What will become of former Uptown Cafe location?

Stan Obrenovich has "interested parties" for restaurant.
Scott Seitz
Apr 5, 2014


Uptown businessman and building owner Stan Obrenovich said Monday he’s still working hard on finding a new tenant for his 5 E. Main St. location, the site of the former Uptown Cafe.

“I have interested parties,” Obrenovich said, adding he’s spent the past three weeks cleaning the kitchen and until that task is complete, a new tenant is on hold.

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In reference to cleaning up the place, you need to repair the dirt floor in the basement that is used for storage. Its' muddy, the employees had to walk on pallets to prevent of getting muddy.


It is going to be a family style restaurant. Well a restaurant for families. Sort of like a family style restaurant but different.

Oh wait. That is the one on the other end of town.