Zero deaths on Interstate 75 during 'The I-75 Challenge'

Authorities made 18 arrests involving driving while intoxicated.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 5, 2014


The Ohio State Highway Patrol teamed up with law enforcement officials from Florida to Michigan along the Interstate 75 corridor for The I-75 Challenge on March 28 -30. This high visibility enforcement initiative resulted in zero people killed along I-75.

During the effort troopers in Ohio handled out 102 safety belt violations, 642 speed citations and made 18 OVI arrests.

“Multi-state partnerships like this one, illustrate the true value of working together to make each respective state a safer place to live, work and travel,” said Colonel Paul A. Pride. “But we still have work to do – there are far too many people losing their lives on our roadways.”

The I-75 Challenge was spearheaded by the Florida Highway Patrol, and brings together state and local law enforcement from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

In 2014 the Ohio State Highway Patrol is partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the Governors Highways Safety Association to implement combined highway safety law enforcement campaigns, like More Cops. More Stops. and the Drive to Save Lives campaigns to reduce fatalities nationwide. #StayingAliveon75 #Drive2SaveLives


hit the road jack

Its all about the money,If they really want to stop the madness on the roads they'd pick up the idiots who change lanes 5 times in 1/2 mile and then cut someone off to drive through the grass trying to hit the exit ramp and the whole time NEVER use a turn signal on top of driving 80+ MPH.

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That's crazy talk....They'll never do that when you can shake a guy down for thousands when he's had 3 beers.