FBI seeks help finding sexual predator

Suspect accused of being involved with the exploitation and sexual abuse of a child victim.
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Apr 3, 2014


The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in locating an individual known to them only as “John Doe 28,” who is alleged to be involved with the exploitation and sexual abuse of a child victim.

The video containing John Doe 28 first came to the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in November of 2012. John Doe 28 is described as a white male, possibly in his 30s or 40s, with a receding hairline and wearing wire-framed glasses.

Additional images relevant to the investigation include those depicting the subject and the child victim inside a residence with what appears to be a blue sofa chair and a picture hanging on a wall in the background. Additionally, the subject is wearing a burgundy T-shirt with what appears to be a shark logo on the left side.

There is no specific indication as to his current location, therefore the FBI is launching the campaign nationwide that includes a “Seeking Information” poster with photographs of the individual. The direct address for the poster depicting the photo of the suspect is http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/ecap/unknown-individual-2/view.

If you have any information concerning this case, contact a Crimes Against Children Investigator at your local FBI office, or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.


Frank Lewis - The Portsmouth Daily Times, Ohio (MCT)

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JMOP's picture

Sick F*er!


I say if anyone sees him, they should just announce on the street outside his house that he is wanted by the FBI for hurting little kids and let the neighborhood do what they did to Richard Ramirez, but not let him walk away or get arrested by the police...


Great idea! Let's pass out pitchforks and lynch him! We don't need a justice system. It's obvious he's guilty!


The FBI has posted this nation wide. I am sure that they have him in pictures that show more than a blue chair and hanging picture in it. Ya..let's hand out pitch forks..people like this have no use for anything on this earth. If you think the FBI put a nation wide APB out on someone like this, because he "might" have done something bad, then you need to put your head back in the sand. If he goes through the justice system he will be sitting better than a lot of elderly, poor children and mentally ill people in this country. Sometimes-in my opinion-barbaric justice is needed. This is one of those times. So ya- my Richard Ramirez statement will stand.


People like you scare me. According to you we just need to throw the constitution out, and become socialist. then we won't have to worry about due process and innocent until proven guilty,legal search and seizure, the right to bear arms etc.

JMOP's picture

Not socialist when it comes to hurting children. Believe me, if someone hurt my children like this sicko, I'd take justice in my own hands, then I'll let my peers and the judicial system decide my punishment.


Based off the information they have given us - you cannot see anything or make any assumptions about the individual. Would everyone's mind change if they found out the victim was 17 and with the guy voluntarily? Hurting a child DOES deserve the severest punishment in the world - but, they have given us so little to go off. My comment above is the only reason I still say - you have to have all of the facts before you can start determining someone's fate.

JMOP's picture

True as to not giving enough facts. What state does he live in, is this a kidnapped child or his own.
Isn't that the child on his lap in the blue? The picture seems cut off for a reason.


What we're all expected to conclude here is: He's a man. He's guilty.