Norwalk woman busted for drugs

Traffic stop leads to search of home, parole violation and drug-related charges.
Scott Seitz
Apr 23, 2014


A Norwalk woman was arrested Tuesday morning on parole violation and drug-related charges.

"I stopped a vehicle on West Seminary Street for fictitious license plates," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

A passenger in the vehicle, Megan L. Derby, 28, of 7 Adams St., appeared to be under the influence of some sort of narcotic, Querin said.

Derby was already on parole through the Adult Parole Authority.

Parole officers Andrea Cooke and Steve Bogner responded to the scene at the request of Querin.

"Officer Cooke also believed Megan Derby was under the influence of narcotics," Querin said.

Querin and the parole officers then proceeded to Derby's Adams Street residence.

"We conducted a search at the residence and located numerous syringes used for heroin and a small amount of suspected heroin," Querin said.

Derby, who had been released from prison recently, tested positive for several narcotics Tuesday.

"She made admissions she was using heroin again," Querin said.

"She was taken to jail for the probation violation and possession of heroin charge," he added.

Querin, Detective Eric Bardar and the Adult Parole Authority conducted the investigation.

"We are going to continue to make it a priority to go after people abusing and selling drugs in our community," Querin said.



Always the same people day in and day out busted over and over, seems as if ccbf doesn't work. JAIL!! Oh wait the Obama administration says drug offenders don't need jail. Welcome to the new America.


Drug offenders are ill people not criminals ,the prisons are overcrowded and it cost more to. House and feed them in jail .


Ill my BEHIND!
If they only stay in a confined area... GREAT! cram all the drugs in you, you want..get fried, i don't care... Make an island purely for druggies, i don't care.
BUT they get in there car and cruise around, endangering the public, there children in many case's, out selling, buying, hooking, stealing...and your only response??
Ill people..
Joke right?


Yes, the good old....addictive personality defense. It is a mental illness. They are sick. It is a disease. We get it. Tell that to a mother dying of breast cancer that will never see her children grow up. That a 28 year old DRUG ADDICT that choose to stick a needle in her arm and get high is sick and has a disease just like her, just like cancer. She is just sick and has a disease. Sorry there is a BIG difference between a "choice" disease such as drug addiction and cancer.

shovelhead's picture

That's the same look I get from my wife after a night at the bar.


me too..


All this drug rehab Bullshirt is a waste of taxpayer monies..


But they just need help. It is not their fault. And they are just good people.

Too bad the taxpayer money wasn't used on say the elderly or children someone that appreciated it.


But they don't add jons name in this her husband look at people who deal with them


CBCF.... Rehab it's all a joke. These people don't want help so why force it on them? Send them to prison and leave them there. Stop letting them out early. All these junkies you see on here will keep doing the same thing over and over again. Quit wasting good money on the bad.


The reason for the CBCF's in the first place is that the State of Ohio has insufficient prison space for all the druggies. Building more prisons is not an option because of the expense. Besides prison just doesn't work well for this problem either as so many have pointed out. I just think the system needs to become more creative not less in order to make a dent in the situation.


Better yet how about we just give them as much drugs as they want and let nature do it thing!!




I'd like to hear from some of the people that went threw the program had to say about it.I'm guessing as long as you jump threw the hoops you could get out early. Sure looks like they have a high return rate.

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This place is far too brutal for anyone to admit they went there.


REHAB can work i have couple friends it helped the KEY is they have to want the help!!!! TO say it helps nobody is assnine!


That's the thing. They don't want to help themselves. When a person has had multiple opprotunies to change and they choose to go back to being a junkie then there worthless. All they will keep doing is stealing from people and causing problems for people. I agree with rbenn.


Guess this keeps happening when you let them go with a slap on the wrist.

New Bride Mikey??


yes! you're invited to the wedding and reception!


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i guess snitching cant get u out of this one.


been to CBCF it works only if u want




Drug addiction is a disease ,prison is not the answer ,counseling and rehab is the answer .

Dr. Information

People are not born addicts. They choose that path and get no sympathy here.


I agree. It's a choice. No one forced her or any other junkie to stick a needle in there arm either. I'm sick of seeing people make excuses for low life's. They all won't learn until they take a eternal nap.


"there arm"? What does that mean? Not "here arm"?

"low life's"? Really?

I heard that it helps to sleep on books as a pillow. The printed word just starts creeping in. Worth a shot for one who could use it.


Alcoholism and drug addiction are NOT a disease, How can you fix a problem if you can't admit you are the problem. Is smoking a disease? It does kill after awhile. and it affect others around you, second hand smoke etc, but I don't see anyone saying poor so n so has this smoking disease.Another question, if alcoholism, and drug dependents are in fact a disease, do we have someone working on a cure? I'm not going to say CBCF doesn't work, it's what others have said, people have to want to get off and stay off drugs for it to work.To me CBCF is like a tool box with many tools in it to help, with instruction on how each tool works. once you learn then it is up to you to use the tools,Then when you say poor ole me, I have a disease and can't help myself,I can say La Ca Ca Del Toro. BUT the one big problem I see in this comment section is when someone is trying to use the tools they learned at CBCF,or somewhere else. some People are still kicking them.