Deputies take down meth lab

Two suspects are behind bars.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 16, 2014


After a lengthy investigation between the Huron County and the Crawford County sheriff's offices, two individuals are behind bars for their alleged roles in a methamphetamine operation.

On Tuesday, members of the two sheriff's departments executed a search warrant at 8023 1/2 Ohio 103, Plymouth.

Numerous items and chemicals that are used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, along with dozens of suspected percocet pills, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were seized from the residence.

Nickolas T.B. Arrendondo, 24, of 8023 1/2 Ohio 103, Plymouth was one of two individuals arrested.

"We had received numerous tips about Arrendondo manufacturing methamphetamine in the Plymouth area and then supplying the methamphetamine to Willard residents," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"Arrendondo was also wanted on multiple warrants throughout numerous agencies in Ohio," he added.

Miranda S. Burton, 19, of the same address, was also arrested.

"There appears to be an increase lately in the production of methamphetamine in the area. It is believed that we are seeing a rise in the production based on the relatively easy ability to manufacture methamphetamine in common household items such as pop bottles," Querin said.

"Manufacturing methamphetamine is an extremely dangerous situation. During the search warrant Arrendondo made admissions that he nearly burnt the mobile home that his grandmother Miranda and him were living on while manufacturing methamphetamine in the past," he added.

"The result of the search warrant yesterday was great collaborative effort between the two agencies to combat the drug problem that both counties are seeing," Querin said.

"Both individuals are being held at the Crawford County Jail on charges of illegal possession or assembly of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs (third-degree felony) and charges for possession of drugs. There are expected to be additional charges after the lab analysis results come back," Querin said.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation also assisted at the scene with the clean-up.

"We really appreciate the assistance of BCI," Querin said.

"Clearly this was a successful investigation and operation," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said..

"The indications are that this criminal enterprise was affecting the Willard area and we are very pleased with the outcome," the sheriff added.



I think someone at NR needs a MAP, this is in Crawford County, yes it was nice of our Huron Co Deputies to assist CRAWFORD County with the bust of their Meth Lab. Come on get it right this is Crawford County! Now lets take down the ones in our County!!


5 feet away from Huron County. Where do you think the dope is sold ? Not Bucyrus, Plymouth and Willard. You can hate all you want but busting a meth lab is always good. GET THAT RIGHT . Good job all that helped bust this lab . Keep up the good work.


I believe that the county offices do help each out in these situations when needed. These county's are all connected from one county to the other not like their is a brick wall between them, You sound like Crawford is in another country.


the perp was making drugs in an act of love


Miranda Burton is disgusting. Please keep her locked up so she can't spread her diseases. She's been nothing but trouble in the last couple of years.


They were selling drugs to people in huron county, so bust who ever where ever as long as it helps stop. Agree with the miranda girl she been spiraling down for last couple years but in end judge will grant them help not jail.


You can't help people like her that doesn't want to help themselves. CBCF is a joke. Send them to prison where they belong.


Systemic of Obama Administration's disdain for small business.


Was it the right house?


dontcare: I agree /w u. They were just in the wrong county. lol


Is it true that when they make meth in a house or trailer that it is not safe to live in and has to be torn down?