Crumbs Confections closing

Decision made "for personal family reasons."
Scott Seitz2
Apr 9, 2014


The owners of Crumbs Confections announced Monday they will be closing their Uptown Norwalk location.

"After much thought and consideration, it is with heavy hearts we inform you of our intent to close our storefront to walk-in business as of May 3, 2014," owners Betsy Feaga and Courtney Long said via email. "Orders and weddings that are already contracted will be taken care of with the same level of personal care that you've all come to expect from Crumbs. We will consider future orders on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

"This decision was made for personal family reasons and we are so thankful to have been a part of Main Street and all of our customers lives for the last three years," they added.

New stores hours, effective immediately, are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The store will be closed Sunday and Monday.

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J Cooper

I am sure Mayor Jobs, Jobs, Jobs will be surprised but will promise "good upcoming economical news."


And what does two people closing this biz have to do with the Mayor? Are you implying that he was part of their decision to close?


yes this one was big for the economy of course everyone of these little hobby dream stores will close

hit the road jack

You two wouldn't be happy if he brought 20,000 UAW jobs to Norwalk so quit you pizzing and moaning.

J Cooper

I wish he would bring 20,000 or even 200 new good paying jobs, he was the candidate who ran and won on jobs, jobs, jobs, if that's pizzing, fill up your cup for a drink...


the idea that there are UAW jobs is the exact reason there won't be manufacturing jobs coming to norwalk,the UAW doesn't provide a paycheck investors do.and the UAW mindset is the reason they will stay away


Best wishes Betsy. Hope all goes well for you. Agreed hit the road. That family worked/works hard. They built Warehouse Tire. Bunch of Urinites blo-ing.

J Cooper

This from someone who peaked in his early 20's...

Kottage Kat

Sorry to see them close.
The Crum family are hard workers and good folks.

swiss family

I would like to thank them for investing in "UPTOWN" Norwalk.. I am disappointed to see that they will be leaving, and it can not be blamed on the Mayor, or the owners, , but partly on the fan base.and every business depends on their "fan base" to dictate what they carry and what they sell. Most of these saleable items have a short shelf life. Lets take this business for an example.being a local "UPTOWN" bakery, they would need to have minimally a dozen of glazed doughnuts, a dozen applesauce, a dozen powdered sugar, a dozen regular, plus brownies, bread, cookies etc..if no one comes in to buy them, they have to throw them out, causing a lot of waste, and too much waste will kill a business..then the speratic customer who stops in once in awhile asking for brownies, and they do not have any because they thrwew them out 6 days in a row and didn't bake any, that guy leaves and bad mouths them and wonders what kind of bakery does not make brownies every day????

There is no doubt, these are tough times..I feel bad for the "UPTOWN " merchants, I don't know how many saw this, but Terry Boose was excited because he landed somem grants fopr Norwalk.. one was for a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS for the NEDC group (the highly paid group who are supposed to act as cheerleaders for Norwalk to attract job to Norwalk, and we see how well that is working???? and why keep paying them when there are NO JOBS)anyway the NEDC bought their own building on Bennedict Ave.. I am not sure of the buying price, and now they were awarded a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS to remodel it?????????????? does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture????their job is to bring jobs into Norwalk.. there are no jobs.. OK we will be nice and let them keep their jobs... although it is a waste of money, but to buy them their own building, and to award them a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS.....$250,000.00... to renovate it??????? really.... well will that renovation bring in jobs??? the answer is NO...OH>> did I mention that there is a "DEVELOPER on their board?? someone who takes old buildings and with a lot of money renovates them into nice looking structures... but is that what we want to do... make a good living for him??? he has his hands full with the old children s home on Bennedict and has not done much out there.. why pay him a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS to renovate a building that will not attract opne single job , when that is the purpose of the NEDC????? just askin


Everything was pretty over priced there anyway


I have never personally stepped foot in the place..
I imagine there was extra good sweets
but come on! really?
a little sweet shop in this town? where i am sure each cookie cost more than a whole box of Oreo's.

Look at area.. Cold Stone creamery! CLOSED
.. Baskin-Robbin behind Olive Garden.. CLOSED
it's not just Norwalk hurting
when you add the economy and this current administration's war on sugar..
I mean even the presidents own baker quit.
Very vocally also, saying he was tired of defending butter, cream and sugar with the 1st lady....funny stuff
I am sure cost for the "extra good" was extra expensive.
Still a shame, seems these ladies had a dream..


You mean Cold Stone and BR of Sandusky closed ....and Norwalk's mayor didn't get blamed. Lol! Just being funny. I totally agree with you too.

J Cooper

Cold Stone. overpriced, no business when the tourists are gone. Baskin Robbins, poor location, no drive-by traffic, compared to Tofts, always busy, local support , Vargos, great location, seasonal business, its the business plan and location that makes or breaks the success of any business.


and???? this sweet crumb place was not on the high priced side?
kinda confused, are you defending these ladies location?
or using it as a casual drive by or bicycle by family is not going to pay for high dollar cookies?
I was just saying these speciality places have a hard road to toll due to people are using there money more wisely and buying ice cream by the gallon. Cakes that are out of a box at home, cookies from toll house.

Vargo's bought and paid for years ago, so a pure profit for the owners and Toft's could have a dead day for business and it wouldn't matter.. there little store is a pure prop deal. Not meant to be a money maker.

J Cooper

I will keep it simple for you. Business plan, demographics, location, cost of product, etc.


They were on the right track...just needed something else to go on that track with them!!!


Great family and delicious desserts, unfortunately it is almost impossible to survive owning a small business these days despite the hard work and commitment. Best of luck and thank you for your support and amazing desserts for Timbers!!! God Bless you


Everything I had from there was delicious. I will especially miss the "holy cows". Good luck in your future endeavors.


They were WAY over priced...even for "home-made" they were extremely too expensive..too bad..priced themselves out of business...

Most Wanted

Great goods and service...sorry to see them leave.