Sheriff says 'training is a key to success'

Last year, the sheriff's office completed 498 hours of communication training.
Cary Ashby
Apr 26, 2014


Members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office completed nearly 2,941 hours of training in 2013.

"We're been very vigilant in training in the last several years. We feel significant training is a key to success," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

Deputies had 909 hours of road patrol-related training, which focused on investigations and safety.

In 2013, the sheriff's office completed 498 hours of communication training. Howard said most of that time was focused on the new CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system.

A majority of last year's training was for the jail. About 1,298 hours focused primarily on safety and jail standards.

"Lt. (Terry) Shean is in charge of monitoring the training files and monitoring our training efforts. She's been very successful with those efforts," Howard said.



Then maybe its time to start this training. Skip the evidence planting glass.


Really ????? Your dispatchers are is still sending calls to the wrong departments.....


This from the SR:

"Deputies are operating below standard and showing a “lack of respect and professional courtesy for our department and our citizens,” Light told NPD detective Jim Fulton in an internal police document.

Light asked Fulton to brief him on any interaction police had with the sheriff’s office regarding the Benedict Avenue search. Fulton responded telling Light sheriff’s deputies were fully informed they had a bad search warrant before deputies raided the wrong home and detained the wrong person.

Light also told Fulton to step back, for now, from interacting with the sheriff’s office on any new cases.

“In addition, please refrain from working any ‘joint investigations’ with the HCSO until further notice,” Light told Fulton."


Again the Norwalk Reflector believes and prints everything Sheriff Howard tells them. Just another political advertisement for the Sheriff. How about sending deputies out when a tree falls on a small boy, How about sending a fire departement out on a roll over accident when the person needs jaws to be cut out of a vehicle..The ambulances no longer have Jaws on board, The fire departments are needed at these accidents to. Come on reflector quit writing what you are told and do some research before printing another publicity stunt by the sheriff's office.. Oh yeah 114 1/2 Benedict is not over by a long shot. If you want to believe what you read about our Sheriff, read OhioCopBlock, google it!


this guy i tell ya is the master of disguise; when you have 25 people reading a booklet that takes 1/2 hour to read and then 10 minute test of that booklet and then show it as 4 hour training session for jail staff; ask him when the last time there was self defense training; riot control; or hostage training within the jail serious hands on training; i bet if you ask the officers without any repercussions involved some would say 10 years or more and some would probably say never; smoke and mirrors from this guy ever since he has came into office; i think the self proclaim king of the county should go for some leadership training and apply it


Borrowed from the Irish:" Dane your jig is up."


LOL Ohiogirl99 4 hours looks like they shorted themselves to me. they could have said 16 hours 40 minutes


Chubs is gonna have a few bad days soon. The SR doesn't back down.


If you read the register...what do you expect when you have 4 detectives with about ten years of experience. One was named at Sgt. Within 3 years and he has a dog that isn't being used. Yes Josh I am referring to you. Howard has created his very own "romper room" great job. Won't be long and you will be out.


2,941 hours is 122.541666 days. So the department spent 1/3 of all of its working days last year training? That seems excessive considering they can't fill out a search warrant correctly. Was it 114 or 114 1/2...I'm sure it doesn't matter to the constitution or to civil liberties.


Communication? The lowest training hours? That needs the most. Seems NPD agrees.


There dispatch is a mess, the new radios they just had to have to tune us out are worse than the ones they replaced. There wasting a dog with Josh. But in the end if nobody runs against him this is what we get. Anyone know what the protocol is in the event he gets removed? Dose his party pick the replacement or special election?


Oh and let's not forget the county cominshers and judge that are allowing him to operate like this!


Howard will be out. The real question is what'll be left afterwards? Hcs def gonna need a new insurance policy by the time all is said and done and they pay Mr collins.maybe if Howard goes to jail like he should, when he gets out maybe collins could lend him a few bucks to get re-trained in matters pertaining to the laws. But I doubt it.lmao


The Sandusky Register will be publishing an article concerning NPD/HSCO. Everyone should read it and demand answer from the High Sheriff. Howard is an elected official and ought to remember that.

The Attorney General should be paying Howard a visit along with BCI. Not to help him in an investigation but to investigate him and his department. Favoritism isn't a crime but the actions of his chosen few are.

He has knowingly allowed a bad search warrant to be served. Put Cardwell in a bind by testifying the information was truthful when it wasn't.

If NPD has stopped working with them, that is very telling.

Howard and his cronies should do the right thing, resign and quit bringing further shame to law enforcement.


Howard should have scheduled training in compliance with Ohio Revised Code 149.43, requests for public records. His name should have been the first on the attendance roster. His office continually ignores public records requests. His blatant disregard for the law, should be thoroughly investigated.

The genie is out of the bottle for him now. The Sandusky Register has posted an article on line for all to read for free.

For Chief Light to speak out on the matter is very telling. I'm curious as to whom Howard will be throwing under the bus for this one.

He should do the right thing and step down. it's sad that his initial efforts were positive and he has systematically covered them with acts of abuse or ignorance. But as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Cliff Cannon

For full disclosure, I must admit,that I am a long time admirer of Chief Light who I consider to be a tremendous man of honor, who overflows with integrity.

Further, I am extremely proud of N.P.D. As a rule you will find only dedicated people who bring their best everyday to every situation. Then I add, I am friends with Detective's Fulton & Fry and consider them very good at their jobs.

So like so many, I really do not understand the seemingly constant bullying of N.P.D. by the sheriff's department. Obviously, the sheriff in any county government is an extremely powerful person. So maybe it is just arrogance that looks down upon N.P.D. as some sort of a 'junior partner' in law enforcement.

Whatever it is, that makes the H.C.S.O. look down upon N.P.D. It short change's every citizen, all the while, seemingly making it very difficult for every cop in the county ----not just Norwalk--- to have a good working relationship with the H.C.S.O.

So one must ask; " Why " ? as in; Why destroy the trust every cop must have in one another ? Why when bad guys are growing like weeds in your garden,do you fight with, rather than work together with other lawmen ? Why is that most crucial element of police work----the respect of the citizen's--- so callously disregarded ?

Personally, I like Sheriff Howard and trust that the whirlwind of events currently surrounding his office, will help him grow into becoming an even better,wiser man.

Because one thing is for sure here. The line between good and evil will always be blue and bullying your fellow cops does nothing but bend that line in ways it should not be bent.


Howard is bullying fellow law enforcement just as he does the voting public. He has placed himself on a very high pedestal and must feel he is untouchable. His shameless promotion of his nephew who has basic law enforcement skills, his never ending attempts to discredit Corbin, failure to comply with Ohio law concerning public records, and the list goes on. At what point do his shenanigans stop? When the county is locked into an expensive law suit they can't afford, when a citizen gets hurt by his over zealous sycophants?

He has surrounded himself with "yes men". No one will tell him he is wrong or should slow his roll. Why? They are either ignorant of the laws themselves or they buy into into his running the county like some B rated movie.

A true and wise man would seek out counsel from those who are not afraid to voice their views even if they are not what he wants to hear. NPD has some highly trained senior leadership. FBI NA graduates, Police Executive Leadership College graduates, Certified Law Enforcement Executives.

What does Howard have that prepared him for such a position other than a handshake to get a vote? That hand is tainted and I don't think many voters will be shaking it now.

What credibility does he and his cronies have now? The SR has posted the inter-office memos and texts from the NPD to the SO telling them the warrant was bad, the person they were looking for didn't live there and gave the last known address.

Those records were furnished by the NPD as a result of the request for public records law, one that Howard ignores.

How can we have faith in a law enforcement official who blatantly violates the law?

Is it a lack of training, ethics, professionalism why Howard does not comply with the law, or all three?