10-foot-wide sidewalk for Milan Avenue?

Council questions pair of public works projects.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 11, 2014


Norwalk city council members offered a lukewarm response to a pair of public-works related projects presented at Tuesday night's work session.

The first resolution involved authorizing the application for transportation enhancement funds.

This resolution primarily deals with a proposed 10-foot-wide, multi-use sidewalk on the west side of Milan Avenue from League Street to Main Street.

Council members voiced a number of concerns involving the multi-use sidewalk, including who would maintain it, who would be responsible for shoveling it, and what happens if the sidewalk needs repaired.

A second resolution which wasn't greeted with much enthusiasm from city council involved an application to the Ohio Department of Transportation for Safe Routes to School funding for the non-infrastructure portion of the project.

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Why would anyone need a 10' wide sidewalk in front of a residence? On the west side of Milan Ave, this would mean taking every tree out of the tree lawns and put kids that much closer to a busy street. And homeowners would be responsible for maintaining and replacing a sidewalk as wide as a driveway. This makes no sense at all.


We had a discussion similar to this in my village. We have a bariatric center and someone thought it was a good idea to make citizens on that side of town have extra large sidewalks to accommodate their extra wide wheelchairs. HOW is this fair to those few citizens who live near the center? Being a member of my villages planning committee I fought this tooth and nail. It went down in flames. This is in NO way fair to those citizens who bought their homes before the center was built/opened. Unless the town is going to fund these large sidewalks and maintain them at their expense I would fight it to the bitter end. I am sure if you find the ordinances there will be no mention of needing larger sidewalks for any reason, and until there is one passed, this should be dead in the water.


Rather than place this test strip of concrete on Milan ave, where we already have sidewalks, how about along St Mary's St from the old Janesville property to Maplehurst School. Unbelievable how the city has overlooked this area for so many decades. And now we have our youngest grade school children going to that school.


Residents will be required to leave their porch lights on and the houses at each end of this side walk will need a strobe light installed. Alternative run way for possible emergency landing of planes.


Thats a scary stretch of sidewalk to walk nowadays. Seems like a huge waste of money. People avoid that area, and not because of the condition of the sidewalk.


I've never heard of anyone avoiding that area. I drive down the street a few times a day, and always see people walking. I unfortunately know there is, or recently WAS, a major drug house near the fork. Hopefully that's been cleaned up.


People avoid the area? Thats funny, I live on the west side of Milan ave and we have lots of people walking up and down the street. Some of these houses are to close to the road already, in fact I think the two on the corner dont even have 10 feet from their porch to the road.. Bad ideal whoever had this one....


I'm sure there are a lot of fine families on that stretch. Unfortunately, one or two bad apples can make a big impression. Several female friends of mine quit walking that stretch in the past because they felt threatened. I drove past today and there were plenty of folks out, including children, enjoying the day. Hopefully the bad apples are being run off.


No matter if there are a few bad apples, drug houses, or whatever, that still does NOT allow the city to demand that those with property on that stretch of road to put in 10 foot wide sidewalk. Unless the city is going to pay for it and maintain this extra large sidewalk, I would not allow it on my property. Why are they experimenting with this? Is there an extra large amount of foot traffic here?