Humane society seeks help finding cat killer

Animal found shot to death.
TNS Regional News
Mar 21, 2014


The Wood County Humane Society is seeking the public's help to identify who might be responsible for the shooting death of a cat found on the side of a rural road northwest of Bowling Green last week.

The young male black and white cat was found March 13 at 2:45 p.m. inside a soft-sided red pet carrier along Liberty Hi Road between Long Judson and Poe roads. The cat did not have a collar, and the carrier did not have any identifying tags or marks.

Humane Agent D'Ann Gregory said the cat appeared to have been confined in the carrier and then shot in the front shoulder and chest area with a larger-caliber gun. She said the humane society does not think the cat had been dead long before it was found, though recent cold weather may have preserved the body, making pinpointing the time of death tricky.

Anyone who might have information related to the case is asked to call Ms. Gregory at 419-601-1200 or email


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Why are we hunting for a Lost airplane when there is a dead cat on our hands? So sad.


Ignorant comment.


sounds to me like he's up on the news and quite informed..


I'm obviously an uneducated hillbilly.






six of one, half dozen of the other?


Oh why are people so cruel to little animals? I will never understand this. My Mom always said that people who are cruel to defenseless animals are cruel to people. And I've found that to be true.


Mean while in Huron county children are starving and neglected while their parent sell food stamp for heroin!!


I've known a few that can really kill a kitty! Lol!