Wrong place raided? Not so, says sheriff's spokesman

Mom and son arrested on secret indictments at Norwalk home.
Cary Ashby
Mar 28, 2014


Rumors about authorities using a warrant at the wrong Norwalk residence are untrue, a sheriff's spokesman said Thursday.

"It's highly inaccurate. It's not factual," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick told the Reflector.

"We stand behind what we did. I stand behind what our men and women did," he added.

Patrick broke down the sequence of events that happened in the 100 block of Benedict Avenue just after 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Deputies went to 114 1/2 Benedict Ave. to use a drug-related search warrant. Patrick said officers didn't arrest the male suspect they were seeking, but they used the warrant and seized evidence that will be tested by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

"We still haven't found the guy," he added.

While deputies were at the triplex, Patrick said the sheriff's office received a tip that a male suspect who lives nearby was wanted on a felony warrant.

"We did a knock-and-talk. We were invited into the home," he said. "We located two people in there who were wanted on two felony warrants. They were secret indictments."

Thomas M. Papp, 34, and his mother, Patricia Papp, 58, both of 114 Benedict Ave., were arrested.

"Mr. Papp gave himself up," Patrick said.

Thomas Papp is charged with trafficking in oxycodone in connection with a Sept. 9, 2012 incident. His mother faces a similar felony stemming from a July 8, 2012 offense.

Each defendant entered "not guilty" to their respective charges Wednesday. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway scheduled separate trial dates and released them on personal recognizance bonds. That means the defendants signed a court document promising they would appear at future hearings and didn't have to pay any money.

Before deputies used the warrant, they notified the Norwalk Police Department they would be in Norwalk.

Patrick said the sheriff's office notified police about 30 minutes beforehand.

"I believe their detectives were notified a day in advance," he added. "We try to involve them as much as we can."

Police Chief Dave Light and Capt. Mike Conney confirmed the sheriff's office gave their department a heads-up.

"We weren't involved in that at all," Conney said, referring to the warrant arrests. "None of our people were there."

Conney said it's common courtesy for a law-enforcement agency to notify police if they are doing something like using a warrant or making an arrest in Norwalk. He stressed it's done for "officer safety and the safety of residents."

"You have to know what's going on," Conney added.



The hills DO have eyes!


As I remember, Benedict does have a hill, right?


Why didn't Norwalk do this where are they? Those two are creepy maybe that's why Norwalk didn't arrest them.


If it was a secret indictment, how did the tipster know?


Excellent question. The Reflector should do some follow up.


That has to be a misprint for her age, no way is she only 58!


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@Ignoranceisbliss, so what your telling us is, we can't trust the police to be truthful? I would have never thought that they would lie to cover their own butts. (sarcasm)


So the sheriff wants us to believe that although they had a warrant for the place the raided and suspects and drugs evidence are in that residence they leave the person there and just take their drugs? Don't arrest anyone ? Then go oh hey seems we can arrest someone next door? This seems fishy to me? Are search warrants and such public record? Seems the sheriff could clear all this up with releasing the document showing they raided the correct home.


Amazing the quotes in this article. The county will shell out big bucks again in a quiet settlement. This article does not even come close to telling the reader the complete story of events. It is a slam dunk for a lawsuit.


Reads like pure incompetence from the Sheriff's office. Although I'm not surprised, it's a shame the taxpayers will have to pay to bail out that office and Querin will still have a job.


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Double print lol


Chief Light:

"We weren't involved in that at all," he said, referring to the warrant arrests. "None of our people were there."

That statement is very telling in itself.

Cary Ashby

FYI That actually was Capt. Mike Conney who made those statements. 


No matter who said it, it's still a valid point. Kudos to Conney and Light for not allowing NPD to get involved in this mess.

Dr. Information

Typical haters out in true fashion. Great job Sheriff.


You have no idea. None. It may take a while, but this one is not going away.

Dr. Information

We have all heard that quote before.


Sounds like since "ignorance is bliss" and "verbalkint" know so much about the situation they should write their own article? How do you have such insider info? Was there a previous article I missed about this situation? Whoever even said that the police had raided the wrong house for the sheriff to address it in an article ? Bunch of idiots


A few more drug users and dealers have been caught. Just be glad about that. Thank you law enforcement agencies for doing your job.


She was arrested for a July 2012 offense? They're all over the drug problem then huh? Nice quick response on that one.


How many drugs have they moved in the last 20 months? This is a joke if you ask me. Sounds like they were lucky to find someone to arrest. If they were going there just to get them, they are about 18 months later than they should have been

yogi bear

Bad enough they barge into the wrong place and put the wrong guy in handcuffs but then to lie and cover it up. there 3 apartments in this place and they broke into the wrong one and put the wrong guy in cuffs. just ask John, he will tell you

Kottage Kat

Read the article in the SR.
Perhaps may give insight


@howcanitbethis, how can you call someone an idiot? this is a small town, how do you know this wasn't a neighbor/family member to that house/apartments who saw what went down, are you that gullible that you believe whatever you are told ..... "How do you have such insider info? Was there a previous article I missed about this situation?"... How do you know that either one of them wasn't the person living in the apartment/house? And another point I want to make while I have your eyes looking at this.......if in fact what was posted is true, why do the cops what us to be truthful with them, when they can't be truthful with us. that's the problem with our society of late. it's pass the buck, or make an excuse. If you make a mistake own it,if you make a bad choice own it. It's not like this is Ma Barker and her boys and the mistake would cost someone there life in the escape. If your human you will make many mistakes in your life time, I don't care who you are.