Check thief denied drug intervention, pleads guilty

Norwalk woman eligible for prison term but prosecutors, in exchange for guilty plea, have agreed not to seek it.
Cary Ashby
Apr 3, 2014


A judge turned down a defendant's motion for drug intervention Wednesday.

However, Megan R. Wiseman, 25, of 200 Benedict Ave., pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in exchange for prosecutors dismissing one count of forgery. Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the state also agreed not to seek a prison term even though Wiseman is legally eligible.

The defendant's conviction is for a June 21 checks-related incident.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said the case came to the attention of the Norwalk Police Department when Wiseman attempted to cash a $200 check that appeared to be stolen. Police, who were called by bank officials, interviewed bank employees, Wiseman and the 73-year-old account holder.

Wiseman and another suspect were at the victim's home when she left the room and while her purse remained behind, they ripped six checks out of the woman's checkbook, Kasper said. Officers searched Wiseman's purse at the bank and found two more checks. Kasper said the defendant admitted to stealing the checks and forging one of them for $200.

She will be sentenced May 8.

Currently, Wiseman is serving a 30-day sentence at the Huron County Jail for a probation violation. Jail records indicate her original conviction is driving under the influence.

Wiseman, who will be released Friday, is prohibited from having any association or communication with the victim in the felony case.



Wow she will never grow up!


Ok Cary Ashby is this being fully accountable for all her action, for pete sake she is stealing from the elderly. that is IMO is abuse of the elderly.Taking advantage of them.
Wiseman is legally eligible for prison, and they don't want her sent there to pay for her crime of theft? Ok she pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. and that is suppose to pay for her forgery? as well as the abuse of the elderly? And you have a nerve to question me on why I think plea dealing is a bunch of whooy,And you feel because they plead guilty to one crime it makes it alright? That's like saying I beat the heck out of someone and they died shot another person,and robbed a store but I'm only pleading guilty to assault because it was plead down. An eye for and eye Mr Ashby, she should be made to pay for all of her crimes, No more No less. And to make sure you know. I don't think eye for and eye mean revenge, but it means to be held fully accountable for all of your actions. And apparently probation means nothing to her , as she is serving jail time for violating it.


Elimination of plea bargaining would require about 1100 court days per year to try the approx 300 felonies per year that are prosecuted in huron county. The full time Common Pleas judge sits 240 days per year. To provide judges for 1100 court days of Criminal trials alone would require 5 Judges plus courtrooms and staff. Add Grand juries,arraignments, pretrials and the other proceedings involved. The costs would be huge and probably be impossible for taxpayers to afford. And it also have other costs in additional prosecutors, public defenders, etc. involved. This problem exists everywhere else also which is why plea bargains dispose of over 95% of all criminal cases nationwide.


I understand the reason for plea bargains, but it seems Norwalk pleas too far down. If they are looking at 15 years they plead out to probation, etc. This is exaggerated but you get my point. Give them a plea to not clog our courts but at least hold them responsible!


Wasp71 - Of course whether or not a plea bargain is a good one is hard for posters like us to evaluate since the state of the evidence is not known to us. Add to the fact that the counties that surround Huron county sentence much more leniently than Huron county does(and the defendants know this as most of them know people in those counties)and that the Defendant and his counsel must agree to the bargain. It's just very hard to tell from our vantage point.


@somescrewy - ????????????????


@ dswwpt, My comment was about another article Cary Ashby commented on what I had to say about how I felt about plea bargaining . Was this what you questioned ?


@somescrewy - OK, gotcha.

Your neighbor

I know the elderly lady she stole the checks from. She should rot in jail. Notice only 3 of the 6 checks were found on her. The other 3 checks were forged and cashed by other people who have not been caught yet. I hope they rot in jail also.


I'm not sure who the bigger scumbag is, Megan or her "baby daddy".


ummm,..megan, where are your eyebrows? no sharpies in jail