A little spring cleaning needed

Commissioner says Huron County has too much junk.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 8, 2014


The Huron County commissioners are doing their own version of spring cleaning.

"We have too much junk that has just been sitting around the offices or at the barn by the dog warden's office for years," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said. "We're on a mission to clean up the county."

It started last week when the board approved a pair of resolutions involving the sheriff's office.


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I would agree that there's a lot of waste sitting around in county offices


And they are not all inanimate.


Earlduck: I totally agree /w you about waste sitting around in county offices. Clean up should start @ 255 Shady Lane /w 301 first.

swiss family

I know this is somewhat of topic, but I was waiting for the Reflector to put up the article, allowing us to put our opinions up about it, but if you want to talk about "wasteful junk" did you see that the "NEDC" Uptown organization , formed to be cheerleaders for Norwalk and bring businesses to Norwalk was just awarded a QUARTET OF A MILLION DOLLAR GRANT to improve and update the building that they just bought????? wouldn't it have been cheaper to build a building from the ground up??? have they even brought in a quarter of a million worth of jobs in the past , oh, say, 5 years, compared to have lost a quarter of a million dollars worth of tax revenue created by the loss of jobs LEAVING our area?????if you look at their "backers" and "board" they proudly name a local "restorer" and "developer" on their board.. I wonder if he will be awarded the contract and the money to do this work, and the quarter of a million dollar paycheck to do so?????