Drug dealer gets probation

Norwalk man also fined $250.
Cary Ashby
Apr 7, 2014


A Norwalk man convicted of selling drugs was put on probation Wednesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Cody Jenkins, 22, of 408 S. Old State Road, Apt. 31, received three years of probation. He also was fined $250 and ordered to reimbursethe Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) $70 and pursue his GED.

Judge Jim Conway also sentenced Jenkins to a 90-day jail sentence on the work-release program.

Jenkins pleaded guilty in early February to one count of trafficking in oxycodone for a Jan. 23, 2013 transaction involving a confidential informant. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed a second, similar charge in connection with an incident the next day.

The defendant is subject to random drug screens and must undergo substance abuse treatment. If he violates the terms of their probation, he would face one year in prison.


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swiss cheese kat

Attention drug dealers, we citizens have had enough. You have been warned.


the government however, does not care. as long as it is a source of revenue..


He got work release. Last I checked dealing drugs wasn't considered a real job.


Just seen him at Walmart yesterday with some friends that also looked like real winners, knew him growing up seemed like a pretty good kid. Drugs sure do change people for the worst!!