Sen. Brown says 5 million Ohioans will benefit from ObamaCare

About 1.3 million previously uninsured Ohioans will now have new health insurance options through either private health plans available for purchase in the Marketplace or through Medicaid.
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Apr 3, 2014


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, more than 5 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage or charged higher premiums.

On Tuesday, Brown applauded the administration’s announcement that more than seven million Americans have enrolled for insurance through the new health care marketplace.

Monday marked the last day for Americans to seek health insurance before the first enrollment period deadline expired, leading to a surge of citizens of all backgrounds enrolling online, or through a navigator, to ensure that they too can be covered. With states yet to report their enrollment numbers, the final tally is expected to be even larger, Brown said, calling it a victory for the health law which he says has already helped millions of Ohioans be healthy and better protected.

Brown said 5,053,000 Ohioans with pre-existing conditions, including up to 643,000 children, will no longer be denied coverage or charged higher premiums. Brown said 1,355,000 previously uninsured Ohioans will now have new health insurance options through either private health plans available for purchase in the Marketplace or through Medicaid.

“Today’s announcement is excellent news for the health and well-being of our citizens,” Brown said. “It means that seven million Americans — and counting — can live healthier, better protected lives. But we shouldn’t stop. The health law has already helped millions of Ohioans receive quality care at an affordable price. There are millions more who should take advantage of this opportunity to benefit themselves and their families.”

Brown said between 2011-2013 more than three million individuals gained coverage for at least one free preventive health care service such as a mammogram or immunization. Brown went on to say in 2013, more than 212,000 Ohio seniors and persons with disabilities have saved nearly $205 million on prescription drugs, with an average discount per beneficiary of $964.

“In fact, since the health law was enacted, Ohioans with Medicare have saved nearly $500 million on prescription drugs overall,” Brown said. “About 2,079,000 Ohioans have benefited from expanded mental health and substance use disorder benefits.”

He said 97,000 young adults have gained health insurance because they are now allowed to stay on their parents’ health plans until the age of 26. Brown said because annual and lifetime caps have been eliminated, individuals no longer have to worry about their health benefits being cut off.

Brown said Ohio’s about 200 health center sites have received $128,429,000 to improve both their care and their facilities for patients, including the 495,000 Ohioans who received care at a health center in 2012, and because the health law mandates that the dollars Ohioans pay for health insurance are used for their medical care—rather than for executive bonuses and insurance ad campaigns, insurance companies have sent rebates to approximately 6,300 Ohioans, worth an average of $133 per family.


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but I thought only 7.1 million signed up nation wide? wow Ohio really did well!! (sarcasm off) Sen Brown pander your crap elsewhere. If you want your BS you can keep your BS Period! Oh I forgot our dear leader said we cant talk about this anymore, ha ha like we take orders from a hack community organizer


The article says 5 million Ohioans will be affected by the ACA, not 5 million signed up. It's literally right there in front of you. Does your political party not allow you to read? Because if you actually read a little, you'd quickly discover that the ACA is working in all the aspects it was intended to.


no its not and your a fool to believe that this law is working. So tell me whats going to happen when all these young people don't buy into this? It collapses! And don't you find it ironic the obummer administration wont reveal who has paid, who had insurance before, how many young and how many Medicaid? And by the way you libs want the government out of your uterus but yet you want them to control your healthcare? Also for being the party of pro choice why cant I choose my own health coverage?


you're* a fool

And what do you mean when "people don't buy into this?" 7.1 million people have 'bought' into this, myself included. I'd say that's quite a lot.

"And don't you find it ironic the obummer administration wont reveal who has paid, who had insurance before, how many young and how many Medicaid?" Well those things are protected by the Freedom of Information Act of 1986. The Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 which deals with the Availability of Public Records in Ohio states that the following (and much more) can not be requested via a FOIA request: medical records; records maintained by the department of job and family services pursuant to section 3121.894 of the Revised Code; and lastly financial statements and data any person submits for any purpose to the Ohio housing finance agency or the controlling board in connection with applying for, receiving, or accounting for financial assistance from the agency, and information that identifies any individual who benefits directly or indirectly from financial assistance from the agency. You obviously didn't pay much attention in your government class in high school.

"And by the way you libs want the government out of your uterus but yet you want them to control your healthcare?" Don't label me as being affiliated with any political party. I'm not. I support the ACA, that doesn't mean I'm a liberal or democrat.

"Also for being the party of pro choice why cant I choose my own health coverage?" You can. On top of the several options that you may choose from via the Marketplace, you can certainly choose to receive health insurance from any health insurance company you desire.

Any other questions?


what about YOU ARE FORCED TO BUY don't you understand? And if you don't you get fined! It should be my choice what coverage I want, not what the government tells me! This is America not Europe. Im sick and tire of the government wanting mine to give to someone else. I worked hard to get where im at, but yet you think its ok for them to take it. To hell with obamacare and this entire administrations attempt to screw the taxpayer every time you turn around. Fact- obamacare was sold on NOT being a tax, well what is it now? A TAX. It was sold on keeping what you had- well we all know that was a lie, You were told you can keep your doctor- yeah we seen that's not true, so you go ahead and support a law that was sold on lie after lie, so whos the dumb one? You are. So go graze with the rest of the sheep and close your eyes to the obvious, this man is a lying piece of filth that should be impeached and locked up for crimes against American citizens.


You never said anything about being mandated to get insurance. "It should be my choice what coverage I want." It still is. You can choose whatever coverage you want- but now the only difference is that there are now options provided by the government in addition to the private companies, and you have to pick one.

"Fact- obamacare was sold on NOT being a tax." What does that even mean? Also, please post the source for this info.

It makes me sad that there are people living in this country as selfish as you are. You value your stupid money more than the health of others. You're disgusting.


You really need to go back and see about the tax thing. He stated it was not gonna be a tax, then the supreme court said it was so your fact is debunked.

In my opinon

I agree with you 100%, people are greedy and selfish. This law is going to lower insurance rates for people because it is mandated that you have insurance and if you don't get it you can be fined just like driving with out car ins. The IRS isn't going to come after you but can take it from your tax refund like child support for dead beat dads only this is for dead beat insurance carriers. Because 26 republican Coverers said it was unconditional and wanted it repealed the supreme court ruled it as an income tax because your premiums are based on your income. The AHCA is a good thing long over due. In a few years when it is up and running smoothly it won't be known as Obamacare. Most negative posts on here don't understand what this law is. Only post what they have heard from Fox News. I am saving on my premiums.


Sure.. keep on believing that?
The most expensive things in life are those that are shielded by the word FREE.
Nothing is free or lower.. Tell me 1 government plan that has EVER had cost go down?


Further down you said you "went to the emergency room" and blabbed about your care. Then in same paragraph said how that was the first time you seem a doctor for a NON-emergency.??.
That is the very reason why health care cost got so expensive is folks going to ER for Non Er help.
and just when was the USA EVER turning away ANYONE for health care..?
You supporters are only seeing the tree not the smokey forest.
You are giving up your end of life services for some free fluff stuff now, like birth control..

My premiums have not gone up lately but i have seen every single bill come to my house so far this year and not a PENNY has been paid by insurance yet, because now with ACA policies i have to 100% meet my deductable! It was never like that before.
Bill was reduced some.
i paid a little toward deduct.
Insurance paid a bulk.
Now as most Americans i will not only pay full premiums, but since my family never really met any FULL deduct for services in past. (Maybe total somewhere around 3-5000 in total pay outs.) I will be on the hook for premium and full deductable. Extra 3-5 out of my household disposable..which now means i will not be supporting any local businesses i will just be eating at home

I want to pay my way thru life while i am young and working and want the end of life extension treatments when older. You need to read much more on how this is going to pan out.
then seriously ask yourself

Just why this if so GREAT for all, why was it forced by law?
Wouldn't it have just happened on it's own merit?


I went to the ER for my non-emergency because I haven't had health insurance in years and therefore don't have a regular doctor to do go. I'm also new to the area, so I especially don't have a personal doctor yet that I can call up and schedule an appointment.
And no it would not have happened on its own merit due to greedy/selfish people that don't want to help others, and ignorant people that don't bother to look into the facts and instead only listen to anecdotal evidence and some stay-at-home mom's blog.


this guy looks like Alfred E Neuman,he is really a diphit as well as a socialist liar


Brown is a douche bag and lier. yes a few have the insurance for free since we work for them. The others premiums are outrageous, out of pocket is unbelievable and all the good plans are now gone all because obama

In my opinon

Republicans know what polls show — that most Americans don’t know what’s in ObamaCare
Before you talk about a subject you seem to know nothing about you should read up on what the Affordable Care Act is.
1. ACA allows young Americans to stay on their parents’ insurance plans
2. ACA bans insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions
3. ACA offers tax credits to small businesses to buy insurance
4. ACA requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance
5. ACA provides subsidies to help individuals afford coverage
It is NOT free insurance. Try watching a news channel besides Fox who is owned by Rupert Murdock who has a net worth of 12.5 Billion. He is the greedy corporate mogul who wants more money through tax breaks for the wealthy. Wouldn't you like a break?


I agree with you 100%.


The dumb is so strong around here. We should be bashing this guy because he thinks even poor people should have access to healthcare. How dare he! It makes so much more sense the old way; make the poor get their treatment free at the emergency room! No way should we try to make insurance affordable. I don't care if Obamacare was a conservative idea; a liberal made it happen, so it's bad!


We all would like everyone to have healthcare, but NOT BY FORCING THE REST OF US TO PAY FOR OTHERS WHILE WE LOSE OURS! Not to mention this plan costs trillions and is ineffective!
Get it you elitist liberal Obama minion?


And why are you losing yours? Forcing insurance companies to spend money on healthcare instead of profits? You've obviously forgotten that Obamacare was a conservative idea, championed all throughout the 90's by republicans. If allowing myself to THINK for myself makes me elitist, then I'm guilty as charged. You can keep sipping the Kool-Aid.


Conservatives have basically no power (until we take over the Senate) nor is the President a conservative.
This is Obama and his administration who has forced this into law. You and your ilk are in for a rude awakening. Wake up. And do yourself a favor, please don't spout your rhetoric in public, I would be embarrassed for you :)


Hate to sound 'elite,' but I'm pretty sure you have no business at the grown-up table.


So immature comments such as what you just posted means you belong at the grown up table?


As opposed to yours? Yes.

In my opinon

M table is open to you anytime, thumb up!


As a matter of FACT, (I realize that's a foreign concept for your kind), the ACA is already saving the U.S. money, and over the next 20 years it is expected to save us trillions of dollars, which can go towards paying down the deficit or into education or science/research, etc. It's also quite effective in the other four areas that it was intended, one of which being higher quality care for all. Do some research and look into the actual facts, and steer clear of non peer-reviewed, non-academic articles that were written by stay-at-home-moms on their blogs.


I think maybe you should do some research. A little background, 30 yrs in the health care business, Master of Public Administration/Health Policy. The fact is that even the CBO through their own research refutes what you are saying, so either you are reading outdated academic studies or you are making things up. The CBO reports that the ACA will cost the taxpayers $710 billion through 2019. To be fair the report also says that it will reduce the deficit, however the CBO can't seem to figure out by how much, which in my mind means they either do not know, or they are unsure so they are playing the fence. The only way we will ever know is by watching to see how this policy pans out. If you want my personal opinion I believe it was meant to fail. The politicos in DC want it to fail so they can say they've tried a market based system and it failed so now we are going to single payer. I can tell you through reading the ACA in its entirety that I have never seen a policy so poorly written. If it is successful it will be a miracle. One things for sure even Obama is starting to have doubts as proven by the number of controversial waivers he has approved.


I appreciate that you actually take the time to look into the actual figures of these policies, however as of February 24, 2014, the CBO's most recent figures show that repealing the law could increase deficits by $1.7 trillion over the next 10 years.

In my opinon

Republicans said the same thing about Social Security and Medicare.


Wow,! Now the waiting time in The ER is only 6 hrs. Before when the Medicaid People came to The Er it was one hour, I thought you had to buy insurance or is there that many more Medicaid People Eligible ? We might as well not have any Senators. They always vote opposite,we never have a voice. They are both worthless. Portman was against same sex marriage until his son became a Homo !

In my opinon

Sounds like you may have issues with people wether it be their financial status, race or sexual preference. In my opinion you need to learn what the ACA really is before condemming it.


Where are you getting this information that the wait time in the ER is 6 hours? Which ER? No one with an IQ over 70 should believe you unless you post the source, and it be a legitimate source.