Woman pleads guilty to attempted theft of Percocet pills

A 55-year-old rural Willard man had hired the defendant to clean his house.
Cary Ashby
Mar 28, 2014


A Plymouth woman was convicted Thursday of stealing Percocet pills from the Willard man whose house she was hired to clean.

Samantha T. Robinson, 42, of 169 Beelman St., pleaded guilty to attempted theft of drugs. The fifth-degree felony is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars. Since Robinson has a prior felony conviction, she could face prison time when she is sentenced May 15.

Robinson's sister and co-defendant, Melinda S. Oney, 46, of 37 Bell St., Plymouth, pleaded guilty March 6 to attempted receiving stolen property (dangerous drugs). She will be sentenced May 14. In December, a Huron County grand jury indicted the accomplices on one count each of theft of drugs.

A 55-year-old rural Willard man had hired Robinson to clean his house and Oney later showed up reportedly to help her. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the pair discovered some Percocet pills and then split them up.

"They took the pills without his authority," Woodruff added.

The victim earlier told the Reflector the women also reportedly stole his jeans, special medical socks and shirts.

On the morning of Nov. 20, the victim drove Robinson to Willard so they could do some Thanksgiving Day shopping. He said Oney claimed to be sick and requested to stay on the couch while he and Robinson went shopping.

When the man and Robinson returned home, the victim said he found a garbage bag and hamper full of his belongings near the back door where he entered his house. He recognized a blanket he keeps on his sofa and demanded to see what was inside the bag and hamper.

"I started to go through it -- and got clobbered by Melinda," the man said. "I was beat up and robbed. ... They took all my medication."

Robinson and Oney reportedly fled the victim's home on foot.

"They both took off down the road," the man said. "It took a while to (call) the sheriff's office because they hid my phones."

The following day, the victim went to his doctor.

"You're black and blue back there," he said, quoting his doctor, who saw a "big lump" on his back.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office recovered 69 Percocet pills at Robinson's residence.

"She voluntarily consented to a search," Woodruff said.

Robinson earlier posted a $5,000 bond.



So no assault charges to go with it? Wtf? Or how bout a strong armed robbery? These women beat him up and took his stuff. So is it because they are women that they aren't getting charges from that?! Wow if it were a man he would be facing 3-5 years at least. Lock these hood rats up!


Sad isn't it I hope she gets what is due to her a$$ Judges slap em on the wrist an just let them out again to do it again.


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How do two old broads end up with their lives like this?..........Are you both mothers/grandmothers? Is this the memories you want to leave your grandchildren with about you? My granny was a drug addict and a thief.


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