Local boy in critical condition after being injured by falling tree

Victim flown from Huron County accident scene to trauma center in Toledo.
Cary Ashby
Apr 3, 2014


A Greenwich-area boy sustained serious injuries in a chainsaw-related incident this weekend.

Peyton Parlett remains in critical condition in isolation in the pediatric intensive care unit of Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Sunday's incident, which was reported at 2:37 p.m., sent the victim to the Toledo trauma center by a LifeFlight helicopter.

North Central EMS workers requested assistance from LifeFlight for a chainsaw-related incident, Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Patrick said the Tri-Community Joint Fire District was dispatched to the scene, but the sheriff's office didn't send a deputy.

Fire Chief David Seidel said firefighters established a landing zone for a medical helicopter and Parlett apparently had serious injuries.

A person close to the family said Parlett was injured by a falling tree.



Will be praying for him

Seen it All

Sending prayers to boy.

To the author of story: "A person close to the family said Parlett was injured by a fallen tree." I believe if the tree had already fallen on the ground, the child wouldn't of been severely hurt.

Your neighbor

Don't you think that sentence was to let other people know what happened!


The point was a fallen tree is on the ground and doesn't pose much of a threat to get hurt. A falling tree (author changed to falling) and being in its path poses a helluva threat to being hurt.


The first sentence is misleading since it makes one think he was injured by the chain saw and not the tree.


I thought he was injured from the chainsaw too.


Good God people...you're arguing over incorrect English!

I hope the boy and his family will get through this ok...prayers for them.


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Race bating again eh?


No. They said they would not go to the new Mexican Restraunt unless white people were working there.