Sen. Brown says 5 million Ohioans will benefit from ObamaCare

About 1.3 million previously uninsured Ohioans will now have new health insurance options through either private health plans available for purchase in the Marketplace or through Medicaid.
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Apr 3, 2014


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, more than 5 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage or charged higher premiums.

On Tuesday, Brown applauded the administration’s announcement that more than seven million Americans have enrolled for insurance through the new health care marketplace.

Monday marked the last day for Americans to seek health insurance before the first enrollment period deadline expired, leading to a surge of citizens of all backgrounds enrolling online, or through a navigator, to ensure that they too can be covered. With states yet to report their enrollment numbers, the final tally is expected to be even larger, Brown said, calling it a victory for the health law which he says has already helped millions of Ohioans be healthy and better protected.

Brown said 5,053,000 Ohioans with pre-existing conditions, including up to 643,000 children, will no longer be denied coverage or charged higher premiums. Brown said 1,355,000 previously uninsured Ohioans will now have new health insurance options through either private health plans available for purchase in the Marketplace or through Medicaid.

“Today’s announcement is excellent news for the health and well-being of our citizens,” Brown said. “It means that seven million Americans — and counting — can live healthier, better protected lives. But we shouldn’t stop. The health law has already helped millions of Ohioans receive quality care at an affordable price. There are millions more who should take advantage of this opportunity to benefit themselves and their families.”

Brown said between 2011-2013 more than three million individuals gained coverage for at least one free preventive health care service such as a mammogram or immunization. Brown went on to say in 2013, more than 212,000 Ohio seniors and persons with disabilities have saved nearly $205 million on prescription drugs, with an average discount per beneficiary of $964.

“In fact, since the health law was enacted, Ohioans with Medicare have saved nearly $500 million on prescription drugs overall,” Brown said. “About 2,079,000 Ohioans have benefited from expanded mental health and substance use disorder benefits.”

He said 97,000 young adults have gained health insurance because they are now allowed to stay on their parents’ health plans until the age of 26. Brown said because annual and lifetime caps have been eliminated, individuals no longer have to worry about their health benefits being cut off.

Brown said Ohio’s about 200 health center sites have received $128,429,000 to improve both their care and their facilities for patients, including the 495,000 Ohioans who received care at a health center in 2012, and because the health law mandates that the dollars Ohioans pay for health insurance are used for their medical care—rather than for executive bonuses and insurance ad campaigns, insurance companies have sent rebates to approximately 6,300 Ohioans, worth an average of $133 per family.


By Frank Lewis - The Portsmouth Daily Times, Ohio (MCT)

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lmao so it is Bush's fault....News Flash, Fuhrer Obama and his comrades have been in office for six years, bringing 8T to 17T and tripling those on food stamps - you liberals and this administration own this!


far as i know outsourcing to mexico and china have been menial no skill jobs


Key point being: "far as i know."


oh betrump that was just mean spirited are you sure you're not a republican


Betrump wants to puff out his chest and point out how well the stock market is doing and then demagogue about the greedy money makers. Sounds kinda hypocritical.


Nah, just pointing out YOUR hypocrisy. Reich wing nutbags claim he's a socialist, but how would the wealthy just keep getting more and more wealthy in a socialist country? How are corporations making billions in profits? Someone is using words they don't understand.

Dr. Information

The unaffordable care act.

believe it

Obama is a socialist. He wants everyone to be equal. He wants those that work harder to get degrees and work their way up to make more money to be on the same level as someone that does none of those things.

Dr. Information

You hear the same old hogwash from the left:

Facts are: If you pull the plug on the Fed pumping 80+ billion into the economy each month, the stock market would fall and fall hard. This is exactly why this administration will not do that.

Facts are: This administration now owns nearly 1/2 of the Iraq and Afghanistan war debt. Both parties are equally to blame.

Facts are: Having a 4 year degree doesn't automatically mean you get a job. I know plenty of my friends who have kids that are taking cupcake courses and getting a cupcake degree that puts them in a horrible spot once reality hits.

If everything was so GOOD about Obamacare, then why the delays, why the 50 something odd changes to it, why the exemptions, WHY?

Because its a polished turd of a bill that was never fully read by anyone in the Democratic party, voted on and passed by true party politics.

I have not had one single person say to my face that Obamacare has lowered their insurance costs. Matter of fact its been the complete opposite and we are talking about working, middle class friends of mine.


I challenge anyone from the Democratic party to actually listen to Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Carney.

Mr. Carney (who is the WH puppet) just said not to long ago that the people who had lost their insurance due to the ACA was a such a small % of our population, that we shouldn't focus on that very very small number because its really not important. This number was around 2-3%.

He then said in the next sentence that Americans should be focusing on the number of those who now have insurance. Which if you again use the same populace of the USA as mentioned in his previous comment, is around 5%.

So how can the 2-3% of Americans who lost their insurance be such a minute number that we should simply ignore, yet on the other hand (using the same numbers) celebrate the now 5% covered via the ACA as a victory?

We as a county should be ashamed at our leadership.