Heroin dealer who was 'very dedicated' to NA program is sent to prison

Judge says he sent Norwalk man to prison to send message to community that selling heroin won't be tolerated.
Cary Ashby
Apr 19, 2014


A Norwalk man who sold heroin to a confidential informant was sentenced to 17 months in prison Tuesday.

David A. Burrows, 23, of 47 Welton Ave., pleaded guilty in mid-February to one count of trafficking in heroin in exchange for prosecutors dismissing a second, similar charge. The Aug. 9 controlled drug buy, which was coordinated by the Norwalk Police Department, happened just days after Burrows was placed on intensive probation through Norwalk Municipal Court and made him eligible for a prison term.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said Burrows was still "strung out" when he committed the crime, but since then he's been doing well in a treatment program. Longo showed Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway the defendant's folder of documents with NA and AA attendance sheets and certificates before the judge announced his sentence.

"He's been working hard," Longo added.

Burrows, who has been seeking employment, has a sponsor and two "home groups."

"I've been very dedicated to the Narcotics Anonymous program," he told the judge.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper recommended substance-abuse treatment for Burrows as a condition of probation.

"He does have a substantial substance abuse history," Kasper added.

After hearing from each attorney and Burrows, Conway said he was sentencing him to prison for two reasons: First, to send a message to the community that selling heroin won't be tolerated and also to show Burrows "the inside of a prison" to see if that's where he wants his life to head.

Burrows, whose driver's license was suspended for six months, must reimburse police $80 to cover the cost of drug testing.


swiss family

finally... and tank you Judge.. I can finally say "your Honor" and actually mean it. I will admit I have spoken out against you many times in the past, so it is only right to compliment you when you get it right, and this time, if you hadn't given in to a plea deal, you would have gotten it absolutely right... you are getting there your Honor...Thank you for setting an example to the others out there who are saying that there really is not such a bad punishment for getting caught in Huron county selling Heroin...


I don't think you understand what the State of Ohio is doing in the drug area. They set up the CBCF's for rural judges to use. The likelihood is that because of underuse of the CBCF's by rural judges sentencing to prison for drug offenses is going to be prohibited for all drug offenses less than bulk trafficing probably in the next year or so.


I am going to play devils advocate here. Here we have a kid, that has been taking his programs seriously. As they put it, he was Very dedicated. David gets 17 months in prison. And then we have others that did the same thing, and not doing NA or AA, and they think it's all a big joke, and they skate by with a slap on the hands. Go figure! At least David was trying to straighten out his life. And now when he gets released he'll have a prison record he'll have to deal with for the rest of his life. And we all know how hard it is to get a decent job, with that hanging over your head. So much for trying to get ones life straightened out.

Dr. Information

This idiot deserves everything he gets.


IT'S JUST ONE HEADLINE. Don't be fooled by this judge and this one case . Lets see what next week brings in this drug liberal sentence monkey's tricks. If he is not going to tolerate drug dealing in Huron county this would be a first. It would be a welcome change.

Yall Make Me Sick

Won't be tolerated? You're kidding me right? It's been acceptable for many years now. Why the change of heart judge? I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes not just see it printed in the paper.


Are you kidding they just traded two counts of trafficking in heroin. for a 50 dollar pot sale 3 storys down...LOL


"He's been working hard" & "I've been very dedicated to the Narcotics Anonymous program," ? Wake up while you still can boy, because life is passing you by!

so sick of stup...

yeah i know lots of them that go to the meetings but still are junked out...they only go cause it is court ordered...doesnt mean they are clean at all...

Let's Get Real

You all seem quick to judge. Believe me, I want the drugs off the streets as much as the next person. But I can honestly tell you that David was trying to turn his life around, he's been clean for quite some time now. He rarely ever missed a NA or AA meeting, and those meetings really helped him get through his addiction. So let's send the ones who are actually trying to prison, but give the others who could care less to CBCF, so they can come right back and continue to do the same thing. Or better yet, give someone 90 days in county and give them a get out of jail free card for school who had WORSE charges than David. All the way around, it's bad any way you look at it. I just hope these kids get the help they need.


Those meetings are given way to much credit that they "work". Sounds to me like David helped himself get through his addiction. Credit to you though for not referring to it as a disease. As it was put that he was trying to turn his life around. Turning your life around isn't sitting in aa/na meetings day in and day out. Getting a job and stepping up to the plate and accepting responsibility for you choices is.

Let's Get Real

He had a job, held it for a while until he got laid off like most of the other employees. He went through counseling and everything. Yes, I agree he should take responsibilities for his actions. But I'd like to know how these other heroin/drug dealers get off with a slap on the wrist. It doesn't make sense to me. And how are these people supposed to help themselves when all society does is perceive them as trash. Yeah, because that's gonna give them the encouragement and motivation they need to succeed in life, right?