Local heroin dealer given 2-year prison term

Defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced at the same court hearing.
Cary Ashby
Mar 30, 2014


A Willard man pleaded guilty to two drug charges Friday and was sentenced at the same hearing to two years in prison.

Matthew Sweet Sr., 56, most recently of 423 1/2 Euclid St., was convicted of two counts of trafficking in heroin in Huron County Common Pleas Court. The two-year prison term was a joint recommendation between Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff and defense attorney Curtis Koch.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed one count each of trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and tampering with evidence, all in connection with a Sept. 3 incident. Woodruff said the state also agreed not pursue a pending conveyance charge.

Sweet's convictions are for controlled drug transactions, both of which involved a confidential informant. Woodruff said the defendant sold .1 grams of heroin during each of the Aug. 21 and 23 incidents.

"Matthew Sweet was a significant heroin trafficker and user in the Willard area," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said after the defendant was arrested Sept. 9.

Members of the sheriff's office, Willard and Monroeville police departments used a no-knock search warrant in the 700 block of Park Street in Willard. Officers used a "flash-bang" distraction device which created a loud noise outside the residence for their safety.

Authorities seized heroin, 24 suspected ecstasy pills, crack cocaine pipes, numerous syringes and $641 in cash at the scene. Sheriff Dane Howard found Sweet hiding behind a shelving unit.

"Matthew Sweet was also on parole from when authorities executed a 2012 search warrant for heroin at the house," Querin said. "He was convicted on that charge and ordered to start treatment which would have begun (about Sept. 11). That was a program to help him with his addiction."

Sweet is on post-release control. Woodruff said he doesn't know how much time on parole the defendant has hanging over his head, but he told Judge Jim Conway the state will leave it up to prison and/or parole authorities if Sweet will face any additional prison time for the parole violation.

The judged ordered the defendant to forfeit the $641 seized at the time of his arrest and suspended his driver's license for six months.



Only a 2 year reprieve from this seller of death? How many times does this man have to go to prison for selling death, before you realize this is his career,his job.This is how he makes a living by selling death to others. and he has employees. They are the ones who introduce our children to what he has to sell. the line that they might use to get them hooked with, could be,"Hey you need to try this, this is so cool, and you will never find another high like it, come on be part of the cool crowd".IMO Mr Sweet you are a murderer. you sell stuff YOU KNOW will kill our children all for the sake of money to feed your own habit. You are not content to just let heroin kill you, you feel the need to take our children with you. I'm sure you had a decent job once in your life, but you probably thought it didn't pay you enough. But I guess it's kinda hard to work where they drug test you.

swiss family

"somescrewy" I feel bad for you.. I can really hear and feel the pain and anger you have towards these heroin dealers.I will agree they are making a living by dealing to those who CHOOSE to live that lifestyle, But the dealers would NOT be dealers if there was no demand for their jobs. Sadly, the ones who keep the dealers in business are the ones, that you CHOOSE to see as innocents, who are preyed upon, when in reality, although these users might be or have been the nicest most caring people in the world, they also CHOSE to start to use heroin in one form or another.They need to be accountable for their actions. They were probably not forced to try it, I will bet that throughout their school years they were repeatedly warned about the dangers in using it, and yet they CHOSE to do it anyway.

My heart actually bleeds for you, You sound like you are in a lot of pain, possibly having lost a loved one to this s%$t , but you need to focus the anger at the person who used heroin instead of or including the dealers.. if there is no demand, any supply would be worthless..


@Swiss I have been very blessed by GOD I have not had any of my children or grandchildren addicted to drugs But, I have lost a child, and a grandchild,(not to drugs) I think through this loss, it makes me very compassionate and empathetic toward people who experience the loss of a child. because what you learn through this is...... it doesn't matter how they die, dead is dead...your never going to hear their voice again, you will never get to hug them again, Now just out of curiosity how many less dealers would we have if they knew a murder sentence was the consequence for peddling heroin if one of their clients OD'ed and died

swiss family

"somescrewy"... you make a valid point.. and there would probably be a lot less dealers if there were a murder charge on them.. but where do you draw that line of responsibility?? Do you hold the ice cream makers and fast food makers responsible because people eat that and get clogged arteries and die, or become diabetic, or have high blood pressure??? I would say, according to your equation, we would have to... but it is the consumer who chooses to eat that, and the addict who chooses to use that, that might lead to their demise.. I am so sorry for your loss..there is no pain like losing a child or grandchild.. it is beyond imaginable and again I am sorry for your loss..If anything, I do not agree that the dealer should be charged with murder, but I would love to see a much harsher penalty for being a dealer, 2 years is not enough...10 years... now you are getting close.. only for man made chemical substances.. I think pot is a recreational; drug, it is natural and is not too much different that alcohol.. but heroin, speed, etc.. I agree the punishment should be increased, but not the same as a murder charge in my opinion

Yall Make Me Sick

How many chances do this drug dealers get? Until they are charged with murder? Come on Huron County.....WAKE UP!!! This drug is killing the kids.


Well this is a very small step toward the right path. At least someone is actually doing prison for this. Usually they all get a slap on the hand and probation. But these prison sentences need to be longer.