Defendant goes to bathroom, doesn't return to courtroom

Warrant issued for local man's arrest.
Cary Ashby
Apr 19, 2014


He must have used the old "I had to use the bathroom" disappearing trick.

Bellevue resident Kenneth E. Jenkins, 23, most recently of 808 E. Main St., Apt. D, was scheduled to appear in Huron County Common Pleas Court for his sentencing hearing Thursday. But he didn't return to the courtroom.

"He stepped out to the use the restroom and never returned," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

Judge Jim Conway issued a warrant for Jenkins' arrest. The court rescheduled the hearing for Wednesday.

Jenkins earlier posted 10 percent of a $2,500 bond.

On Feb. 24, he pleaded guilty to one unrelated count each of forgery and receiving stolen property. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed one count of receiving stolen property.

The forgery case, which is for a July 15 incident, was transferred from Bellevue Municipal Court in late July and presented to a grand jury in January.

The Bellevue Police Department investigated both cases.

Jenkins brought a forged check for $350 -- which wasn't authorized or written by the account holder -- to a bank, he received $310 in cash and deposited the rest, Kasper said earlier.

In the receiving stolen property case, police used a search warrant at a residence where Jenkins was staying. Kasper said officers found a bag with some of the defendant's court papers and recovered a stolen laptop computer and tablet. The two items were worth about $1,192.

The victims spoke to a victim's advocate in the hallway outside of the courtroom Thursday.

Jenkins has said he was charged with burglary in 2008 as a juvenile and served time in the Department of Youth Services.


hit the road jack

Who's the dummy here? I'd like to have seen the cops face when he went into courtroom and told the judge he got away by going to the bathroom, I guess it doesn't matter though,when he came back the judge probably would have let him off anyway. This guy looks like he's fried though.


If he would have waited for 15 minutes the judge would have set him free. Now the guy has issues. Now a little justice might be served . Maybe.


Maybe he didn't make it to the restroom and had an accident!

hit the road jack

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he just might like that..


Did they tell him to come back ?


He had a bad case of the "RUNS"...

Dr. Information

Called a $hit and get.


I guess he misunderstood the phrase "When You Gotta Go....You Gotta Go"