Detective: No signs of sexual, physical assault to elderly woman

Sheriff's office investigator determines nursing home resident's bruises were misinterpreted.
Cary Ashby
Apr 23, 2014


A Huron County sheriff's detective has determined the bruises seen on an elderly woman were misinterpreted as a sexual or physical assault.

Detective Rich Larson said the suspicions reported to him were unfounded.

"There was no sexual assault or physical assault to the victim," he said Tuesday.

On March 25, Larson spoke with Nikita McCann, of Huron County Adult Protective Services. McCann said the elderly woman went to the hospital, had bruises on her arms, legs and back and McCann suspected they could be the result of a rape, according to the detective's report. On March 8, the 89-year-old rural Willard woman was admitted to Mercy Willard Hospital. Five days later, she was discharged to The Willows in Willard.

Larson interviewed multiple people over the course of a couple weeks, including medical staff, the woman and her caregivers.

The detective also brought in agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to investigate the woman's home. Larson said they didn't find any evidence of foul play or an assault.

After talking to doctors, Larson said he determined the bruises seen by nursing home workers -- which the woman didn't have when she was at the hospital -- were misinterpreted as injuries.

"That was due to the treatment she had," said Larson, who noted the woman has thin skin and is on blood thinners.

"She bruises very easily. That was per her doctor -- her personal physician," the detective added.



Very true , people that age with thinner skin bruises so easy. The earlier headline was nothing more than an attention grabber when there was no story to begin with. Glad to know this lady wasn't abused or assaulted.

NR - get off the constant barrage of sex headlines will ya? You're starting to read like a porno mag.