Accused pill dealer in court

Norwalk woman arrested on a drug-related secret indictment.
Cary Ashby
Apr 22, 2014


A female suspect arrested on a drug-related secret indictment in February was in court Monday.

Leeanne M. Sigley, 32, of 80 Benedict Ave., has a trial date of May 20 in Huron County Common Pleas Court. She is charged with two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone, both in connection with 2013 incidents -- April 22 and June 24.

Attorneys haven't started any plea negotiations.

"We haven't talked yet, but the state is open," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Sigley's attorney, Huron County Public Defender David Longo, has until Monday to file any motions on the case.

In late February, the Norwalk Police Department arrested Sigley and three other suspects within about 6 1/2 hours on drug-related secret indictments. A grand jury issues a secret indictment when authorities believe a suspect might flee the area.

Detective Sgt. Seth Fry coordinated the controlled drug buys reportedly involving Sigley. Fry said the suspect allegedly was selling prescription pills.

After Sigley's arrest, she was transported to the Huron County Jail. Judge Jim Conway later released Sigley on a personal recognizance bond. That means she signed a court document in which she promised to appear for subsequent hearings and didn't have to pay any money.



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holder to the rescue
Justice Dept. broadening criteria for clemency
New criteria aimed at inmates serving time for nonviolent drug offenses
Associated Press
Apr 21, 2014

The Justice Department is broadening the criteria it will use in evaluating clemency petitions from certain federal prisoners and expects the changes to result in thousands of new applications, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday.

The new criteria, which will be detailed later this week and are aimed at inmates serving time for nonviolent drug offenses, are intended to lead to a reduction in the nation's federal prison population and also "ensure that those who have paid their debts have a chance to become productive citizens," Holder said in a video message.


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