... I don't know this girl but I hope you put a positive network of good clean people around you that have something going tor them in life. Get to meetings, get a sponser. Dig down deep and do some soul searching and you can beat this thing. It wont be easy and people want you to fail, but stay positive and try your hardest, harder then you have ever tried at anything before and you can do it. Good luck


Someone needs an update on their spelling/grammer software.


I think it's grammar. :/


It is, guest that's makes too of us. Mie baad.