Beware of Green Dot card scams

Norwalk police offer tips for residents to protect themselves.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 1, 2014


The Franklin County Sheriff's Office recently issued a press release concerning a telephone scam, and local authorities are warning residents to be on guard against similar scams.

It was reported that people would receive a call from someone fraudulently claiming to be a "deputy sheriff." In most of the calls, the scammer demands payment for a fine. The fine ranges anywhere from $500 to $800 and, if unable to pay, they are threatened with 30 days in jail.

In most cases, the intended victims are told to load money on a Green Dot card and give the caller the account information. The scammer then quickly will remove the money from the card before the victim can do anything to stop it.

The Norwalk Police Department reminds everyone to be cautious if they receive any phone calls or e-mails asking for money to be loaded on a Green Dot card or any similar prepaid credit card. The Norwalk police never seek or demand payment of a fine over the phone.

Here are tips to help you avoid being a victim of a scam:

* Don't respond to phone calls, e-mails, faxes or text messages warning of dire consequences if you don't provide sensitive information immediately.

* Do not provide personal information in response to an unsolicited phone call, e-mail, fax or text message, no matter how legitimate it seems.

* Always ask for and wait until you receive written material about any demand for payment.

* Never send money or give out personal information, such as credit card numbers and expiration dates, bank account numbers, dates of birth or Social Security numbers to unfamiliar companies or unknown persons.

* Contact the Norwalk police immediately at (419) 663-6780 if you're unsure of the legitimacy of any phone calls or if you have responded to what you believe may have been a scam.



The same could be said for very aggressive "gas supplier" reps ... Who show up at your door. The last time I had a heck of a time sending him on his way.


A "No Soliciting" and/or "No Trespassing" sign on the front door works wonders.


I have a NO soliciting sign on my front door, it does NOT stop them. And yes some of them will NOT take no for an answer. After I have told them NO, they will then ask for the "MAN" of the house. That really pisses me off. Like I cannot make a decision for my home without my husbands permission? Luckily our local officials have an ordinance that makes them get a permit to be in town to do business. A few of them have been run out of town for not having the proper paperwork. The windows/roof/siding have been removed from town along with the basement/waterproofers.


Lady, You are way too nice.
After you tell them no and they continue then just shut the door.

My signs are on my door and if I don't know the person I don't even answer the door.


Oh I am not being nice. Trust me. This is while I am telling them no, they try and talk over me and ask for my husband. I have gotten better at not answering the door. It is a hard habit to break. The worst part is, I have a beautiful front porch (one of the main reasons I bought my house) I love to sit out in the evenings, they will just walk up and pester the heck out of me. Even after many "NO, I do not want an appointment. NO I do NOT want to change my gas provider. NO I do not want to show you my electric bill (I think they are a scam)" I have told them more than once to leave my property. Like I said, our officials have an ordinance about having a permit to do business such as this in town and our new police chief is enforcing it. I am sure it will make its rounds thru the "soliciting community" that our village is NOT very friendly to their businesses.


I'm sorry you have that much trouble with door to door salespeople and even when you are enjoying being outside.

I haven't had that happen to me yet when outside.
If it does I would ask to see their permit and get their information.
And if they don't have a permit they'll probably skedaddle.
There is also the non-emergency police number if they have no permit and still won't leave.

Lady, May you have wonderful solicit-free spring and summer.


That works wonders if you have a screen door or window, I have a peephole ( pretty much worthless device ) and really, was expecting a repairmen at the time. The kid really caught me off guard, and I do have a "No Proselytizing" sign, now, with some additions attached to it.

I do like to rattle the nerves of the phone fakers , though. I waste their time , they lose money that way.


That is my new joy in life...messing with the phone scammers! LOL


Yes ,I've gotten calls regarding owing a payday loan ? Demanded money on green dot ....scammers !

Dr. Information

If people are dumb enough to fall for this, then maybe they deserve it.


No, no one deserves it, but I could see an elderly person or a mentally challenged person falling for something like this.


I received one of those threatening calls today.if I didn't pay this loan I supposedly taken out I was going to be arrested by sheriff. When I asked for the debt collector's name and number and proof of this debt they informed me that the person I owed money to wants nothing to do with me. Sooooo I called attorney general today and filed complaint and was told this is a scam do not send money or give information out!