Ex-EHOVE chef pleads guilty to consensual sex with student, 17

Prosecutor: Girl "feels victimized throughout this whole process."
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2014


A former EHOVE Career Center teacher has been convicted of having sex multiple times with a 17-year-old female student.

Michael A. Edwards, 47, of Huron, has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual battery, all of which are third-degree felonies.

"The maximum allowable sentence on (third-degree felonies) is 15 years -- five on each count," Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.

The prosecutor said the state hasn't made a sentencing recommendation, but will defer to the wishes of the victim and her mother.

"The indication is she feels victimized throughout this whole process," Baxter added.

Edwards will be classified as a Tier III sex offender. He will be sentenced June 10 in Erie County Common Pleas Court.

"He will have a lifetime registration as a sex offender," Baxter said.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the three felonies April 17 on a bill of information. That means Edwards agreed to be convicted without having his case presented to a grand jury for indictment.

Edwards was convicted of offenses from Aug. 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013. According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, he and the girl had consensual sex multiple times at various locations in Erie County, including Sandusky, Huron, Milan Township and in his family's Wickford Place residence.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Chief Deputy Jared Oliver told the Reflector earlier. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

Baxter said Friday the defendant and victim had a "significant" amount of encounters which led to Edwards pleading guilty to the bill of information.

"We did check if there were other victims and we did not find any," the prosecutor said.

Detective Sgt. Dennis Papineau has said there was a second juvenile girl whom Edwards pursued through sexually suggestive text messages during the 2012-2013 school year, but the girl declined his advances.

Edwards was arrested at his residence Nov. 14. He was transported to the Erie County Jail, where he later posted 10 percent of a $15,000 bond.

EHOVE Superintendent Sharon Mastroianni earlier told the Reflector she knew the arrest was coming.

"The school actually tipped off the authorities," she said. "Information came to us. It's devastating news when the teacher/student trust has been broken."

Papineau said the relationship between Edwards and the victim began with texting, escalated into the physical realm and was consensual.

"I don't believe he's working anymore," Baxter said about Edwards. "He is residing with his parents out of state."


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I feel better now. Baxter said that there actually IS a victim in this case. Here I thought it was the teacher the whole time.


Wheres all the people that said hes innocent, he would never do that??



Truth, I was wondering that exact same thing! Funny they disappear when their boy pleads guilty.


Is his support facebook page still up lol


I was going to ask that too.

And what about crimes against SOCIETY, Since when is it up to the victim to decide the outcome? The victim isn't just the girl but every student, teacher and parent. His acts have changed many lives in the way parents possibly restrict their children etc. This crime extends way beyond that of the girl and society demands accountability. And also, Baxter putting this pressure on the girl? Why is Baxter rubbing the guilt of his actions in her face?

what the?

I guess he had some buns in the oven.....

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What's the charge? Assault with a friendly weapon?


Exactly! 17...she knew it was wrong too.


What is the age of consent in ohio?



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he should fifteen years just for looking like creep with that hair cut..... she probably baited him but unless your preist in erie county the gub'ment gunna be in the pockets oh yes sirrrr, baxter is worried about his record and convictions, not right and wrong. Ask that crook this question, what bothers him more, letting someone who may be guilty go or putting someone who is innocent behind bars??? Baxter is forked tongue devil and will pay for his sins.....


when you are a teenager someone in their 30s is ancient. I am really puzzled how in the world did he get any teenage girls to even look at him twice. ugghhh! consent in ohio is 16, or at least the cops in Sandusky told me it was.


What a joke! This girl was loving it for the year they were involved. She was able and willing to give it up. Guess what maybe - mommy and daddy found out or maybe the teacher dumped her because he decided to be faithful to his wife and she got salty. "consensual" is the key word here. Granted he was wrong going after a 17 year old girl but when girls dress as provocative as she did and act the way she did --- what do you expect? Girls act this way because they like the attention they get. Her parents knew how provocative she was and encouraged it by taking explicit photos for some modeling agency in Cleveland.

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I'm guessing you didn't read what happened. The creep was sexting a Monroeville girl, she rejected his advancements. The victim wasn't the one that told, it was someone else.

The pervert likes them young. He was suppose to teach and respect his students, not make them his sexual fetishes.


So if 16 is age of consent, this is a felony why?


guess you have sex with children too huh. sick f**k


Spoken Truth, the answer to that stupid statement is NO. Your common sense is lacking. The only one sick is YOU


These are felonies because of where he worked. If he was a cook who worked in any other place but a school no crime here. Since the girl is over the age of consent her age is not an issue legally. Morally might be different but criminal cases are about legally.


Any of you thinking thinking a 47 year old should be screwing a 17 year old are sick in the head no matter the age of consent!!!!This pervert should get the full sentence!

to those you acting like shes not a victim i bet you wouldnt be saying that if it was your daughter (then again some you with your views would prob let your 16 yr old get screwed by a 47 yr old!


Exactly!!!! you people that defend him and point the finger at her are the ones who should be in jail with this sick waste of space. schools are supposed to be safe for our children but instead you got pedophiles like this guy working there. good job ehove for being so aware of this ha! they knew the whole time, only reason they started cooperating is because they didnt want the finger at them. and to top it off they punish kids who talk about it ha! yeah such a lovely school system. i agree 100% with you humpty


While I agree that this was probably an inappropriate relationship, due to his career choice, I find it ridiculous that the prosecutor is saying this girl felt "victimized the entire relationship". She was 17, not 12, and it was admittedly a consensual relationship. I would hardly call this guy a pedophile. An idiot sure...pedophile no.


ID call him a pedophile WHY any body in 40s should know better to sleep with a teen no matter if shes 13 or 17 its called MORALS!

How many of you sickos makeing her out as in the wrong would say same thing if a 37 yr old man was screwing your daughter? my guess is then your opinion would be different!


Seriously? You don't see the difference between a 13 year old and a consenting 17 year old? Well then...there's no use even trying to have an intelligent conversation.