Sheriff identifies 'person of interest' sought in raid

Detectives had probable cause about "drug activity taking place" at apartment and suspected drug abusers had been "going in and out" of there, a sheriff's spokesman says.
Cary Ashby
Apr 1, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office has released the name of "a person of interest" who reportedly had been seen at a Norwalk man's apartment which led to a search warrant.

Deputies used a drug-related search warrant at 114 1/2 Benedict Ave., the residence of John Collins, who ultimately wasn't arrested March 25. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said deputies have photographs of another man, Robert Hendricks, 41, being at the apartment.

"We have documentation of Hendricks coming and going from Collins' apartment," Patrick said. "That was some of what led to the search warrant."

Sheriff Dane Howard said the warrant clearly listed that deputies were seeking drug paraphernalia. He said his officers found some suspected items, which Collins said "was for his drug abuse." The sheriff expects Collins to be charged once the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation tests the evidence.

Patrick said detectives had probable cause there was "drug activity taking place" at Collins' apartment and suspected drug abusers had been "going in and out" of there.

"That was the probable cause to get the search warrant," Patrick said. "And drug items were seized."

He said deputies didn't find a lot of drugs March 25, but they reportedly were there. The sheriff's office is having the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation test the items.

One detective has had several dealings with Hendricks, Patrick said, definitely knows who he is.

"He frequented that place," Patrick added, referring to Collins' apartment.

"Our detective knew Hendricks. ... Everybody knew Collins. We knew that wasn't Hendricks in the house (March 25)," he said.

As of press time, Hendricks hadn't been arrested or found.

"He is wanted for questioning associated with this investigation," Howard said. "We want to talk to him."



I thought this Hendricks was related to the Papps, and since Collins lives in the same building, couldn't he be going to visit the Papps and not Collins ? This story is like the energizing bunny.


If they have time to take pictures, why not get him then??? While he was leaving the suspected place??


Known drug users coming and going is NOT probable cause!!!!!!!


As a non-Norwalk resident, why is the sheriff's office spending so much time in Norwalk? They have their own police. Maybe he needs to stop worrying about his next election and start doing some real policing.


Haa Haa, somebody for to do their home work. LOL what a joke.


That's weak

Seen it All

Keep on talking Sheriff and side kick. Show us the warrant, show us you legally searched Mr Collins, instead of coming up with 100 different reasons why we should be OK with it! I don't care WHO you were looking for, WHO you arrested, or that you found 2 pipes in the apartment if you were NOT in there legally!!! Mr Collins could of had a pound of pot on the coffee table, bagging it up for distribution, and I would not care if you did NOT enter his house legally!!! WHY IS THE SEARCH WARRANT UNDER GAG ORDER, if it was done properly!?!?!

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BAM! ^^^^^^

Seen it All



I have this to say to the Sheriff, he who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. Now your talking is the Gag order lifted? Lets see the warrant on the front page of the paper, prove it is legal. If your dream team did this right you have nothing to hide, so quit hiding behind the GAG ORDER! You may charge this man, but if the evidence was taken with out following proper procedures, the evidence will be tossed and he will walk, with county tax payer money in his pocket.
Quit making us taxpayers GAG on your lawsuits and payouts for mistakes made and hidden from us TAXPAYERS! How many have lawsuits have we paid out on, the death at the jail, the accident with Harris, the Accident with Kaufman, and Lyons. Stop enough costing us taxpayers with your lies and dishonesty.


Why is it all the other articles on this topic had the comment section in an uproar but when the question is answered it is shoved in down the line? Is it true that the man listed on the warrant is family to the neighbors who were indeed arrested that night?? Because if that's the case I would presume that the search warrant should intact have been served at the neighbors house not mr. Collins'. In the end the hcso isn't going to admit any wrongdoing. If only sheriff Howard could run a lap around the track as fast as he can run his mouth talking in circles!!!!


I . Love seeing people commenting on this. I'm glad it's being heard. Weather you are for this guy or against him. The cops have done wrong and need to pay for the mistake. If anyone was to kick on your door and do as they did that person or persons would have to pay for what they have done.