Boy, 14, charged with raping 5-year-old Norwalk girl while babysitting

Rapes happened on two different days while the pair were alone in the girl's residence, police say.
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2014


A teenage boy admitted to raping a 5-year-old girl twice when questioned by police recently.

The 14-year-old boy had agreed to babysit the victim, whom he knows, at her West Seminary Street home, Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said. The boy was visiting from another town at the time, but the detective didn't elaborate.

Fry said the rapes happened on two different days while the pair were alone in the girl's residence.

When the victim's family returned home Monday afternoon, the girl told them what reportedly happened, Fry said. They took the girl to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and after hospital staff reported the suspected incidents to police, officers started an investigation. Police received the complaint April 21.

Officer Larry Noftz responded to Fisher-Titus and was at the hospital 80 minutes, according to the police report.

On Friday, Capt. Mike Conney said the incident was under investigation and declined to provide any details. On Sunday, Fry said he believes the investigation is complete.

After being questioned, boy was charged with rape and transported to the Seneca County Youth Center.



No good will come from this.


Oh my goodness. Parents, what are your children watching on TV, in the movies. MTV, or is it your own viewing they are exposed to? God help us.


Who would allow a 14 year old boy to babysit anyways? Even at 16 my son isn't mature enough to watch children,I wouldn't even allow him to watch his 8 year old sister. Boys take much longer to mature then girls.


I dont think you can blame TV to me thats a cop out in todays society i watched murder movies- i watched r movies on hbo showtime when i was young i didnt go out murder rape. this kid should be charged as a adult!


Absolutely right!


I don't think you watched the glories of sex in those R rated movies. We are sex saturated on every TV show now. I was totally shocked to watch a made for TV movie that was explicit in what was going on in bed except for showing any nudity. That would have been in an R rated movie 10 years ago. Constant conditioning with sex scenes of all kinds stimulates a lot of thoughts in a teen or pre-teen. He has to see it someplace to know what to do.


Its also called GOOGLE.


Uhhhh yep. That is why the Internet should be monitored by parents. You would not take your child to an unknown neighborhood and drop them off to find their way alone. Parenting is a 24/7 job.


This makes me physically ill. Why is this in the paper for a second time?? The 14 year old boy is one sicko and should be locked up for life. I have absolutely no mercy for him.


This is my exact comment from the sandusky register story of this...Not directed towards just one person. Its directed to anyone who feels like this was the parents fault, or who think they know what happened. This should have never been published to begin with..

First off, although none of this is any of your guys's buisness let alone the newspapers. I know the family well and the boy was not left alone overnight, he wasnt left for more than an hour and a half either day. Second, this person was suppose to be extremely trusted which they otherwise learned wasn't. And third, why dont you all be a little more respectful to the family and keep your judgements and your "idea of what happened" to yourself. This family did nothing wrong, it wasnt the way the boy was raised, they werent on drugs or just neglected the child. You all should focus on your own problems. And as far as detective fry, and the newspaper goes maybe they should learn that this is not something that should be put out there. Anyways, they have the entire story wrong, so why dont you get your facts straight before you even think about publishing a story like this.


While I completely agree with you, others are going to start whining at you about public record and everyone needs to know to protect others. The media thinks they are entitled to everything and the public feeds off of misery and we all know sex sells. Do not blame the Detective. He did he job. The paper calls the department every day and asks for the reports and the call logs, they get them due to public record requests, bound by law.


The parents may not know what this boy has been exposed to. Could be someone they trust that exposed him to this type of experimentation. The whole issue needs to be examined, everyone, even teachers. From what we have seen on the news and sex education and teachers, nothing would surprise me.


We shouldn't be blaming anyone, except the person that committed the crime.


The detective is at fault for giving the wrong information, and whether it should be public record or not, noone will know the identities because they are minors so it should not have been put out there. And for him, yes he is guilty and the judge will decide his punishment, but no comments blaming the parents or saying horrible things us going to help this family. They are going through enough right now.


The paper is usually the one that gets the information wrong, not the police or the detective. Do you know for sure that the detective gave the wrong information? Do not blame him if you don't know for sure, it makes you no better than the rest. True no one will know the identities because they are minors...but like I said the reports are public record and by law they can request them.


This comes from sadistic nasty urges no matter the age. Are we forgetting that early teens used to watch kids all the time not that long ago and this rarely happened. I think since we can no longer parent or punish for fear of jail or society labeling us as children abusers. I say theres nothing wrong with a switch off a tree. Children dont know right from wrong because we cant teach them that. But yet people are right they can sit on cell phones and internet plus tv and watch all kinds of wrong things that we were never exposed to at an early age.


I know for a fact that he got information wrong, I know exactly what the boy admitted to, and what the little girl and family said. Like I said, I know this family personally and we are very very close. I don't agree with anything that was said in this article whatsoever.


If your quite certain of the facts who am I to judge that exact individual? I was stating facts but hey best of luck to the families. And of course the norwalk reflector wouldn't make errors! ha....