Three suspects make first court appearances

Defendants plead not guilty to felony charges.
Cary Ashby
Apr 16, 2014


A Bellevue man accused of having a stolen vehicle was arraigned on the charge Monday.

Benjamin W. Burkhart, 23, of 301 Madden Ave., has a July 15 trial scheduled in Huron County Common Pleas Court. He entered a "not guilty" plea to one vehicle-related charge of receiving stolen property in connection with a Dec. 20 incident.

Judge Jim Conway asked Burkhart about an arson charge he saw on his criminal history.

"That was lowered to a first-degree misdemeanor," said Burkhart, who has no prior felony convictions and currently isn't on probation.

The defendant is out on a personal recognizance bond, meaning he signed a court document in which he promised to appear for future hearings and didn't have to pay any money.

Other defendants who also were arraigned Monday and who pleaded "not guilty" were:

• Matthew E. Clifton, 23, of 2577 U.S. 20, Collins, who goes to trial July 29 on theft in connection with an incident between April 9, 2011 and June 5, 2012. He is out on a PR bond.

• Carlos L. Withrow Jr., 41, of 59 Glover Ave., on possession of heroin in connection with a Feb. 4 incident. His trial date is July 24.

Withrow doesn't have any prior felony convictions, but said he was convicted of domestic violence last year. The defendant also told the judge he was fired from his job of 20 years after he "got into trouble."




Where is the 3rd ones picture.


is this the same ben burkhartt that that robs houses that his dad rents ? posts pictures of himself on fb holding shotguns ?,saying "this is how we handle business"? the one that trades cars for pills ?the one that was reported to authorities about breaking and entering into cars and confronted by the owner ,chased away at gunpoint ,reported to authorities in a police report but never questioned ? robbed a neighbors house taking all the copper outta it after the man had died ? that guy ? yeah hes an upstanding citizen im sure he will keep his promise to show up in court