Local man convicted for assaulting family member

Defendant has long list of charges in Norwalk Municipal Court, including gross sexual imposition, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and aggravated menacing.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Apr 3, 2014


Fredrick Biller was released Monday from a month-long stay in the Huron County Jail after being convicted of assaulting a family member.

Biller, 42, of 5 W. Washburn St. Lot 1, New London, was put in jail on March 1 after police investigated the allegation of assault, New London Police Chief Mike Marko said. Biller was apparently unable to post a $5,000 bond.

He was released about 9 a.m. after the court hearing, a jail spokesperson said.

The assault occurred about 7 p.m. March 1, when Biller tried to take keys out of the victim's purse. He punched the victim in her right shoulder and tried to bite her in the arm, then broke out of a bedroom window, officer Kris Pinkerton said at the time.

Pinkerton searched the village for Biller after the call came in, but couldn't find him until a tipster saw him walking near the intersection of Main Street and Railroad Ave., the officer said.

"I checked him for weapons and took him to the station," Pinkerton said of Biller's apprehension.

Biller initially skirted the truth about the incident but then admitted that he had assaulted the victim. Police charged Biller with domestic violence.

During the interview with Pinkerton, Biller was very remorseful about what he had done, Pinkerton said.

"(Biller) kept saying he wished he didn't hit (the victim)," Pinkerton said.

Meanwhile, back at the residence, the victim was shocked that Biller had attacked her, the officer said. The victim told Pinkerton, "he's never done anything like this before."

During Monday's hearing, Biller was sentenced to 90 days in jail, given credit for the month he has spent in jail and the remainder of the sentence was suspended, Clerk of Courts Pam Boss said.

Biller was placed on probationary sanctions that include no further trouble with the law for two years and was ordered to pay $200 within 90 days, in addition to court costs.

Last month, Biller was cleared on a recent charge of misuse of the 911 system after the prosecutor dropped the case following a mental evaluation, according to court records.

Biller has been the subject of police attention multiple times in the last several months for leaving his home unsupervised by his legal guardian, Helen Searl who is also his mother, according to Marko.

Biller has a long list of charges in Norwalk Municipal Court that includes gross sexual imposition, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and aggravated menacing, according to court records.

The Huron County Department of Job and Family's Division of Adult Protective Services has been assigned to Biller's case, but the department has been mum on details concerning whether he is getting mental assistance through their programs.



This man needs put in a facilty before he really hurts someone or before someone hurts him.Anyone in new london knows this man is unstable and a danger to the community and to himself.


A few months ago the chief was in the paper taking credit for helping him. Obviously you failed to do anything for the guy chief marko. Tough guys with a badge running the small town, thank God there isn't a heroin problem or real crimes to deal with. Over dramatize a situation to make it look worse than it is.


Did you not read the previous articles? There's only so much somebody can do in anybody's shoes. Once it gets so far it's out of their hands. Blame who is dragging their feet I'm not gonna mention who it is but it's not the chiefs fault. He called left messages didn't get returned phone calls and so on. Even Dunlap got involved. Go back and read all the articles.


42 years old? Looks aroung 58.




Whatever happened to a habitual offender law? you rack up enough misdemeanor convictions, voila they're magically turned into felonies? Jeez


I wanted make clear im not blameing the police theres only so much they can do!!!! The courts or some ahgengy needs to put mr biller in a facility to get him help before he hurts someone!

This man has prior sex charges involveing children- has been known to peek in windows- has been kicked out a store for gropeing females.

The problem is this 1 day hes gonnaa seriously harm someone or hes gonna peek in the wrong girls window and some childs father is gonna seriously hurt him.


Obviously the guy has problems, it's sad to see the family struggle to make ends meet. Their living situation was what supposedly being addressed for them. People obviously pass the problem from one agency to another. People shouldn't take credit for things they don't actually follow through until they are completed. In a small town there's plenty of free time to get help for the people who need it, but people love to pass the buck, especially people who lie.


ROB thATS TRUE BUT THE FAMILY HAS PUT ALOT THAT ON THEMSELF HELPS OUT THERE IF YOU LOOK FOR IT. Also they have had chances to move but the mothers more worried bout her dogs then a good home.


with a record like that, he just might be a good candidate for ohio highway patrol..