ATV passenger injured after she falls off, is run over

Victim air-lifted to Toledo hospital; authorities looking for the other people who were riding ATVs.
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2014


A Greenwich woman was injured when she fell off the back of a four-wheeler Sunday in the Greenwich Lagoon area.

A LifeFlight helicopter transported Gretchen Stevens, 43, of 52 Main St., from the scene to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. A hospital spokeswoman said as of late Monday morning, Stevens was listed in fair condition in a regular room.

The accident happened about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey said there were about 10 four-wheelers in the lagoon area and when one of the all-terrain vehicles went up a hill Stevens, a passenger on the back of the ATV in front, fell off.

"The four-wheeler behind her ran over her," Dorsey said. "Two of the others took off. ... When the accident happened, they all took off except for two (four-wheelers)."

North Central EMS and the Tri-Community Joint Fire District responded to the scene. Firefighters established a landing zone for the LifeFlight helicopter.

Only Stevens was injured.

"She did lose consciousness and was unconscious when the fire department arrived," said Dorsey, who had no other information about her injuries.

Dorsey said the area is in the woods on about 110 acres of land, which has signs about not trespassing and prohibiting ATV from being back there.

"We even have it chained off," the chief added.

It's unclear if the incident happened on private property or public land.

"Trespassing on village property remains under investigation," Dorsey said. "If we determine they were trespassing, we will issue them a summons."

Dorsey is encouraging any of the people who were back there on the ATVs to turn themselves into police.

Anybody with information about the incident is encouraged to call the Greenwich Police Department at (419) 752-5701.




If you can read this, the B17ch fell off!


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Why so angry towards a woman that was injured?


No anger involved-"Just sayin'"


Hope she is OK...but come on now...43, she should be able to read no trespassing signs and see that it is chained. You really think the others are gonna turn selves in? If they were that concerned then they wouldn't have left the scene to start with.


I am almost certain she was able to yell at the driver of the ATV she was riding on, to not go into that area due to the warning sign. good thing she wasn't driving or she could be ticketed not sure how the law works if she was forced into a restricted area against her knowledge.


You must have been one of the ones who rode off if your "almost certain"... if not... this just speaks for the type of people she hangs with if she told /ask him not to and he did it anyway...


Your ignorance comes off like the rotting flesh of sun baked roadkill, obviously I was replying to the post about her being old enough to see the signs when clearly she was not operating the ATV.


Looks like a lot of poor choices were made that day by some people that were plenty old enough to know better.


So you have never made any poor choices? I'm pretty sure we all have in our lifetime.




Not to mention all the warning signs permanently attached to the ATV that say "Riders only, no passengers"


Here in Greenwich you aren't allowed to drive them on the streets and there aren't whole lot of places to ride them that isn't private property.
As for Gretchen I hope she gets better soon and is back home with her family.

My opinion of stuff

So we don't know who you are so come turn your selfs in so we can give you a ticket