Motorist charged with DUI

Man tests at more than twice the legal limit during 2:33 a.m. traffic stop in Norwalk.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 21, 2014


A local man is facing a number of charges after being stopped by the Norwalk police early Saturday.

Shane Wolery, no age or address listed, was stopped at an undisclosed location and charged with driving under the influence, driving under a 12-point license suspension and driving over a curb, tree lawn or sidewalk.

The traffic stop occurred at 2:33 a.m.

Wolery's breath test registered a .175, according to the police report. The legal limit for Ohio drivers is .08 percent.



That POS will never learn. Send him back to prison.


was it a curb, a tree lawn, or a sidewalk? or maybe all of the above?


So a person with a 12 point license suspension does not have an age or address listed with the State???? How did they know he didn't have a license??