Poll: 72 percent of Ohioans support current clean energy rules

Renewable-energy backers tout support as Ohio Senate considers proposal that would rewrite requirements.
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Apr 19, 2014


More than 70 percent of Ohioans support the state’s renewable-energy requirements, according to a poll paid for by a clean-energy business group.

The poll results were released this week as the Ohio Senate is considering a proposal that would rewrite the requirements.

State law says that electricity utilities must meet an escalating series of benchmarks for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The proposal would freeze the benchmarks at current levels, canceling what would otherwise be 11 more years of increases.

“Simply put, Ohio’s clean-energy law is working. It’s saving money for consumers, creating jobs and making Ohio competitive. And now, we can demonstrate that the voting public strongly supports it, too,” said Ted Ford, president and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, the group that paid for the poll.

Among the results:

• 72 percent of voters support the clean-energy rules are they stand.

• 72 percent say Ohio should continue to replace traditional energy sources, such as coal, with other sources such as wind and solar.

• 66 percent say they are more likely to support a legislative candidate who wants to promote renewable energy.

When asked what percentage of Ohio’s electricity should come from renewable sources, nearly 1 in 5 respondents said it should be 100 percent. The average of all responses to the question was that renewable energy should be 56.4 percent.

The current level of power coming from renewable sources is 2.5 percent.

The proposal, Senate Bill 310, has the support of several prominent business groups and businesses, including FirstEnergy, the Akron-based utility. It is opposed by several other business groups, environmentalists and consumer advocates.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” said Doug Colafella, a FirstEnergy spokesman, in a statement responding to the poll. “Many of our customers are unaware they are being taxed every month on their electric bill to fund these programs — whether they use them or not.  These charges amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra charges on their bills every year, with no end in sight.”

The poll was conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, which has offices in California and Wisconsin. The results are based on a sample of 600 Ohioans interviewed this month by telephone — both landlines and cellphones. The pollster says the results have a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


By Dan Gearino - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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What a bunch of propaganda B.S.! "It’s saving money for consumers, creating jobs and making Ohio competitive. And now, we can demonstrate that the voting public strongly supports it, too,” said Ted Ford, president and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, the group that paid for the poll."
Yeah Right....driving up the cost of doing business in Ohio and ultimately costing jobs as companies look to relocate to states that don't have to jump through regulatory hoops, or move manufacturing to mexico or China. Government needs to knock it off. Take those super efficient light bulbs you jambed down our throats and shove 'em. they cost 11 bucks a piece and create mercury contamination in your house when they break. How about the low flow toilets that now require 3 flushes and ultimately use twice the water. This is what we get when big government knows better than us what's good for us. Wind farms?...you could create a wind farm as big as the whole state of Ohio and it wouldn't produce as much electricity as one nuclear plant, just will create an eyesore and kill migratory birds. Idiot Libs!


Idiot libs and their science that makes things better.

Ever wonder how these self proclaimed know it alls are always on this site instead of enjoying the millions they have made?

They know the true unemployment rate, the real DJIA average, the true state of the economy yet here they are day after day doing the same thing.

If only embarrassing yourself paid then hookedonnews would finally make a dime!

JMOP's picture

Yeah, that's like me paying to make a poll to see if people should give me money because I'm awesome. Like this energy company, I'll count the ones I want to. ;-p

hit the road jack

I'd like to know who they took the poll with too,I don't think it will save anyone any money and rates will skyrocket no doubt! I don't know 1 person who would have agreed with this guy so I think he's fudging the numbers.


Same here.
Just where are these high percentage happy people. a certain avenue near OSU? With a bunch of college students who think it is cool to "make a stand".
Just like, where are these American citizens who are just dyeing to vote, yet have no ID?
I mean seriously, where are all these "legal" people who have NEVER cashed a check? rented an apartment? attended a school? received welfare asst? drove a car? owned a car? etc.

I for one just do not believe what this current.......ya know what.. any recent elected and non elected government official or media says.

The thing is, that's a shame too, seeing how one day they may actually have some real news like a nuk is coming and i along with many others won't believe it.
I also,do not believe any recent law made in past 20 yrs was made soley for my own good either.
Everything from booster seats, (this size that size), to hands free devices, higher speed limits, background checks, fees, permits, healthcare, separate garbage... ANYTHING..EVERYTHING has become a way to extract more money, grow the government and pad some pockets...... Pure and simple!
Just like energy... anyway you look at it... Someone wins and someone loses, based on who is popular or donates the most.

hit the road jack

I can't wait till election time to find out who took ACORN'S place with all the dead voting and people voting in 3 surrounding counties,we that watch,hear and talk to people know the crap that goes on.
As far as the ID part,hell,even Obie's Illegal aunt that sucked off the system for who knows how many years had an ID and is still working the system,I wouldn't even doubt his brother living in Kenya gets a Social Security check,wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Dr. Information

Any private poll can be swayed depending on who is funding the poll and what results they want to get.


Yea,like Cuyahoga County 99% Bozo last election. There had to be at least 2% error.


The problem is that the legislators, who hate any form of energy, will use this to justify more carbon taxes so they can take the money and spend it where they seem fit, not us. Will lead to more redistribution of wealth into boondoggle companies like solar energy and battery power companies that we subsidize up until they go belly up.


So true. What other countries will spend themselves into bankruptcy ? You think this is a priority in Iran, No Korea, China, Russia, etc?

Really are you ...

Ask yourself. Why would a prominent business group such as FirstEnergy support Senate Bill 310? Future backing for outrageous taxes placed on something neither created or destroyed. This is as crazy as the prices we pay for a gallon of gasoline, the price of bottled water, or the prices paid to utilize all of the options on a smartphone. Really? Supply and demand for gasoline? There must be a new way to make water? I bought the cellphone or smartphone. I need the secretary assistance to direct my phone calls and Internet direction from the coverage tower. It all really costs that much in an automated world? Really? Raise the price on electricity because? Really?