Deputies investigating possible rape of elderly woman

Victim, 89, had bruises on her arms, legs and back.
Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2014


Detectives with the Huron County Sheriff's Office are investigating the possible rape of an 89-year-old rural Willard woman.

The woman was admitted to Mercy Willard Hospital on March 8 and discharged to The Willows in Willard five days later.

On Tuesday, Detective Rich Larson spoke with Nikita McCann, of Huron County Adult Protective Services. McCann said the elderly woman went to the hospital and the victim had bruises on her arms, legs and back, according to the detective's report.

"Nikita said this could be a rape," Larson also wrote in his report.

Authorities suspect the incident happened at the woman's home.

"It should be noted that this incident was not reported to Human Services or the sheriff's office until March 25, 2014," Larson said in his report.

Larson and Detective Kayla Zander went to The Willows to meet with staff members Wednesday.

The case remains under investigation.



Talking about letting thinks fall through the cracks! People need to speak for the elderly, these people need a voice I can't believe the hospital dropped the ball on this as well as anyone else having to be involved in this. This is just so very sad in many many ways. If they happen to catch the monster that feels they need to do this to an innocent frail person needs to have some serious time of course rehab as well, but this is just sick!


Sick to my stomach!


Murder him!


i thought dwight booth was still in prison


I said this on the other similar thread... see what I mean about headlines grabbing your attention.. If they don't know for sure and the word "possible or alleged" is used; why even print it until the investigation is complete?

However, IF it is true and this poor lady was abused and raped then you need to cut off the offending organ of the creep and shove it down his throat so he can choke to death on his own * * M !!


Nice story from the Reflector


Hey Cary Ashby, couldn't you have held off posting this story until it had more merit, considering at this point it is still a non-story? This is such small town trashy reporting!!

swiss family

are you kidding me?? people are actually saying this is a "non story" as of now??? I am sorry, but had the Reflector decided not to run with what they had, that being that an 89 year old woman was possibly raped, you all would be calling "foul" and cover up, thinking it must be some affluent offender that the newspaper is trying to protect.As for me, I would like toi be made aware that there is the smallest possibility out there that anyone is raping elderly ladies.

I think that right now, with the limited information available, there is enough there to start to see where the "system" failed, and to try to remedy that as soon as possible. If it is true that this alleged rape took place on March 8th and wasn't reported until March 25th, someone needs to be accountable for that.. Did the hospital workers refuse to do their jobs and report this suspected crime to the Police agencies??? Did the hospital staff report this to the Adult protective services, and the ladies at the "welfare" department who are set in place to protect and defend people who need their assistance?? and if they were told, did they intentionally drop the ball, like they did so horribly in the Gravelle kids case??? Oh I think that there is plenty of "story" here to start checking to see where the ball was dropped... If I had to guess, I would bet that the ladies at Adult Protective services dropped the ball, and if that is the case, we need to clean house out there and get rid of the dead weight that are just drawing paychecks and not doing their jobs...God help us all when we can not protect 89 year old women from being raped...


I have to agree with you Swiss. If nothing else this "non story" should be a Good awareness to people that the elderly really need Advocates. Whatever the situation is that brings you to be involved with the elderly, ( family, friend, neighbor, ANY ELDER ) should be a priority to us All. Just remember, We Will All Be Old One Day.


Let me ask you this this really any of our business until it becomes an actual story? It's not like the reflector has any competition breaking local "news" . Maybe we could wait for the professionals to investigate before throwing speculation out there and get comments from the "peanut gallery". Believe me, if this is true, then get the person who allegedly did this. but as It goes with this paper, the more sensational the headline, the more clicks and comments, which means more advertising bucks.

swiss family

"youvegotobe" is a story right now, and let me explain why... After reading the short article several times, a couple of things jump out as a warning to me. So far, it does NOT appear to say that the elderly woman ever said it was rape. it also tells of all of the bruising and injuries that one would associate with rape, then it says that the woman was released to a nursing home in Willard...So , now from this point on, I know it is all assumptions on my part, but I would be more concerned in what it is implying , and act accordingly.

It sounds like the elderly woman MIGHT have been in a nursing home when this supposedly happened. It also implies that this is a possible rape of elderly women..It also seems to say that someone is lax in doing their duties to protect the elderly as they are paid to do..Either the nursing home facility, or Adult protective services, or the social worker at the hospital is NOT fully doing their job, which then is a shout out and warning to anyone, especially anyone who has a loved one in a nursing home, where raping the elderly might be happening , that so far nothing has been proven, but you had better watch and check on and with your elderly loved one in the nursing home to make sure that this is NOT happening to your loved ones.

As of yet, it looks like this woman , for whatever reason, fear, incapability, memory loss, etc, is not telling them what happened, So in the only way that the newspaper has to protect it's readers and their loved ones, they run with a speculated story, to protect as many people as possible. Regardless s of your opinion of the newspaper wanting to sell more papers by sensational headlines (which, by the way is the way that all journalism works)they are trying to be as responsible as possible to warn anyone out there who might also be seeing strange bruising on their elderly relatives, to NOT assume it is nothing.. and until they actually have the proof and verification of an actual rapist on the loose, they are trying to be a community minded and responsible as possible, without spreading stories that are not yet proven to be true

I commend the newspaper for telling the story, and warning the community as to the possibility of such a dangerous situation,and pray that by the time Mondays edition is published , that names and locations, and charges can be written about, and this or these monsters can be locked away where they belong, along with whomever failed to do the job of protecting them adequately, as well.. of course like I said this is speculation and my own opinion at this time...


Honey, you need to get a life outside of the comment section of this paper and the Sandusky register. You have exhaustingly commented about a non-story that I believe is a non-story until there are solid facts. Until then, it's still trashy small-town/time reporting.




It's pretty much common sense to always be diligent and watchful over nursing home residents, whether it's family members, caretakers, or friends.

You shouldn't have to rely on a newspaper to warn you if something is happening. The possibility of abuse and rape always exists in every location, public or private.


Common sense is not so common.


You have a point. Sad, isn't it?