Norwalk hires new reserve police officer

(UPDATED with video) Western Reserve High School grad joins the force.
Scott Seitz
Apr 16, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department welcomed new reserve officer Cody Webb to its ranks Monday.

Webb, 21, of Collins, is a graduate of Western Reserve High School and Terra State Community College, where he attended the police academy.

"We consider Cody a first-round draft pick, so to speak, and we wanted to snag him up before someone else did," Chief Dave Light said. "We are really trying to bolster our reserve unit."

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WOW! Now that WRHS joined the force, it will be one of the safest places in Ohio to live! Talk about a cop on every block!


NORBILLIES, is that some kind of slam on Western? There are GOOD kids there. The administration might make some mistakes now and then (shared needles; not notified authorities about a possible school shooter and knife assault), but generally it's a safe school. It's not like they hired someone from Willard :)


No, it was a slam on the poor editing of the Rejector.

Here is the original headline - "Western Reserve High School joins the force"

shovelhead's picture

Where did you go? Juilliard?


They don't call them the Kid Cops for nothing! And you wonder why the drug problem has gotten out of control. These kids are in way over their heads. I remember when it was Sandusky that everyone talked about being such a bad place. Up the traffic stops and chase away anyone that comes into this town to spend money. I can't believe that people get on here and actually defend these guys and say they're doing a good job. Wake up and Stand up Norwalk. We don't deserve the reputation that this town has aquired.


Clearly some show their ignorance. What should the Chief do? Hire some one 50 or over?

Cliff Cannon

" They don't call them the Kid Cops for nothing! " Since the average age of a service man or women who dies defending our country is about 20.I'd have to say Chief Light hiring " kid cops " is a stroke of genius.

After all who is more idealistic, ambitious or courageous than youth ? Who will kick the door in or take out the bad guy quicker than youth ? Most of all who will be there on duty for the next 30 years, learning something new everyday besides youth ?

So I agree with " uliveinagetto "we the people should "Wake up and Stand up Norwalk " Being wide awake let me offer my thanks to our extremely gifted police chief for signing his first round draft choice, then add a 'good luck' to officer Webb as he joins our exceptionally talented police force.


Well done ,Cliff !

HS Sports Fan

uliveinagetto my suggestion would be to move out of the getto. You seem to be the only one in Norwalk that is bothered by heroin taking over the town and inexperienced law enforcement doing nothing to stop it. It appears the bar area downtown is top priority not the drugs that has taken Norwalk down. Once you move then you can read and laugh about it, I do.