Norwalk woman turns down plea deal in 'magic mushroom' case

Defendant expected to take her case to trial next week.
Cary Ashby
Apr 2, 2014


A Norwalk woman has turned down a plea offer from prosecutors and is expected to take her case to trial next week.

Heather M. Hodgkinson, 33, of 107 E. Main St., Apt. 2, is charged with three counts of trafficking in psilocyn in connection with incidents on Sept. 11, 13 and 17, 2012 and will got to trial Tuesday. Psilocyn is the main ingredient in what's commonly called "magic mushrooms."

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, at the beginning of Tuesday's hearing, said the state made a "very generous offer," but Hodgkinson wasn't willing to accept the plea deal. Defense attorney James Joel Sitterly confirmed that was the case, but asked how long the plea agreement was open.

After conferring briefly with Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff, assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker told the judge the plea deal only was available Tuesday.

"Once the plea is off the table, you can always plead to all the charges," Conway told Hodgkinson.

The judge requested the defendant enter a plea before jurors arrived for her trial Tuesday.

Shenker said she planned to file a motion to use Hodgkinson's criminal record against her if she testified. Due to the defendant having a prior felony conviction, she faces as much as six years in prison; Conway said the state had offered a one-year term.




Did anyone catch what the prosecutor said?

No where did she say.. we have hard evidence to convict.....
but rather going after ones past in which to try and discredit...
is this a joke?
is this the way to run a legal process?
is this the NEW norm?


were going to find you guilty by bringing up your past.



Isn't this the one they were going to have to find out if she was competent to stand trial. I thought prior conviction could not be used as each trial was to stand on it's own evidence.Or am I living in a dream world ?


So i guess that others read her statement just as i....
Arrogant prosecutor, ticked off because she couldn't just earn the easy paycheck, and slipped with the tongue and blabbed her true intention of why "she" feels the defendant is guilty and she should have taken the deal..


Unfortunately that mentality extends beyond just Huron county - it impacts people across the country. It has become a game. The prosecutors job is to prove someone is guilty (even if they are not) The lawyer's job is to prove they are innocent (even if they are not). Unfortunately in Norwalk and many other communities - the Prosecution's Team can intimidate the defense - by simply cutting off future opportunities and resources for them. Basically, if you live in Norwalk (9 times out of 10) you are paying a lawyer to get you a plea deal - not a dismissal of charges. It is sad - but true.


The word is psilocybin.

chetbobalowski's picture

You are correct. To be fair to The Reflector reporter, it's such a difficult word to spell. I suppose the paper doesn't have a dictionary budget.


And Ashby probably thought he was being super cool talking about "magic mushrooms", better known as 'shrooms. Silly boy. :)


I just can not still a day later believe the hatred in this prosecutor..
All i hear is "don't you say a word or i will dig up everything you've ever done".
I have always said about this tight nitche town mentality had gotten worst after the 20 yrs living elsewhere. Still shocked at the pure boldness of law, court personnel, police, even the Dmv chickie's got there nose up in the air "i am better than you, just wait" attitude.
If these folks ever had to get out in the real world, with out there last name being of important's or the relationship with the family or friends saga, they would be sunk.