Two new Norwalk cops sworn in

Woman is a Berlin Heights native; man comes from Tiffin.
Cary Ashby
Apr 9, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department has two new officers.

Amanda Blodgett and Nicholas Weber were sworn in Monday.

"I think these are two solid hires for the Norwalk Police Department," said Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light, who added that each officer did very well on the department's intensive testing process.

Blodgett, 22, of Berlin Heights, has many local ties. Weber, 26, lives in Tiffin with his wife Carah, but they plan to move to Norwalk.

To watch highlights from the swearing-in ceremony, click play on the video player below.

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Nothing against her, but 22 years old is too young to be a police officer. She isn't even mature herself.


If it's old enough to go to war, it's old enough to be an officer. Or how many 18 year olds aren't mature enough to make their life and death decisions against more hostile people?


I turned 21 right at the start of the 68 Tet offensive. Yeah, I was there and I was a grunt. Your comment holds no water.


They have to start somewhere. I've seen very young men as police officers. And to be honest, she's probably more physically fit than half the force. She can probably chase down a criminal better than you or I. As far as maturity, from what I've witnessed these days, there are plenty of immature 40 year olds with jobs such as this, so what difference does it make? And to go even further, there are young men and women, younger than her, dying every single day for our freedom.


Good Job Amanda!!


That's right. Chief Light knows his stuff. Not to mention 18 is draft age.


I would say 22 is plenty old enough to have a job in law enforecement. she is old enough to serve in the military, smoke, have a drink, be married, have kids, own a home, complete an education... so why is she "too young" to be a police officer? everyone has to start somewhere. good for her!! love seeing young girls on path to a great future.

J Cooper

Congratulations to these new officers and best of luck in their careers. I would like to see a requirement of either 4 years of military or college or a combination of both for hiring of new police officers and firefighters. I think this requirement would help with maturity, experience and a higher level educated officer for these difficult positions.


Like the others have said...she's old enough to join the you want someone to prove they can fight in a battle zone before entering the police force????? Then I'm guessing we should give men and or woman a child as a loner to see if they are good at parenting...if this be the case sooooo many have failed already...or when a Dr. Has an intern and I don't mind because they have to learn some where....they went through a police academy....if you should be worried about anything worry about how long it will take before Norwalk's finest will turn them into BLEEP BLEEP officers (fill in the blanks yourself) some of Norwalk's current officers are the children of former officers...and hate to break it to you...there daddy's were way better officers than they will ever be...because back in there days cops were here to protect and serve...cops now are here to belittle, humiliate and any other demeaning way...we ARE guilty until WE!!! Prove we are innocent...NOT innocent until proven guilty....AKA the Collins case CHECKMATE!!!!!

J Cooper

Do you even read your own mindless rants? Did I say anything about age, all I stated was that a combination of college or military would make for a better officer. The basic police academy is just that, basic, college level criminal justice education and the experience that one learns In the military would be an asset to both the officer and community. These two new officers might have college or military experience, my comment was general in nature.


@ J Cooper as a matter of fact I'm am well aware of the military 20 yrs to be specific..can you say that??? And a blog is a rant ...just nicely put and what you learn in the military is completely different then sitting in a college class learning paper work ...we the military are taught to work as a team from day one of boot camp we are taught to have our fellow brothers and sisters backs...and I'm assuming that is how this town works since they never show up by themselves there are always 2+ officers in attendance to a screen...aka having there backs this is not taught on a piece of paper or in a book???so if you have served I thank you for you service and you understand ...if you haven't served and are voicing your opinion then welcome to our blog/rant. :)

J Cooper

Once again do you even read your own rants or my comments, I never downgraded the military experience, I stated both military or college or a combination for a professional law enforcement officer. The college/education is important in todays complex criminal justice environment for the advanced technical skill needed.


Yes men and women are 18 fighting for this country and that is ok. They are also under a command and have constant supervision. As a police officer, there isnt nearly as much of that and you have a lot more freedom and you are dealing with real life issues you need to make a decision on. From experience I think this is too young to be a police officer. Nothing against her at all. And yes there are those you can do it well at that age. But you cant argue that life experience of someone older is more than that of a 21 or 22 year old. And I wish these 2 the best of luck, I hope they do very well! I am very pro police and always have been. But I have been around it as well for over 24 years and I have seen many come and go and the issues we have had with younger hires. And yes, older ones can be just as bad but that goes into who you hire as well.


Are you kidding me? You apparently know little about the military. Yes you are under command but that person that you fall under on the battlefield is usually a non-commissioned officer or a lieutenant. Both of which are usually around 22 yrs old. I was an NCO at 22 and in charge of 15 troops and had far more responsibility than a civilian cop. 22 is plenty old enough to be a cop who is only responsible for themself.


Only responsible for themselves? Really??? I will leave it as that... Anyone reading these should know better than that!


Amen KNUCKLEDRAGGER....the military is not put in a position due there age they are put in charge from rank and responsibility....thank you for standing up ...and a special thank your for your service time. :)


Uh, wrong. They have responsible to know laws and statutes and how properly and effectively use them so as not to violate a citizen's constitutional rights.

Have you ever responded to a domestic violence call and have to separate the abuser from the victim, apply first aid until EMS gets on scene? Plus a host of other things.

You are without a clue


The only age requirement they have is one that makes you too old to be eligible. 15 years of law enforcement, trying to move back north to my hometown, and they wait until after a $285 airline ticket, successfully passing the physical fitness test, and successfully passing the Civil Service Exam, and then decide to send a letter that applicants must be 35 or younger at time of application, thus disqualifying me and one other. Heck, the physical fitness test was done by the Cooper Standards and they put us in our proper age group, but still failed to mention they had a maximum age limit. But nevertheless, good luck to the new hires. I am sure you will do well and wish you the best. Chief Light is an excellent man and you will enjoy working for him. Chief Light, you know who this is lol. Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia.


The 35 age limit is hogwash if you had 15yrs of prior law enforcement, because you would be considered a lateral entry candidate. The 35 age limit is only for new officers (ones without prior work experience). I think you may have been screwed.


Wrong, not all departments accept lateral entry. If it is not written in the Charter it won't be happening. That is why the chief search is inter department only. Read up before you post bad info


Age depends on the person. Not all 22 year olds are mindless twits, just as, not all 50 year olds are wise and mature. It is true in the present day as it was in the past.

The weight and fitness requirements would be the thing I'm more concerned about. In general, many LE and firefighters, other first responders are grossly overweight and out of shape, nationwide.

Good Luck to these officers.


Intense background check? You mean to tell me the one guy with glasses on the weekends was normal before he came here??????????????????????????????

HS Sports Fan

OMG, I know exactly what you mean. Got a good story to tell about when I was leaving Bluto's after the Norwalk-Ontario game in your town. I sure wouldn't be gloating about how good of a job they do hiring. I feel bad for the people in Norwalk you deserve better. I can see why things have gotten out of control there. In baseball if the team is not winning, who do they get rid of first?

J Cooper

After seeing some, not all of the clientele at Bluto's, animal control should be in the area. If you aren't driving impaired or acting like a fool, you won't have negative contact with NPD.

HS Sports Fan

You are wrong and have no idea what happen. I don't drink and at my age I am sure not acting like a fool. I don't have to live in that town and you guys have to deal with it daily. If your happy, that's all that counts.

J Cooper

I am happy living in Norwalk, and have had only positive contact with NPD. I have seen some of the crew at local drinking holes and know how they act and how they put the law abiding citizens at risk by driving away.


Fitness guidelines need to be compulsory for L.E. Watch......just as tobacco, so too will be out of shape/overweight. Public servants must be healthy.


@starryeyes83 & kURTje...I agree with both of you on the fitness the military they have a PRT..which involves running,push-ups,sit ups...and body measurements...these are enforced every month for you duration...I believe this town may enforce it every yr IF.....just my opinion...all you have to do is look at them and or the sherif Dept.


It has to be in the contract to be enforced. At a minimum an officer can be expected to perform at a 50% standard of their age/sex which is line with OPOTA standards

Kottage Kat

Dane Howard
A prime example of physically fit.
A few push ups needed?? Perhaps