Deputies: Man shoveled neighbor's driveway, stole her jewelry

Suspect also attended church with victim.
Cary Ashby
Mar 27, 2014


A Willard man who attended church with a neighbor reportedly has admitted to stealing jewelry from the woman "on three separate occasions" when he shoveled her driveway.

Tyler C. Branham, 24, of 881 Lakeview Drive, was arrested on a burglary warrant without incident at his home Tuesday. If convicted of the second-degree felony, he faces two to eight years in prison.

On March 17, the female victim reported someone attempted to break into her home.

The Willard woman told Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Lyons she left for breakfast about 8 a.m. When she returned home, she noticed "someone had messed with her garage windows," according to the deputy's report. Lyons checked the windows and determined nobody had gained entry into the residence.

The victim said she spoke to a neighbor who had some items stolen from her home about October and she suspected it was the same person, according to the report.

On March 20, Lyons again interviewed the victim. She said Branham had been "helping her around the house" by shoveling her driveway on multiple occasions, Lyons said in his report. The woman also reported she went to church with Branham.

The victim followed the deputy to a local Cashland and they determined Branham "turned in the jewelry for cash" March 5 and 6, according to the deputy's report.

Lyons then interviewed Willard Police Officer Ryan Hall, who "said he had confiscated some jewelry from Tyler Branham in January" and the suspect "mentioned he had gotten the jewelry from a vacant apartment he was cleaning," Lyons wrote in his report. Hall logged in that jewelry as evidence at the police department.

The deputy next interviewed Branham at his home and later at the sheriff's office. The suspect initially said "he found the jewelry in the vacant apartment he was cleaning," but then admitted he stole it from the victim, according to the report.

While shoveling the woman's driveway, Branham asked her if he could use the bathroom. Instead of going there, he said he went into the victim's bedroom, which is across the hall from the bathroom, and "grabbed jewelry from her dresser," the deputy wrote.

"Tyler also stated he had (done) this on three separate occasions," Lyons also said in his report.

Branham must post a $25,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. If he post bail, he is prohibited from having any association with the victim.



Real piece of work this one is.


This one needs to do real jail time. He has been stealing from people for years!!!!!


Someone needs to steal his jewels... and not in a good way.


So does he think going to church makes up for his actions? Lol what a piece of $h1t


If he lived next door he should have used his own restroom

yea right

Do you see what these "cults" are doing to your minds..they are corupting you to give them more money thrus making you go out and steal and be common crimials.. i say blame that church and sue the heck out of it..close it down..

there are better ways to worship the one you bow down to..I do everyday..but NOT in an organized cult


So your saying its the churches fault? LMAO wow

yea right

yes I am..


maybe its because hes a lowlife? I really don't think the church made him go steal lol. Please excuse yourself from the adults table, the kids table is in the back of the room. Our kids menu today is hot dogs cut to look like octopi Bon apatite


Don't look now, but I think you're wearing your pants on your head and your Velcro shoes are untied.

Mr. Touchdown

After a winter like we just had...maybe the kid was just upset the woman didn't pay him for shoveling all the snow.


some of these families set their kids on a dead end course and when they suddenly become adults have no skills,no education,no plans,I believe that
when they want things they turn to theft and drugs.
I know i will catch hell from the old timers but a lot of kids are being
raised like its 1964,reach 18 go get a factory job buy a car have fun.
those days are gone but so many people don't realize it or care enough.
I doubt this young man was born a thief,by the way i'm a mean ol Republican

Really are you ...

Lol! Mr. Duck. I have been there, a nobody in high school. Joined the military to be somebody when honorably discharged. It is BS, everyone is just looking out for themselves. Society and companies, heck even the government see citizens as numbers. That is it. Our built up numbers qualify companies for tax breaks, schools and local communities grant money, and the government is for taxes. Nothing else. Where is the innovation, job creation, and loyalty to your roots. Isn't any loyalty to roots from this petty thief to Sandusky County Sheriffs department, oops depends which side of the fence you are on. I could create much needed jobs right now, but am constantly having inner battles with myself. Seems like on a local level we would rather spit at each other, but on a global scale I want to elevate the United States way above China, Japan, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, and Russia on a technological level. There are people out here that are trying to make this world we live in a better place, but on a local level it is rough.


Drug addiction comes from all walks of life ,educated people with good families have become addicts ,it's a epidemic ,especially in Norwalk area .Half the kids that attended school with my children have been in the paper ,they were in logos and boy scouts ,good students .


I doubt that half the kids that attended school with your kids have been paper.
also i wasn't talking drugs as much as preparation for the adult working world


@ really are you
I can clearly see that you are having inner battles with yourself


I actually worked with this guy about a year & half ago he didn't really work hard but he got by use to go out and pop pills, and called off a day after money appearently went missing from the office and quit the day after that but he was perfectly capable of holding a job and conversation he just had a pill habit which was more important to him.


Is this kid a ward of state?
Church evidently was not of any real use. Why does this boy have issues? I do not believe in bad seeds. What a waste. Did drug abuse turn him into master manipulator? More to this story.


@Earlduck, I agree with you..........."some of these families set their kids on a dead end course and when they suddenly become adults have no skills,no education,no plans".........IMO not all of our children want to go to college, so the ones that don't, push them to learn a trade. Every architect needs a carpenter an a brick layer,among other trades , but from what I have been reading these past months is, the only apprenticing our kids seem to be doing is in how to do drug sales and B&E's. This morning in the paper 58 year old mother and son in jail for selling drugs, two sisters in their 50's + beating up an old man and stealing his drugs among other things.So what do we do Earlduck,when it is the older generation, and parents in particular, teaching the children how to be drug sellers/abuser and thief's?


He is trained in small engine repair and was not set up on a dead end course.


Sad for everyone concerned. If it is drugs he needs to go away for a long time. At least his mother would know where he is.


where would a person get a full time job in small engine repair,maybe big,as in diesel engine repair might make a career.


Any type of motor cross team or cycle and ATV shop. Harley Davidson, Honda, and Yamaha to name a few. Lawn and Garden shops or Landscaping companies. There are many places to find work in small engine repair.


Whatever the training sure does not seem to be working for this kid. What are the chances of anyone hiring him? If he can't control himself we need to control him. Raise my taxes and do whatever it takes to get him off the street. Protect him from himself and the rest of us from him.


He comes from a good family, just got caught up in drugs in high school...sad


well steamer I wish you luck dealing with this young man although i don't agree on the career planning