Suspect, sheriff, NPD take turns choosing seized vehicles

Choosing vehicles was the name of the game Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of the Huron County Sheriff's Office. To be more accurate, it was the culmination of a deal between Willard defendant Jose E. Hernandez's attorney and Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler. Hernandez chose a vehicle, followed by Sheriff Richard Sutherland and then the Norwalk Police Department, represented by Officer Seth Fry, until all 31 vehicles were dispersed.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Choosing vehicles was the name of the game Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

To be more accurate, it was the culmination of a deal between Willard defendant Jose E. Hernandez's attorney and Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler. Hernandez chose a vehicle, followed by Sheriff Richard Sutherland and then the Norwalk Police Department, represented by Officer Seth Fry, until all 31 vehicles were dispersed.

"My attorney talked to him (Leffler) and they made this deal," Hernandez said before the process started.

"He's going to get dibs on the first vehicle he wants," Sutherland also said beforehand. "This is a first time deal for us."

Authorities seized the vehicles, 200 car titles and about $24,000 in cash when they used two search warrants simultaneously Sept. 5 at Hernandez's home and Townline Road 12.

Hernandez, 36, of 24 Motson St., was sentenced March 7 to three years of probation and fined $3,000 for three misdemeanor counts of attempted transfer of motor vehicles without a certificate title. The court suspended a six-month jail term.

He faces a May 6 trial on two counts of prohibition of incomplete, false and fraudulent returns, both fifth-degree felonies. Leffler said the court "is about to place him on diversion" in connection with failing to file tax returns for two years.

Before the vehicle disbursement, Sutherland contacted Huron County Commissioner Ralph Fegley and Carl Essex of the Huron County Engineer and Highway Department. The sheriff chose vehicles for his office and several county agencies to possibly use. The commissioners started evaluating when and how to replace various vehicles with high mileage and maintenance costs this year.

"It's been on the back-burner for a couple years," Sutherland said.

Essex, the county engineer's assistant, called Thursday's arrangement "one of the oddest settlements of a criminal case ever experienced in Huron County" in an e-mail message.

Sutherland ultimately chose about five cars with the rest being pickup trucks and vans.

The sheriff estimated about half of the vehicles he acquired Thursday are in good condition. He explained that some have "motors that have seized up" while others won't start.

"They are such an eye sore," Sutherland said.

"I know there are vehicles out there that aren't worth anything. They'll be taken to the junkyard and sold," the sheriff continued. "That money will be turned over to the general fund."

Hernandez described how he acquired the vehicles, which have been parked at the sheriff's office since mid-September.

"I was working with a guy with a license. He didn't fill out the right forms. He tricked me. He made me believe I could sell and buy vehicles," he said.

Investigators, in mid-September, accused Hernandez of buying multiple vehicles illegally using other people's names without their permission. On Thursday, Hernandez said he didn't intend to avoid "doing the proper thing."

Leffler said the vehicle disbursement may have to be redone because he gave "specific instructions" in open court about Hernandez and authorities getting a 50/50 split.



I can think of a good way to disburse some of these vehicles if they are being given away. There are a lot of single parent,low income ladies with children, who could use a car. How 'bout it Sheriff? Be a humanitarian with seized vehicles.


How can this be legal? Shouldn't the cars have been auctioned off and the money gone to the areas of the county that need money instead of asking for taxes to be raised. This feels like taking from the evidence room and trying to make it legal.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

The police here in the UK have regular stop and search campaigns to remove illegal cars of the roads (no road tax, no insurance and unroadworthy vehicles). No if`s or but`s as excuses the cars are sent straight to be crushed, even expensive vehicles if they are illegal.

swiss family

"babyboomer" please let me make sure that i understand your math..

you are saying now that on top of the free medical service that the county provides for single, low income ladies with children, and on top of all of the free milk, cheese, and cereal, that the county provides to your child, which we all know, that you and others eat as well,in addition to all of that, plus on top of financial help for your housing.. you think that it would be, or should be, a consideration to also give you a car?????? are you kidding me!!! why should anyone provide anything for these irresponsible women, who produce children, like "pez" dispensers, with no responsibility for the provision of their care!!!

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i would suggest that instead of looking for your next hand out for a vehicle.. why don't you stand in line for birth control?? that way we wouldn't have to keep giving you more and more.. and at the same time, instead of being appreciative for what we are giving you, you are trying to figure out how you can take more!!!!!!


swiss family... i totaly agree with you. why should us WORKING" people keep GIVING to the ones who opt to live off the welfare system. when my car stops working, i either put more money into fixing it or BUYING a different one. i too am sick and tired of giving to these losers!!!


Those vehicles most definitely should be sold at auction. This definitely sounds illegal. Only in Huron County can it be legal to take evidence and do whatever you want with it. Unbelievable. I wonder what would happen if the state attorney generals office found out what you thieves are doing. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

David Deerest.

So, once again, I don't see where babyboomer said they wanted the car specifically for them. Where does it say that? I think they were referring to an idea they had, the right thing to do as a suggestion. Swiss, why do you put words in people's mouth?


Well swiss, I guess you found out all about me didn't you? So I may as well reveal myself.

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So now you know!

On the other hand,I'm ashamed to know that there are people out there that have so much more than poor people that kick them when someone throws them a crumb. You're ready to pounce on them with your claws bared. So much for brotherly love.

swiss family

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djrimmer: old codswallop? LOL!! It sounds atrocious! She needs to get checked for AADD (Adult Attention Defecit Disorder) is more like it!

David Deerest.

I only made it through 1 paragraph of the rubbish swiss was spouting off about. I just read DaveR.'s and babyboomer's reply and I got it. Congratulations, Babyboomer! It's a girl? Boy? Either way, it's all yours. DaveR. and I are still recovering from our old wounds, being "spinless simoles" it's a long, slow recovery process. It may take months for us to heal.

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swiss family

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why not auction off the cars left? i think the general fund will take in more cash then sending them to a scrap yard.there are folks who have mechanical knowledge that maytake those unworthy cars and and make use of them,just a thought.

David Deerest.

Good Lord, swiss. Grow up! What a fool you are.