Berry's taking its service to the street

Norwalk restaurant now offering curbside pickup.
Joe Centers
Mar 22, 2014


Doug Berry has been in the service business all of his life.

Now he wants to take it to another level.

Berry, owner of Berry's Restaurant in uptown Norwalk, is offering curbside pickup from 5 to 9 p.m. each day. There is a sign in front of his restaurant reserving a parking spot.

"All three restaurants in town had the chance to get this," Berry said. "We were the only ones who took advantage."


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I wonder if they'll do a better job delivering to the curb than they do to the actual tables inside. The last time I was there, I waited almost an hour for my food before I just gave up and left. The waitress who took my order walked past my table a dozen times with a "What's that guy doing here" look on her face.


Go to Berry's all the time. Never had that happen. Ever.


My Wife and I have. Decided to give it a second and even a third chance...3 strikes and your out!!! Love the place really but the service is behind McDonalds drive thru.

former local

I found the portions to be very small.


"The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small."

- Woody Allen

Remember the Bee Hive: Good food, poor service.


I use to love Berry's have not been there in a while but the bug problem has detoured me from ever going back but what ever will boost their business I guess more power to them:)


I grew up here and in the late 70's i would go there often to eat some dinner, the food and service was decent. Moved back here several years ago and well Norwalk just doesn't have that many family restaurants, but I've tried over and over to enjoy me eating experience there, but it seems that if it's not for the terrible server it the comes to the cooks. Went there one Saturday and the waitress was like we stop serving breakfast at 11 and oh our cook gets all made you try to place a breakfast order in after that..Deterring us away from asking for breakfast..Went in there several other times for their Prime Rib on Saturday evening. Out of the four times we went, they once had prime rib. I would say this place has gotten way to comfortable with where they're at in the community and probably dont think they need to make changes. Someone needs to show Mr. Berry Reviews and he needs to wake up! I know we wont be going there anytime soon, 'd rather spend my money at Bob Evans and let the money go back to Rio Grande, then spend another cent at this local establishment......

Now The Rest of...

We eat on the Dinky side at least once at week, the food is good for the price. The server on the Dinky side are always friendly and efficient when you consider how busy they are, the place is usually packed in the late afternoon, early evening. The worst dining experience I had in Norwalk was at the alleged restaurant on Mill Street, but its never crowded, wonder why?


Worth a shot. Hope it works.

Will the City Admin. now permit other uptown businesses to test curbside pick-up?

Fibber Mcgee

I eat lunch there every now and then, it's decent food and the lunch price is good. I will not eat breakfast there, food is bad, and the price is too much for the quality of the meal.


You can still park there after 5pm without worry of a ticket because its a public street and police stop patrolling after 4pm.


I have never had a problem getting served at Berry's. And the food has always been good, I didn't know they had a bug problem until I read it here. LOL it did make me wonder if I ever picked up a little extra protein and didn't know it. But as far as Bob Evans goes, IMO that place is a dive Food is bad, service is bad. You would think as bad as the joblessness is in Huron County these restaurants would go out of their way to get and keep business.

Dr. Information

Ate plenty of times at Berry's and the Dink and never once had bad service or bad food or portions to small.


Nice restaurant

Cliff Cannon

The easiest thing for anyone to do is criticize someone else. So unfortunately, the majority of people tend to do that.

So I suggest to those who think running a restaurant, that is a local institution, that employs 48 people, that must compete against chain restaurants with their massive buying power as well as massive advertising budgets. ( Then top off those advantages with very expensive locations on the busiest roads in any city they are in.)

To start your own restaurants. Then come back here and tell us all just how 'easy' you have found it to compete in that environment. ( Do you think, you could make a profit ? ) Then your criticisms, will carry the weight of experience and be admired by all.

As for me, I will just continue to enjoy " Berry's " food. Be grateful Doug works his 16 hour days or that he try's many things, in an effort to keep his restaurant going and sit out on " The Dinky's " patio in the summer time, enjoying everything about that special place that so enlivens our beautiful downtown.


I was going to comment along the same lines but you articulated it perfectly.


Wrong again: Beehive = "Excellent food - poor service." Ahh Joeseppi's... Seven Seas okay.


Re: "again"

Nobody really cares whether the sign read "good" or "excellent"; it and the others are long gone, looney tunes.


Display your lack of facts. So glad you left this area.


Re: "Display,"

Again: Nobody cares loon.


What's next on Dougs agenda to keep his so called restaurant afloat? Home delivery? lol Give it up Doug, your are a has been.

Now The Rest of...

If Doug is a has been try to get a seat at lunch, and many evenings at dinner, seems he is doing just fine. Can't understand why some only can tear down a local business that has stayed in downtown. What has the critics done in private business to provide jobs and keep downtown Norwalk alive?


I always tipped, paid my bill with a smile and a "hello". It was the owners behind the register who, after dining there, would rarely look me in the eye, smile at me or say thank you as I paid my bill. The food was standard, nothing special or worth recommending, and the service was just OK.

For that alone I have not dined there in several years nor will I ever in the future. The health violations don't help either.


The only reason the place is full at timesis due to the lack of restaurants to sit down and eat in this town. Berrys is just an ok place. Its prices are high and food is hit or miss this is just my opinion

swiss family

I think that Berry's is a landmark for the Uptown.. and I am glad they are there, and that the city has blessed them in every aspect.I think that any Uptown business would love to have a huge city owned parking lot behind their business, and would love to have a scenic park on their courtyard,especially where the city allows them to have outside dining there... now they are allowing them to "covet" a prime parking spot...I realize that the parking for them is for pick-up, and it is after the "regular" business hours, But,wasn't it less than a month ago that the "city" condemned businesses who used their up front parking spots, in front of their businesses, being used by the owners and employees of all of the businesses, because it tied up available parking spots for the Uptown???

Like I already said, I know that the "uptown" businesses, usual business day is over at 5:00, so why then does Berry's need a designated parking spot, for their business transactions?? wouldn't those spaces and the spaces all around them be nearly empty by then?? so why the need for a specific parking space for them..,and why not provide every business their own parking spots, if they are open after 5:00???

Tom Paine's picture
Tom Paine

How does tearing others down achieve anything constructive? Why must we respond to everything with "I could do that better"? Hard work (and dedication to one's city) isn't something to ridicule; it's something to appreciate and to strive for in our own lives.

If you have enough time to troll about the internet, bashing decent people over nothing, then you have entirely too much time on your hands. And that means you're an idle part of the problems facing this community: NOT part of the solution.