Forecasters warn that Saturday could be snowy

Wintry mix could bring anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow.
TNS Regional News
Mar 27, 2014


It looks like March may end the way the month pretty much has been — snowy and cold.

Forecasters are warning that snow could be in the cards on Saturday.

Although it is still early, one Northeast Ohio weather group, the Northern Ohio Severe Weather Alerts and Forecast, is warning that it might be a grim weather day on Saturday.

“Models are still all over the place, but are now showing snow over rain,” the group warns.

Another forecasting group,, is calling for a wintry mix on Saturday with anywhere from one to three inches of snow falling.

There will be a brief respite today with cloudy skies and a high in the upper 40s.

Rain is in the forecast for Friday, but the high will be in the low 50s before plummeting on Saturday.


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Cliff Cannon

Oh Brock. Where are you ? I am anxiously awaiting your comment. :)


go back to bed cliff, lol 70 here today wooooo hoooo


i think brock left us for warmer weather. cant say i blame him..


Maybe he is smarter than I give him credit for.

Brock Lee

wtf wintr aint nerer gonna end


Lmao....There he is

Cliff Cannon

Is this not the most fun blog ever ? I laughed my guts out as you three loaded the bases for Brock to hit a grand slam ,then he did it .

Thanks to all and here's hoping for record amounts of snow on Sat. so Brock can make another snow angel.

Dr. Information

F this weather.


I'm tired of this winter.
It started early and at this rate it'll be here in June yet.
I want to get out and ride the motorcycle :(