Norwalk police nab suspected heroin dealer

Another suspect arrested after being caught leaving Uptown Norwalk apartment.
Aaron Krause
Mar 29, 2014


Authorities have arrested a Norwalk man on heroin-related charges.

On Thursday, Norwalk police detectives and state Highway Patrol authorities executed a knock-and-announce search warrant at 100 1/2 W. Main St. Apt. C.

Kyle Barker, 25, of that address, was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools.

After a two-week investigation, police confirmed Barker was selling and using heroin from that address, according to a police report.

Before the execution of the search warrant, Aaron Arnold was stopped leaving 100 1/2 W. Main St. Apt. C.

Arnold, 26, of 80 Norwood Ave. Apt. 1D, was found to be in possession of heroin and it was learned and later confirmed he purchased the heroin from Barker, police said.

Arnold was arrested and booked into the Huron County Jail for possession of heroin.

"The Norwalk Police Department will continue to target those who choose to abuse and sell illegal or prescription drugs," a press release stated.

Those with information regarding anyone abusing or selling illegal or prescription drugs are encouraged to call the Norwalk Police Department. Information can be left anonymously by calling (419) 663-8958.



There was a young person who died this week of a heroin over dose, I think the ones selling the crap to people when they OD need to face murder charges.And before we get the screamers's there choice, let me ask do you or do you not want to stop the heroin problem and the selling thereof in Huron county.They are selling death to people, and they know that when selling the drug it's not if a person OD's and dies, but WHEN .And if holding a person responsible and charging them with murder for selling something to someone that they know will kill them. Then so be it. To the family I send my heart felt condolences to you, it matters not to me how you lost your child, I feel your pain.


I agree as I also had a old friend die this week from this shiz but really murder for selling then pharmacy should be sued as well for oxys Tylenol or anything else people od on... not saying its wrong to hate these people or the drug but to bust someone for murder is ridiculous any first year rookie lawyer can get somebody outta that...the dealer never told them to take that much nor did they put it in them.

Seen it All

It is happening while we type. Just won't happen here because the prosecutors only know how to "plea out cases" and not how to try them.


Junkie scumbags! I can't stand this crap that's going around this town or the people that get involved with it.

yogi bear

unusual for the state patrol to be involved in a local search warrant


@watched if you can't stand it,move,or change it. When your not part of a solution your part of the problem.I think as a community if we don't like the way a law is or no law at all , we need to go to the people WHOM WE GAVE the power to,who can write the laws and make laws that protect us, and say we need change.I say we need a law that says if a person sells drugs to an individual and they over dose and die , they should be held accountable for murder. I'm not saying it will be changed tomorrow by one person. But I can tell you there is strength in numbers.and if we as a community band together we can go back to the name Huron county NOT heroin county.I know this is going to sound silly right now, but, in the true scheme of things the cops and the courts can't go beyond what is written in the law and constitution. So who do we contact first?


Ok I have moved way out in the sticks but I have family who still resides there and that's a problem to me. The sign entering that town says it is a place for children. Ha no it's not. And they can instill a more harsh punishment than what they do. They choose not to. That town fell apart!


Stop selling your poison !


100-1/2 West Main is "uptown"??

swiss family

to me.. it is not logical to cite the seller with murder if someone OD's after buying their drugs.. if there were no market to buy it, they could not be selling it, and people must be accountable for their own actions... So, with that being said, as much as I would Love to blame the dealers, they would not be selling stuff if there was no market for it.. .Sorry but it is NOT the dealers fault when someone OD's it is the users fault... plain and simple, just as you can NOT blame McDonald's for making you fat, you decided to buy their wares and ingest it, no one made you do it, so the same goes my opinion


@Swiss if I'm drinking and you get in a car with me knowing I'm drunk, and I get in a wreak and kill I go to jail for your death? yes or no? am I held responsible for your death? yes or no ? it was your choice to get in a car with me. I do believe they have an article in the paper about just this thing, someone drinking and driving and killing the occupant

swiss family

"somescrewy".. sadly I see what you are doing.. you are trying to put all of the blame on the dealer, and it seems as no accountability on the user, that is what a good "enabler" does.and you can check with any of the organizations out there that deal with these addictions, AA, or NA etc, and they will tell you that "enabling" a user is NOT a good thing, it is a dangerous and sometimes deadly choice. I am sorry about whatever pain you are dealing with, when it comes to an addict.. it sounds like it did not end well for them. You have to make a choice now.. if you choose to blame the dealer, you will be chasing shadows the rest of your life, trying to track down the person who "caused" the death of your loved one.The real answer is your loved one is the one responsible for their own demise, and the sooner you can lock that into where it needs to be in your thinking, the sooner you will find "peace"


@Swiss with all due respect, I'm not saying the drug addict is not responsible too. What I'm saying is we have to find away to slow this down. And if it means the dealer/seller will face charges like a drunk then lets do it.The ultimate consequence for the user seems to be death. And I'm sure you are well aware of peer pressure,like come on don't be chicken your not going to get hooked if you try it just once. Now let me tell you what a heroin addict told me, when I ask why would you do heroin it is so dumb. now what they said could just be this person, or it could happen to all I don't know. They told me the first time they tried it the high was so incredible, that they wanted to get that kind of high again, and found out you never get that kind of high from it again, and you just keep chasing it, until one day you realize your not taking that dope to get high anymore your taking it so as not to get sick.We as a community need to do something Swiss. we are losing a precious resource. and each one is so unique another can never be born to replace it. King David said in the palms "We are fearfully and wonderfully made. so IMO we are each a unique individual and no one can replace us.All I want is to give our children a chance to live in a place where that sad choice to do drugs and heroin in particular is less than what it is right now.


you are just ignorant for real!!!!!!!!!


Well Ddog89 I don't mind being called ignorant, ignorance just means I'm lacking in knowledge. That means I can learn something yet. Now on the other hand stupid is a choice. Let me ask what has been your choice in life ? I see we have a problem in the area where we live (Huron Co.) I have been Blessed none of my children or grandchildren are addict to drugs, But I do have great grandchildren growing up in this area. why not look for a way to take care of the problem now, so they don't have so many dealers around to make that choice in the future. You know there is an old saying, "Out of sight , Out of mind." and another one I like, " Where there is no wood the fire goes out" So if you feel you can impart some knowledge onto me and help my ignorance I would appreciate it.


My choice in life is not to be around that heroin laced county first off. Second your little quotes do not mean a thing to anyone the fact that you are posting meaningless stuff on a newspaper website shows how ignorant you really are. OOO here let me go post some stuff about my boring life and my underwhelming grandchildren and see how that fairs lol.


Wow this is really sad. I feel terrible for Kyles daughter who has such a low life embarrassment of a parent.With a another child on the way who pray God hasn't been infected with this poison if sharing with mother... What kind of role model can you possibly think your being. It's really disgusting for the kid's that have too grow up in this kind of environment.How can you have any respect for yourself when you're a drug dealing father and raising your kids around this lifestyle.Using and selling, That must be a miserable life to live.Too many worthless fathers and mother's with rights to their kids.I agree the dealers should get serious time with this poison.They know the consequence and continue to live like scum.


@seen it all, Thank you so much for the link, I can only hope it will start happening here in Huron county, as well as all surrounding counties. If we are going to have have a war on drugs, it's time to get things going......This is what we need.........CLEVELAND - Three were convicted of reckless homicide after prosecutors said they helped to arrange a heroin sale that led to a fatal overdose."


with great lawyers to boot lmao