Cousin charged in fatal stabbing of Norwalk baby is found competent to stand trial

Murder charge carries death penalty specification because of victim’s age.
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Apr 17, 2014


A former University of Toledo student charged in the death of his infant cousin is competent to stand trial, an Erie County Common Pleas Court judge ruled Wednesday.

Denzel Castile, 20, of Sandusky has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to a charge of aggravated murder for the May 16 stabbing of 11-week-old Athena Castile of Norwalk. The charge carries a death penalty specification because of the victim’s age.

Defense attorney Pete Rost said Mr. Castile, who has been a patient in the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital in Toledo since the incident, is to be evaluated to see if he had a mental illness that qualifies him for an insanity defense.

According to Sandusky police, an altercation occurred at a Dewey Street home that ended with Mr. Castile allegedly getting the baby, running down a hallway, and stabbing her.

At the time, police could not explain the erratic behavior of Mr. Castile, who had been a good student in high school and was in his first year at UT.

Shortly after the tragedy, Katia Castile said the baby lived on Norwalk's Woodlawn Avenue with her and her fiancé, Mike Stewart, and her daughter, Jenisa Meishon Castile, the mother of Athena.

"We want people to know Athena was from Norwalk," Katia said of her granddaughter. "She had lived her whole life here. She had never been in Sandusky but that one time," Katia said. "She lived here in Norwalk. That was the first time I let her go some place else.

"This is really a loss for Norwalk," she added.


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"We want people to know Athena was from Norwalk," Katia said of her granddaughter. "She had lived her whole life here. "She had never been in Sandusky but that one time," Katia said. "She lived here in Norwalk. That was the first time I let her go some place else.

"This is really a loss for Norwalk," she added.

That is what is on their minds? That they were from Norwalk and not Sandusky??? I don't get it.


Don't be an idiot. There was plenty on their minds; this is what the Reflector chose to put in the article.


I'm sure she was very distraught and didn't have a planned statement prepared! Maybe when someone MURDERS your grandchild you'll be more prepared then her.......until that happens, shut up! RIP Sweet Athena


I think it is the thought of if the baby had never went to Sandusky she would still be here. The one time she went to Sandusky she was murdered. I understand what she is thinking/trying to say. I would be thinking the same thing. Something like this happens how would you even be able to put a thought together? I would still be a basketcase.


R.I.P. Baby Athena xoxo


I'm so sick of the whole "Mentally competent" thing. These people commit crimes of violent nature. Put them out of OUR misery!

I Can Read

You are a stupid, very stupid person!!!! Do you really believe they will keep a person in the state hospital for a year if he wasn't extremely ill??? Nobody chooses mental illness and nobody can will it away anymore than a person with cancer can just will that away. The problem we have is when people who don't have a serious mental illness try and use that defense, that makes everyone skeptical of the mental illness defense. You should do some research, you clearly are ignorant on the illness. Young people at college age seem to developed the onset of some very serious mental illnesses, and they can't do a thing to stop it, it just happens. Yes tihewhole story is a tragedy!!!! That boy is clearly very I'll, so keep your unintelligent comments to yourself and maybe do something about mental illness instead of talking negative about the people who have the illness. Do you say the same things about cripples and other people with serious illness?


How do you know this boy is "clearly very ill?" He was perfectly fine when he was at UT. The family says he was fine until someone slipped him something in a drink. Then he went down hill. This could have been a reaction to something. I am not sure how something in a drink could "make you mentally ill"? The articles from a year ago when this happened have more info than this one. The family said something happened to him after he drank something. I didn't know you could "catch" mental illness. Before you call people unintelligent or ignorant, be sure to read all the information yourself. Yes there is a problem with mental illness in this country. There is also a problem with people PLAYING CRAZY and using it as a defense when they do bad things (especially when drunk or high/stone).

I Can Read

He has been in the state hospital for a year, you can't fake that!!!! As for catching mental illness from a drink, of course not. This sprang up out of nowhere and perhaps the drink think was all the family could find. If you remember a few months back when they tried to get him to court the doctors at state hospital said no way the kid was out of his mind and had no clue what was going on. You can't fake that at the state hospital. It's not just one doctor, they have multiple doctors that see patients and collaborate on all patients. College age kids do in fact sometimes just become seriously mentally Ill. Research it. This kid will never be free, his life is over. It's very sad for both family's


It is good he will never be free and his life is over. He took a life and at such a young age. He deserves to have his life be in a room and never see the light of day, mental or not. To just "spring up out of no where" seems kind of odd for something so severe. I am sorry, in my personal opinion, I think too many play crazy. With the internet and so many getting their 10 minutes of fame in the media. I find it odd that if he was so seriously ill that the family could not get him any help. They said that after the "drink" incident they could not find anyone to help him. If he just snapped and this illness came out of no where....why would no one help? Now all of a sudden there are doctors that say he is just plain mental, with no clue? He went from , no help available, to just clueless.
You can have your opinion, I can have mine. It is what it is. I say lock him up wherever....but in the end HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR STABBING A BABY TO DEATH.



Why do we even worry about the criminals??

If it was my child I would probably be in prison now because I would have taken care of the POS


Agreed!! & mental illness is no excuse. Sorry but there are many people that have "mental illnesses" and they still know not to stab a poor innocent child. It's no excuse, and if his mental illness was this bad, it's weird it didn't come up before? No one knew he was Ill? It took the stabbing of an innocent, defenseless child to prove that he has "issues" ?! Whether he really is ill or not, it still doesn't make it okay at all. Prayers out to the family. She was such a beautiful baby xox


Schizophrenia often presents at this age... not saying what he did was ok . It's really a fact even if the person never showed any type of behavioral disturbances prior.