Kasich says state should fight gay-marriage ruling

Governor remains against gay marriages.
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Apr 11, 2014


Gov. John Kasich reaffirmed his position on gay marriage yesterday. He’s still against it.

Following an economic-development announcement at AmerisourceBergen in Lockbourne, Kasich said he supports Attorney General Mike DeWine’s appeal of an upcoming ruling by a federal judge that will require the state of Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and areas where it’s legal.

“He is going to appeal it; he should,” Kasich said in response to a reporter’s question. Kasich’s comments on the subject were his first since U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black announced his intentions on Friday.

DeWine’s office says if Black rules as he said he would, DeWine will appeal his decision to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and also seek an immediate stay to prevent the ruling from taking effect.

Black’s ruling is not expected to immediately affect Ohio’s ban on gay marriages inside the state.

“The people of the state, including me, voted years ago on a constitutional amendment to say that marriage is between a man and a woman,” Kasich said. “(Black) has overruled that in some respects, and that’s what a federal judge can do. But it doesn’t change the fact of how people voted.”

Kasich’s likely Democratic opponent in November, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, said the governor wasted an opportunity to send an important signal that Ohio is a tolerant and welcoming state.

“Not only is accepting the federal ruling the right thing to do, but increasingly businesses, conventions, and major sporting events are considering a state’s openness when deciding whether or not to bring their business here. Gov. Kasich’s announcement today was a step in the wrong direction for Ohio’s LGBT community and for our economy,” FitzGerald said in a statement.

David Pepper, DeWine’s electoral opponent, said he would not appeal Black’s decision because opposing same-sex marriage is indefensible.

“I believe your first and most important duty is to stand for the constitutional rights of citizens,” the former Hamilton County commissioner said. “You just don’t defend the law blindly."

Kasich was visiting AmerisourceBergen’s new distribution center, which is under construction and scheduled to open in the fall, creating about 100 jobs. Dozens of company employees and local officials were on hand for Kasich’s visit.


By Joe Vardon - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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I support Kasich 100% on these. We already voted on these. The Fed judge is over stepping his power. You gays want to be recognized, move to a gay state!

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Exactly. What's to stop a federal judge from steeping in on anything we vote for? Then what would be the point of voting? Why not just have federal judges picking out our next president while they're at it.

I Can Read

They already have, don't you remember George W Bush's famously infamous victory over Al Gore? The Supreme Court gave that election to Bush and I believe they are Federal Judges. Lol

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Neither one was declared an official winner from Florida as I recall. The vote was counted, and it was close, but not official. I remember Chads, it was all about the Chads.

With marriage in Ohio, it was defined, and voted in favor of only recognizing one man and one woman, almost ten years ago. 62% to 34%. That was a landslide.

yea right

@foodforthought..Hey OLD fart..die already will ya..the younger generation will say YES to gay marriage..why,, cuz it is "cool" to be gay, bi ect..and all you self proclaim Bible thumpers..GET OFF THE LEZI PORN..FOR GODS SAKE


yeah and the younger generation got obama elected, thanks. sarcasm off


well sorry I am far from old. but I am not a young ignorant fool like you appear to be so grow up and get a clue. And stop relying on your mommy for milk!

yea right

50 here and open minded..thats why I have lots of fun..unlike you stuck in your rocker crying in your cottage cheese


100% disagree with him.


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the arguments against same-sex marriage on this thread are going to be the same as those on the other recent same-sex marriage article. So just incase anyone missed it before, here is my argument. The opposition that has been on display here the last few days has been religiously oriented. People cite the Bible and God for their stance on the issue and that is completely your right to have and express that opinion. That's the great thing about the first amendment. The other great thing about it is that it not only offers us freedom of religion, but also freedom from religion. In this country, we do not make laws banning something because it goes against a particular religion. People who say things like "it's disgusting" or "God says it's wrong in the Bible" have no place in the debate. Religion has no place in the debate. Me marrying another man has no effect on your ability to go to church, your ability to pray, or your ability to marry the opposite-sex person of your choice. No one is forcing catholic priests to perform gay marriages. In fact, the laws passed thus far have religious exemptions in them to prevent religious institutions from being forced to participate in gay marriages. Considering what I've written above, I ask you all to give me a valid reason why two men or two women should not be allowed to marry.

In my opinon

@tginyc1 ..I agree with you .. Also it says in the bible (1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.")How many of these posters fit into one or more of these categories. What makes them think they are so righteous?


Well I have been a christian all my life. I was raised in the church and I have never been sexually immoral, an adulterer,a drunkard or anything else on the list. No I am not a saint, far from it but I do know right from wrong and you will never convince me that it is ok for people of the same sex to be together. Why can't people look at it from a common sense point? If we were intended to be with the same sex we would have all been born with the same sexual organs. We were not designed to be man and man and woman and woman. Religion aside its just nature. It's like puzzle pieces. They were made to fit together. I have said before I don't believe that anyone is born gay. To me it's like anything else that you have never experienced before, you try it and if you like it you keep doing it even if it's wrong. After saying all of this I want to add that I don't hate anyone for being gay. It is their right to live the way they want. Just as we heterosexuals live and sin. I do want to ask one question to the gay community. What if we who believe in the word of God in the Bible are right and it is an abomination to God? Is it worth spending an eternity in Hell? Have any one of the gay community actually read the Bible and seen what it says Hell is going to be like. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Also burning forever. No I don't hate anyone for being gay, I fear for them.


Well first off, you say homosexuality isn't natural, but there are many species of animals the demonstrate homosexuality. These animals don't know what they are doing, they just do what comes naturally to them. Also, if you argue that it's unnatural then most of the things we have in this life should be banned.

Second, it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong about what the Bible says. It's not your right to force that on anyone else. What if the atheists are right and you've wasted your whole life on a lie and church when you could have been doing something more worthwhile? And to answer your question, yes some gay people have read the Bible. I am friends with an ordained pastor who is gay and I am confident his knowledge of the Bible would trump that of most people!

Also, until you go through the experience of suppressing your sexuality for years and being ashamed and embarrassed of it and then finally come out and experiencing the relief that follows the honesty I really don't care whether you think it's a choice or not. Frankly, you have no say in the matter.


That is not a marriage and this country was founded on Christian principles The sooner you get that the better. A marriage is a man and a woman, not to gays sucking ^%$&*. So stop trying to redefine what a marriage is. You want to call it a union fine but it is not a marriage.


Your offensive comments about "gays sucking ^%$&*" aside, you have failed to offer an argument that can hold up in court that would ban same-sex marriage.

If you want us to call it a union and leave marriage to the churches then fine. I have no problem with that, but that's not the world we live in. The government is in the marriage business whether we like it or not and society has made marriage a powerful institution and there is no reason gay people shouldn't be allowed to be a part of it.


You are wrong, gays cant marry nor should they. It is a union between a man and women, not 2 dudes or 2 girls. Sorry if you dont like that but too bad. It is people like you that are trying to destroy what this country has been founded on and I for one will not tolerate it. So go back into your closet, close the door and stay there.


You are an extremely hateful person, Foodforthought. I am not at all trying to destroy this country, rather I'm trying to extend its privileges to more people. Again though, other than your insecurity what is a good, legally justifiable reason I should not get married to another man?

yea right

where is written that a Union is between a man and a woman..i do NOT see it..nor do i see a book on how human life is to be lived..you are only going by a book that was written by some story tellers from long ago..not the earths version..oh wait thats right the earth version states that you can do what ever you want

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^^50 years old, never grew up and a complete idiot^^


Really ? Two dudes .....you need to expand your vocabulary .Your red neck is showing .Closet is open and they have rights too . This country was established based on everyone having equal rights .


foodforthought, your wife sucks good %#*&.


44846GWP, what did you contribute to the conversation by saying that? It's pathetic.


hes a lib, thats what they do


I pose the same question to you, rbenn.


Maybe you should go up and read foodforthoughts comment, and you would know why I said it.


What a disgusting ignorant comment ,you are ignorant .Heres some food for thought ,as a Christian I support their rights .

I Can Read

Like or hate it, it's a done deal, it will be legal in the entire country. I'm sure in some respects it's similar to emancipation, woman's suffrage and the entire civil rights movement. It's about people be treated equal. And just like in the previous examples there will be people and States that will try and hold out, but in the end our constitution guarantees equal rights to everyone!

In my opinon

Equal! explain that to my wife, when they can't vote for equal pay for equal work for women. A do NOTHING congress and I mean NOTHING..


You do realize that is all bs and smokescreen right? You live in an industrial area.. do you see men and women with same job, same department making any difference in wage?? really?? think!


Hey there Foodforthought!! Here's a little something for ya. What in this great country of ours gives you the right to tell anyone where they should go? I really would like to know the reason behind your statement. Why should anyone, and I mean anyone have to go to another place in order to live the life that they choose? Who are you to tell someone to do that? I'd really like to know who gave you the right to pick and choose who you like and who should go where. You do realize that we have a constitution in this country that guarantees that we all have equal rights under the law. So what gives you the authority to just declare that if your gay, move to another place where it's ok? You most likely can't even come close to a logical argument, but, I'm willing to give you a chance. If you want to debate in a public forum, such as this, give it your best shot. I dare you!