Two suspected rapes being investigated

One case involves a hotel room and possibly "laced marijuana."
Cary Ashby
Mar 26, 2014


The city police department received two separate rape complaints in the same day this weekend.

The first complaint came in at 1:06 a.m. Sunday. According to the report, an employee with The Bellevue Hospital said a woman in the emergency room "wanted to make a police report of a rape that took place at the Bellevue Hotel & Suites."

"She made it sound like the sexual assault just happened," said Bellevue Police Detective Eric Burt, who explained there were two suspected incidents involved in the woman's complaint.

"It's a girlfriend with her boyfriend of a week. She's 19. They've known each other since she was 16. They recently got back together," he said.

Burt said the woman had been staying in the hotel where her boyfriend works.

"She said she was smoking marijuana," he said, and she suspects she smoked "laced marijuana" earlier on March 18. "She thought it was because she got sick."

On March 18, the woman, her female friend and her boyfriend went to another hotel employee's room, which is next to the boyfriend's room. Burt said the complainant got sick and when she thought she might pass out, she had her friend get her boyfriend.

"She didn't know how long she was left alone. She said it felt like forever," the detective said. "When I talked to the friend, she said she was gone like two minutes."

The woman reported she possibly had been sexually assaulted.

"There was no real evidence of if that I can find," Burt said.

On Saturday, the same woman received information via Facebook that her boyfriend was accused of sexually assaulting "another girl in the past," Burt said.

When the boyfriend returned home, he and his girlfriend reportedly got into an argument. Burt said the woman accused the man of not letting her leave the hotel room, but he finally did.

In Toledo, a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) nurse examined the woman. Police dropped off the rape kit to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for testing.

Burt said the woman's story changed slightly from what she told the responding officer, his interview with her and what she told the nurse possibly because she had been smoking marijuana.

"She admitted to us she smoked marijuana. She's unsure what happened," the detective said.

Police received the second rape complaint at 8:10 p.m. Sunday also via The Bellevue Hospital emergency room.

Burt said the case involves a 24-year-old woman and a 18-year-old male acquaintance who is accused of "sexually assaulting her in the bedroom" when he went to the woman's residence. The suspected rape happened Thursday, but the woman didn't report it until Sunday.

"She said she was scared to report it," Burt said, due to fear of retaliation.

The detective said a SANE nurse didn't examine the woman due to her having "recent sexual relations" with her current boyfriend." Burt interviewed the complainant Monday and expects to interview more witnesses.

Both cases remain under investigation.



Sounds like both cases are a bunch of lies and BS.


Sounds to me that you were smoking k2 not marijuana! A little Bellevue trickery! hey its weed hey its k2 hey its acid idk heard bad things either way! Hopefully the truth comes out and you make a full recovery tho


This article is all over the place. Very poorly written.


Same woman from holiday lakes restaurant scandal????


a hotel room and some "possibly" laced marijuana.. good times, good times..


Druggies aren't the only thing that place is infested with in that dive. Common knowledge that's where a lot of the drug buys happen. Why is it most of the clerks seem to be suppliers of one kind or another? ...hey, just sayin'.


This doesnt sound like rape, it sounds like oops I better cover my butt because I will get in trouble! These false reports need to be prosecuted as such, false reporting!!


I agree. Look at the girl in Greenwich with all her false reports...drugged, raped, beat and held against her will. Then she finally fessed up, and she left the bar willingly, did drugs willingly...but haven't seen anything more about her charged. Also the holiday lakes woman, and past allegations didn't sound credible either.
These type of people make it harder for TRUE victims!

swiss family

I have to admit , that the article does seem to be all over the place, maybe it is so unclear because they are omitting anyone's name... but for clarification purposes, it might be easier to follow had they called them woman A and woman B...I also have to say how saddened and disappointed I am in all of the "peanut gallery" judging these girls guilty, especially in a rape situation.. you were not there, and you have no idea what actually happened.. But what I do know , after reading the comments, is that any potential rape victim will probably keep quiet, and NOT report the torment they endured in the future, out of a fear of being judged and ridiculed so harshly by people who have no idea what they are talking about...


You are part of that "peanut gallery" as well, and we all know most of these allegations prove to be untrue.

But, the headlines are there, to grab people's attention to either sell papers or get website "hits". Why else would they print stories of "alleged" rapes which are still under investigation?

swiss family

you are correct.. I am a part of the "peanut gallery" . I will say this though, I try to withhold judgement on if a sexual abuse survivor is telling the truth or lying about their claim to myself, until the facts are in,and it is proven without any reasonable doubt, one way or another. I try to not prove or disprove the amount of truth in the story, and worry more about the other survivors out there , reading the story, trying to decide if they should tell someone about their own case, or not,and have them decide that the best idea is to remain quiet, and continue to be abused and possibly many more being abused as well, out of a fear of being ripped apart by the public opinions that are judging them on here..


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swiss family

@"littleboy"...Mrs. Cravettes, I would suggest that you ask "Abner" what he knows about the going on's in the neighborhood.If and When he can not fill you in on all the gossip you are looking to stir up, then I would suggest that you either get a job at the local newspaper, or become a member of the local "prayer chain" to get all the spreadable information that you seek...


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You don't know what your talking about when it comes to her baby daddy! Say that to the wrong person and I assure you'll regret it! So hide behind your screen name coward!!!


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Swiss is always quick to defend so called "rape victims" hey Swiss women do lie about being raped. And it seems like that's been the case with the last 3 or 4 complaints. Attention seekers.

swiss family

@"Korrupt".. you might be right, I would guess that there are many rape "victims" who make up their claims against their "partners"I guess I still believe that you are innocent until you are proven otherwise. I also think it is very harmful, when we get to the point where we are clouding the difference between the "survivor" and the "criminal"and to paint the "victim" as the "criminal" can create generation after generation, of potential 'victims" as well..


It's not rape if she's too wasted to say no.


Is it rape if she's too wasted to say yes?

rickross2 was sarcasm. But to answer your question, no. No it's not. Lol


Wait until it is legalized and more brains are fried! That is assuming they had one going in !


That's not what will happen. Everyone that smokes the marijuana cigarettes will not become a brain dead zombie and be the only ones committing rapes. This misconception is what leads so many people thinking marijuana is bad and leads to them taking pharmaceuticals. Yay Big Pharmaceuticals, thanks for making our world safe with your safe drugs!

Big Pharm Drugs that have been recalled;

GranuFlo & NaturaLyte Dialysis Recalls
Osteoporosis Drug Warning (Actonel, Boniva, & Fosamax)
Darvon & Darvocet Recalled
Meridia Recalled
Paxil & Other Antidepressants
Yaz & Yasmin
Gadolinium MRI/MRA Contrast Agents
Duragestic Patch
Chantix & Zyban
Fen-Phen (Redux)
Denture Cream
Blood Pressure Medications
Diet Drugs
SimplyThick Baby Formula

All of these were recalled for actually causing real problems. Marijuana was recalled once, with no proof and is still being held hostage while some of these drugs are already being reissued. If you think this is going to only cause people to fry their brains then please read this article and watch the videos. There is more to marijuana than you think.




BEFORE i make my comment let me say NO MEANS NO and no woman should ever be raped no matter what she wears no matter how she acts and any man who forces sex on a woman should be castrated!

With that said the 1st story def sounds like a woman who got angry at a bf and falsely accused him.

The second 1 i have to say DONT judge her by she waited a few days! WHY- many women are afraid to report rape many rapes are never reported. why is this- because the woman gets humilated-her whole sexual history comes out in trial and you always got those people who make victim out s she wanted it. NO woman should ever have to fear she will be raped at same time no woman should destroy a mans live with false accusations.


But in the 2nd one, I would say it was a cheat got caught, only because any woman who has truly been raped is not going to have sex with someone else within a couple days after being victimized. Read the story. She did not get a rape kit done when reporting it a few days after it happened because she already had sexual relations with her boyfriend. Hmmmm....Sounds kinda fishy if you ask me.


Wowo Jake you must be a pharmacy Representative

Mr Spock

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehah yawl come back now


the sub headline sounds like my honeymoon..