Resident, sheriff's office talk more about warrant

Highly contested drug-related incident at Norwalk apartment continues to be discussed.
Cary Ashby
Apr 14, 2014


A Norwalk man didn't receive a copy of the search warrant used during a highly contested drug-related incident at his apartment.

John Collins showed the Reflector one sheet of paper Wednesday. The document is an inventory only listing "two glass marijuana pipes." The inventory is part of a recently unsealed search warrant at the young man's apartment at 114 1/2 Benedict Ave. The Huron County Sheriff's Office used the warrant at 8:39 p.m. March 25.

"That's the only thing they left me," Collins said about the inventory sheet.

Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said it's accurate Collins only received a copy of the inventory because the warrant only should be delivered to the person listed inside -- 41-year-old Robert L. Hendricks. The sheriff's spokesman said Hendricks will be served with a copy of the search warrant once deputies interview him.

"Our deputies are contending he (Hendricks) was staying there," Patrick said, referring to Collins' residence. "He's still a person of interest in the case."

Collins reportedly hadn't seen the warrant until the Reflector shared it with him Wednesday. His name isn't mentioned in the document.

"I've never seen it until it came out (in the newspaper)," Collins said. "I didn't get a copy of the search warrant."

Collins doesn't contest that deputies seized two marijuana pipes. He said the drug paraphernalia was on the corner of his coffee table.

What Collins doesn't agree with is the alleged presence of a drug suspect in his home whom he said he's only met once. Sheriff's officials have said the suspect, Hendricks, lives or was staying at Collins' apartment.


Photographic evidence

On Wednesday, Patrick reasserted what he'd said earlier -- that the sheriff's office has documentation of Hendricks being at Collins' apartment, which is one of three units which are linked together in one building.

"Our detectives have photographs of Hendricks coming and going from Collins' home," Patrick said.

Collins has a different story.

"He's never been in my house at all," Collins said. "I don't know him at all. I've known his name, but I don't hang out with him."

One photograph in the warrant, which was photocopied for the Reflector, is taken from the parking lot of Simply U Tanning, which is right beside the building in which Collins lives. The photograph shows someone standing at the front door of the man's apartment. Between the man and camera is a parked car.

Collins said the person in the photo is him, wearing a hat and carrying a plastic bag from Dave's Food Mart, which is on the same side of the street as his apartment. Collins said the person clearly isn't Hendricks.

"What they're doing is mistaking my identity for Rob," Collins said.

The Reflector requested the sheriff's office release the photographs in question.

"The photographs are part of the investigation of the case and aren't being released right now," Patrick said.

The sheriff's spokesman was asked if it's possible detectives could have confused Collins for Hendricks.

"That's not true," Patrick said. "Detective (Rich) Larson and Detective (Kayla) Zander know Hendricks. Both the detectives told me they know Hendricks and know what Hendricks looks like."

One of Collins' neighbors is Hendricks' mother, Patricia Papp. She and one of her sons, Timothy, have said Hendricks doesn't live with them and when he visits, he always comes to the back door of their home, 114 Benedict Ave.

Patricia Papp, 58, and another of her sons, Thomas, 34, were arrested on drug-related warrants March 25 after Collins told deputies they were his neighbors. Thomas M. Papp is charged with trafficking in oxycodone in connection with a Sept. 9, 2012 incident. His mother faces a similar felony stemming from a July 8, 2012 offense. They were released on bond the day after their arrests on secret indictments.


One address vs. another

The warrant, written by Detective Larson, indicates deputies received an anonymous call March 18 in which the person said a man and woman were supposed to be leaving Peru Hollow Road and would come to 114 Benedict Ave. "to purchase heroin and Percocet pills from an individual identified as Rob Hendricks."

When Larson and Zander, another detective, drove by to get a description of the residence, Larson said they "both observed Robert Hendricks ... exit the residence of 114 1/2 Benedict Ave.," according to the warrant.

The warrant was unsealed April 4 in Huron County Juvenile Court. It lists the 114 1/2 Benedict Ave. address 14 times and 114 Benedict Ave. four times.

Sheriff Dane Howard has said the warrant clearly lists that deputies were seeking drug paraphernalia from Collins' apartment and "all the chatter and rumors" about going to the wrong residence simply aren't true.

"It's clear my detectives acted in accordance with the law and executed the search warrant (appropriately). The deputies acted properly and there was no misconduct and it's as simple as that," the sheriff said last week.

"I don't think that in my 30 years as a law-enforcement officer that anybody is happy about executing a search warrant and (officers) taking their drugs," Howard said.

Collins, who lives at 114 1/2 Benedict Ave., said Wednesday he's only met Hendricks once when the man was attempting to access the Internet about Feb. 26. Collins also said Hendricks doesn't live at his apartment -- the same information he gave during an earlier interview.

"He came over and got my Internet password. That's the only way I've talked to him," Collins said.

When asked about the man and woman mentioned in the warrant who reportedly bought drugs from Hendricks, Collins said he went to school with the man, but isn't his friend. Collins didn't recognize the woman's name. The suspects aren't being named because they haven't been charged.


shovelhead's picture

They are going to burn this kid with the 2 bongs. They broke into the wrong place, and they're going to get away with violating a guy's constitutional rights because they found 2 bongs. It says right in the warrant that they wanted heroin & percocet....but the warrant probably also says all drug related items. Just admit you were wrong. This just isn't going away because breaking the law needs to be enforced on both sides.


but aren't "bongs" pipes" legal to own..
i see them sold in stores all over the state, country.
just asking

Seen it All

Pipes would be legal if they didn't have burnt weed or residue in them. I think bongs are illegal and considered drug paraphernalia. It was written in the warrant they could seize any drug paraphernalia.

shovelhead's picture

They are legal to own & sell. It's the residue left behind that gets 'em. I'm sure they're waiting for test results to charge him with a minor misdomeanor....just to justify breaking & entering.


My great grama Beulah always smoked tobbacco in her pipe! I was wonderign where are the BCI test results on the residue, why was no MJ found in the residence, seems you should have some to smoke, if you were smoking it! Can you test when the deputies stepped on the pipes and crushed the evidence at 114 1/2 Benedict? Oh shame on me more info HCSO does not want public to know.


this is what happens when you get a power hungry sheriff who thinks and has stated this is his county he'll do what he wants and he has and the sad part is believing someone with an extensive record over a law enforcement official

Seen it All

You are so right ohiogirl99. It is SAD we have to believe the criminal because the Law is stomping on our rights as a citizen of the USA!


There is soo much more to this story than the general public knows. Or the Hcs even knows. Just wait for the aclu to dig thru the bs the sheriff dept is putting out there and it will be evident that they lie an are still trying to cover their a##es because the dream team knows how wrong they are. The dream team better watch the bus. It's been said the wheels on the bus go round and round. Let's see how many members of this team gets run over by their bus.


Oh and as for the pipes that were confiscated. The warrant was for a person other than the person who lived there so what they took was taken illegally so I don't see how they will charge anyone since it was a wrongful search and seizure. That would only add fire to Mr collins' case, wouldn't it?


I don't care one way or the other but isn't it funny how Mr. Collins says he doesn't know Mr. Hendricks yet he says, in quotes, "What they're doing is mistaking my identity for Robs". Are they on a first name basis now or what? Just saying....


Hmmm I think you've had too many beers and too much smoke. Ever think the detectives there that night said"we a 're so sorry Mr collins but you and Rob Hendrick do resemble each other in your looks". I ask u, why did they apologize to John if,as Hcs says his detectives know who Hendricks is and what he looks like? So many mistakes in so little time.


He'll receive a $150 fine per pipe...that's it. No criminal record, no court appearance. It's decriminalized for all of those who still think the state of Ohio cares about marijuana pipes.

The idea of "authority" is a lie to justify oppression.


if he is convicted, the state will suspend his drivers license, if he has one, for 6 months, up to 5 years for drug paraphernalia, even if he was not driving, or even in or near a car. the fine was closer to $250 plus costs just last september..


I've know Rob from childhood and I can comment on this situation. I know for a fact his mother and him were selling pills out of her apartment. Rob didn't live there, but he was in and out of there all the time buying pills from his mom. The sheriff's office raided the wrong apartment PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Own up to your mistakes Dane Howard!


Hmmm..if this guy is supposedly clean according to his "app", why did he have two pipes?

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Let's just wait & see. The cops say that almost anything can be used to smoke drugs. They probably found a flower vase, or a tobacco pipe.....God knows they needed to find something- right now! Even still....being a pothead is no excuse to have your civil rights violated, and you're property damaged. He was not on the warrant, he was not even on their radar. He was just at home.


If I read correctly, the warrant was for the address where he lives. Is this not correct? If his address was on the warrant, I just don't see how his civil rights were violated. Now...if the warrant had a different address than his and they came in and searched the place, that is different.

As for the law enforcement officers handcuffing him...I don't see anything wrong with that...they needed to secure the house. Their number one priority should be their own safety.

Didn't this guy admit there were two pipes on his coffee table? So, shovelhead's theory that law enforcement found a flower vase is not correct...

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My theory about a flower vase is a joke. I'm sure the bongs are real, just a pointless find. I think the address is a tri-plex house & the Sheriff's office just got the door wrong & can't admit it. You're rights are violated when you are doing nothing wrong & get you're door kicked in, wrestled to the ground, false detention, destruction of property. Clear it up for ya?


Yes the address they had was the address on the warrant. However it had the incorrect person named on it and saying it was Hendricks residence. However he has never lived at that address. Official court papers must be completed correctly. Dotted i's and crossed t's.if not it gets tossed on a technicality.and as far as handcuffed, why didn't they handcuff the other people that were there if they were so concerned about their 'safety'?


I thought search warrants were for specific addresses and/or people. So, even though the person they were searching for was not at the address, the address could be searched if it was on the warrant. I thought he was the only one at his residence when this this not correct? I thought I read that after they (law enforcement) searched the address, they went next door and were let in.

I would think that being let into a residence by the occupants is a completely different situation than executing a search warrant.


I dont know this man so im not saying hes totally innocent! LETS be real here though they didnt go in for 2 BONGS the sherriffs at fault here and makeing up a moke screen to cover there ass. WE have photographs they say yet refuse to show them show the public sherriff or do those photos really not exist!

Now im all for takeing care criminals if done corectly but lets be freakin real here they raided wrong place- they treated this man like crap now there gonna burn him for blowing whistle on there corruption.

Anyone know if rob hendricks the 1 used live in new london?


Yes, it is the same Rob Hendricks that used to live in New London, and how does a 41 year old look like a 26 year old. Anyone ever wonder why the Sheriff comes up with cover story after cover story, it is simple when LIE you need to LIE again.. And why have those dream team detective not found Rob Hendricks, he is right here in Huron Co, and easy to find. Even this old voter knows where he lives, and it is not 114 1/2 Benedict. OH by the way I gave John the names of the best Civil Rights Lawyers in OHIO, hope calls them or the ACLU takes his case. Good bye DANE HOWARD, wish we did not have to wait till 2016!


Pretty sure the address and person must match. What if they busted in your door because they 'thought' someone lived there that they were looking for?then by coincidence the man they are looking for parent lives right next door.guess that'd be your mistake for living there,right?




ACLU needs to survey all the people that have been arrested on warrants and do a report on it.... bet they would be amazed at the findings!!!!!!


Let's not forget the judge that let this happen.


Read the Sandusky Register online:
"Sheriff mum on botched warrant"
"Howard declares operation a success without reviewing why deputies went to wrong home"
"Cardwell sealed the warrant after granting it and sealed the order sealing it. The double-gag order was lifted several days later, however, and appears to be riddled with inconsistencies. It also does not match descriptions provided by Patrick and Howard previously.

Howard has refused to release public records from earlier criminal complaints or incident reports involving Hendricks, his mother and brother, or Collins.

Howard also has refused to answer questions about the inaccurate information that's already been provided by the sheriff's office, or how he determined that deputies properly conducted the search warrant despite cuffing the wrong person and searching the wrong person's home.

The only incident report Howard did release concerning what occurred March 25 is incomplete and, in part, nonsensical. It details only the arrest of the Papps. It lists Collins as an “involved party,” but offers no explanation how he might have been involved."
The article continues to cite several more areas where Howard has not come into compliance or has refused to respond.


Check out the same article to view a copy of the search warrant and report.


Doesn't matter if he lived there. Only matters that he was seen coming and going from the apartment. Collins already admitted that he was there a few weeks ago. Let this be a lesson about letting people in your house.


Personally if there is wrong doing on behalf of the SO then action should be taken. But Im really tired of seeing this clowns picture in the paper everyday. Like he is some kinda hero. Enough already